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Tiny House Drywall Trim Method Revealed!

We decided, since we’re not really building many tiny houses ** to reveal our big drywall secret that we used when we built our tiny house!

We used a product called TrimTex Magic Corner in lieu of conventional joint tape / mesh.  Magic Corner is an expansion bead made for vaulted ceilings where drywall joints almost always crack.  It’s plastic with a rubber expansion panel that can flex, if necessary.  We used it on every joint.  It wouldn’t be great on outside corners, fyi…

Tiny house drywall trim to allow for expansion - Trim Tex Magic Corner.

Tiny house drywall trim to allow for expansion – Trim Tex Magic Corner.

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Tiny Progress: Drywall Mudding and Plaster

Well, we’re almost done with our drywall.  We’ve got it all taped and mudded and plastered and we purchased the interior paint (Sherwin Williams ‘Alabaster’)  yesterday so we’re almost ready to cover it up!

Living Room - with Drywall

What a pain.  Tons of sanding.  But it’s going to be so pretty and smooth and white inside.  Sanding action photo:

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Tiny Progress: still working on Drywall Inside…

It’s been a few days since our last post, and that’s because we’ve hit a bit of an uphill climb in our race to finish building our new Tiny Home.  Some things go fast.  Then some things (like our siding with galvanized z-bar flashing) and drywall, take a bit longer!

Also we had our first interview this week with Andrew Odom of Tiny Revolution.  We’ll let you know when that gets posted on his site.  We were gloriously brilliant and witty.  Well.  Shane was witty, I was just trying to sound awake!  Not a morning person.

We got the drywall installed two days ago, and have been installing corner bead and now plastering the edges of each sheet.  It’s so exciting to not see our framing anymore.  Continue reading

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Tiny Progress: Drywall Inside

We’ve been installing drywall inside the tiny house the past two days and it is so nice to get a finished material installed inside.  Feels like we’re getting closer to moving in!

And yes, before you freak out, we know drywall has not been used before in tiny houses, and to be honest, of course we are a little concerned about how it will perform with the vibration from moving the house.  Continue reading

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