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Our new home site in Santa Fe

Well, we’re pretty much all set up at our new tiny house site in Santa Fe, New Mexico.   The new site is such a huge improvement over our last site.  We had neighbors on both sides in Prescott, and when your house is small it’s nice to be able to go outside and not be super close to the neighbors.

I thought I would share some more photos and a video from the move, as well as share photos of our new site.

Here’s a video of the Tiny House driving down the road:

We wish we would have fastened a chair on the back deck for the drive… and Shane had the idea of putting a dummy or mannequin sitting in it.  That would have been hilarious!  Or even a little stuffed cat curled up on the chair….  I think we got enough funny looks as it was, that might have caused an accident…

Driving under a freeway in Albuquerque.

Driving toward Santa Fe nearing the end of a long day on the road.

Pulling up the driveway into our new house site! This was the worst part of road on the entire drive and Shane’s truck did great in 4WD.

We got a dump truck full of gravel on Tuesday and unloaded that at our site to create a gravel path and patio.  So awesome because the gravel was free – haul off from a job of Shane’s in Santa Fe.

The house in place at our new site outside of Santa Fe.

We took care to keep most of the natural landscape (rabbitbrush and chollas) and then we added a gravel patio and path, as well as some rock edging.  Our cars are parked about 150 feet away, which is nice actually, having open landscaped space all around the house.

There was a lot of infrastructure work to be done prior to moving the house here: water, power, and graywater drainage.  we don’t have sewer (incinerating toilet) and that is great, because hooking up a sewer line would have been a lot of work.  You can read more about the infrastructure in a previous post here.

We did a family portrait for Christopher and Merete’s project Tiny: The Movie and here are some shots from that:

Family portrait: Take 1

Family Portrait: Take 2

Family Portrait: Take 3

Hope all is well with everyone!  I am working on drafting our plans and will make those available for sale on our site.  We’ll also try to put together an open house soon for folks in the area.

allez, au revoir,




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Tiny House Interior – Custom Upholstered Couch Cushions

Hello everyone!

I apologize, the blogs have been few and far between because… well, because we’re just living in the house now, and things are going smoothly.

I am excited because I finally made the custom cushions that I had been envisioning for our Tiny House couch.  You may have seen interior photos and noticed the hulking mass of a black futon mattress on our couch and wondered about my taste as a designer, and rightly so.  That was a temporary solution until I could venture to the fabric district in L.A. and procure upholstery materials.

BEFORE: The heeedeous black futon couch….

AFTER: lovely gray upholstered cushions

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Out for a Drive – Part III – Our finished Tiny House

We took video footage of our tiny house out on the road a month ago and we finally got it edited and uploaded for you all to watch:

I mentioned this in past blog posts, but watching the house pull out of the shop was one of the proudest moments of my life!  It was like watching our child perform on the big stage!  (Metaphorically speaking, of course.  We don’t have any children.  Just Rio, our terrier – and he doesn’t do any stage shows as of yet.)  So much work and effort and stress and plans and dreams all finished up and out in the big world.  It was heartwarming.

I was the follow car and it was so funny to see all the rubbernecking as we drove down the road.  Everyone either whipped their head around or flew to the rearview mirror to catch a glimpse of our house going down the road.

I did a longer post about taking the house out for a drive back here

Next up: we’ll do some interior tours and photos.

Hope all is well!

– Carrie   (and Shane – who edited all the video footage and created this really cool movie!)

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Living in the Tiny House: First Week

We’ve been living in our new tiny house for a little over a week now and are really enjoying it!!  The last few days have been great as we’re officially all moved out of our former rental house and our schedules have slowed down a bit, providing time for much needed SLEEP and SITTING AROUND.  🙂

I did a blog post a week ago about what was working and what needed… improvement.  Now I have photos to go with that post!  We have already learned SO much about what works and what needs improvement.  If I could live in all my designs… they would become perfect!  This process is allowing us to learn and refine future designs for Clothesline Tiny Homes, which is great.

Things about our Tiny House that work so wonderfully well:

  1. The Bedroom: our roof designwas based on aerodynamics, but also on creating a spacious and useable interior bedroom space.  And it works SO well.  The ceiling is tall enough to walk up the storage stairs and get into bed, the white vaulted ceiling creates a spacious, yet cozy (it’s less than 8′-0 wide) sleeping nook.

    The Bedroom with vaulted ceiling (with closet under the bed platform)

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Clothesline Tiny Homes on the Morning News

We saw ourselves on the morning news this morning – ABC channel 15 in Phoenix did a story on us building and living in our new Tiny House, which we moved into a few days ago.

Click here for the story and video on ABC’s website.  Kirk, the anchorman, did a really nice story, and the whole process was very fun.  I tried to embed the video… but I guess ABC has copyrights on it.

Stay tuned as we work to refine our Tiny House plan and create more plan options available for purchase and construction….

Also, just for the record, our reasons for going small reach beyond just economics, though it does seem like most people are driven by what their bank account will allow them to do.  We also chose to go small in order to tread more lightly on our planet, as I can’t help but feel guilty for using in excess of what I need.  I wrote more about “why tiny?” in my nervous breakdown blog too.   Other awesome side effects of having a small home include:

  • Community: we go to coffee shops and the library and are out in the yard visiting with our neighbors more
  • Connection to Nature:  at night the crickets and the sound of the breeze in the trees are so close, it feels like we are a part of everything natural, even though we are inside our home
  • Anti-consumerism:  if it won’t fit in the house… we can’t buy it!  or we have to adopt a “one in, one out” policy.

I’m sure there are many many more benefits of living small too… I’d love to hear other thoughts on this topic!

take care,


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