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The Downsizing Discussion

I read a really great post this morning by Tammy Strobel of Rowdy Kittens and I wanted to re-post it for you all to read.  She discusses her and her husband’s journey toward downsizing and I was surprised to find out that it was actually her husband that pushed for living in a smaller house….and she was initially very resistant to the idea!

Here’s the article:  How to Negotiate Downsizing – On Becoming Minimalist

My story is similar:  Shane and I were living in a two bedroom house that we were renting – paying about $1,200 a month after utilities (which is relatively cheap in the housing world).  We were spending way too  much of our income on mere shelter and kept hitting a wall when we talked about our dream of building our own house on some land.  (and raising chickens etc.)  How were we ever going to save enough money to buy some land outright and build a house?  Given the unlikelihood of winning the lottery, and our failure to win big at the slot machines, it was not going to be possible if we were spending all of our income on our current shelter.

When Shane suggested living in a Tiny House I instantly bristled – “how many square feet is it?  so it’s the size of some people’s closets?  where will I do yoga?  where will I work on my projects?  where will I put all of my furniture?  how will we get enough space so we don’t fight all the time!?”  And finally… “NOOOOOOOO!”

After I realized Shane was NOT letting go of this idea, I spent about a week researching tiny houses, minimalism, and voluntary downsizing.  I found so many people (including Rowdy Kittens) who have found great happiness in paring down their belongings and getting back to a basic form of shelter.

I was inspired to try something different and get back to basics.

Wishing you all great courage to follow your dreams…

– Carrie

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