Who Insures Mobile Homes?

When you are purchasing a mobile home, you will likely think about a wide variety of issues related to it. For example, you will likely consider how you can afford to buy one.

You will wonder about how you want to decorate your home. You may even consider whether buying a mobile home is the right choice for you. 

All of these questions are important ones. They require a great deal of thought and introspection as simply jumping to a decision can have a negative impact on you and potentially your family.

Buying a home without thought can cause some serious issues further down the line if you decide you would prefer another type of property. 

Therefore, questions like who insures mobile homes and how to insure a mobile home should be answered and answered fully before you make your final decision.

Luckily, this piece will give you the information you need to properly resolve them and set your mind at rest about buying a mobile home.

Why Insure Your Mobile Home In The First Place?

Firstly, let’s address why you should insure your mobile home. Mobile homes are very sturdy buildings, thanks to the kind of material that is used in their construction but as with any other type of building they require good insurance because they can be liable to damage as any other building is. 

In particular, because mobile homes are meant to be able to be easily taken down and transported across the country when you want to, they can sometimes be weaker in certain areas than other homes when it comes to damage caused by the weather. 

Whilst the homes are much more environmentally sustainable than your typical home, they are also somewhat weaker than your average home. This is because they are much more liable to fall down or be easily hit by a gust of wind or a storm.

This means that if your mobile home isn’t insured then you could easily end up with having to face a large repair bill without having the means to fully carry it out. 

Additionally, if a vandal or burglar attacks your property then being insured can protect you for having to repair the damage that the hooligan has done and ensure that you aren’t faced with a massive bill to make your home feel safe and secure again. 

All of these are practical and important reasons why you should make sure your home is properly insured. 

What Kind Of Insurance Should You Get?

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Now that we’ve established why you should insure your mobile home, let’s look at what kind of insurance you should get.

Mobile homes will encounter all kinds of potential risks throughout their existence so it is important you are properly prepared for any potential accidents or disasters that might happen and that your insurance can cover them. 

Most mobile homes are insured against fire damage, wind and hail damage, lighting, snow, damage by stray animals and vandals and burst pipes.

These all cover the main circumstances in which you mobile home could be damaged.

It is important when attempting to figure out the right insurance premium you should pay for each of these to focus on which is most likely to happen locally.

For example, there’s no point paying over the odds for damage caused by snow if you live in Texas or for paying for hurricane insurance if you live in a state where there have been few if any hurricanes.

Whilst it is nice to feel you have as much protection as possible, you shouldn’t overestimate what kind of protection your mobile home will need. 

It’s also important to consider how much your insurance should be for. It is worth considering whether the threat you think is most likely to happen could completely wreck your mobile home. 

If you think that is likely to happen then make sure that the insurance pay out that you get is of a high enough amount so that you can replace your mobile home if you have to. 

Again, it must be stressed that you should only do this for the situations that you think are most likely to happen – it isn’t worth you wasting all of your money on insurance that will never be needed because it is for something so unlikely to happen in your area that you will end up not getting your money’s worth. 

Who Insures Mobile Homes? 

Now that we have addressed what kind of insurance you should think about getting for your mobile home, let’s take a lot at who exactly insures mobile homes.

There are a variety of different insurance companies that are willing to insure mobile homes. They include American Family, American Modern, AllState and Foremost. 

There are other companies that offer mobile home insurance, but they have catches to them. Geico offers mobile home insurance but only through a partner company like Foremost and USAA also offers mobile home insurance but only those who have served with the US military. 

It is best to examine each of the major companies and see which would work best for you. It is also better to check to see whether any of them partner with other insurance companies that you might be a client with.

If this is the case, then it can make the process of getting insurance much easier than if you are applying for mobile home insurance with a company that you have no connection with. 

Why Buying A Mobile Home Is A Good Idea?

Although all this talk of insurance might make it seem as if mobile homes are difficult to insure or that they have all kind of problems with them, don’t be fooled.

Mobile homes are great investments because, although they suffer from damage like any other home, they are better than most other homes. 

This is because they offer all kinds of incentives for buying them. They cost less than the average American home, they are less expensive to heat than most homes and they are much more environmentally friendly.

They are homes that truly are fit for the future. That’s why you should cast your doubts aside and make sure you buy a mobile home as soon as you can. 

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