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Tiny Houses and Disaster Preparedness

Good morning, happy monday!

I am so happy to be working from home again this week after an ill-fated venture into substitute teaching.  (what was I thinking?!)  Does everyone pretty much know that substitute teaching is horrible?!  yeah, well, now I know too.  fortunately, pain is the touchstone of all growth, so any awful experience is bound to be highly instructive, and the past two weeks have indeed been revealing.  I am just not suited to teaching – any group larger than about 6 people causes a noticeable amount of anxiety, and ideally, I prefer to interact with 1-2 people at a time.  so.  until I find a school with class sizes of two students!  I will stick with design work.

I wanted to share a few interesting tiny house related links with you…

first: tiny house for rent!  this would be a great way to feel out if a tiny house is right for you.  I like how this place painted the walls white but left the ceiling natural wood.

Tiny House for rent – interior view.

secondly, I wanted to share a blog of a friend of ours who lives in Crestone, CO – a notoriously rugged and self-sufficient community in an extremely beautiful environment in southern Colorado.  Continue reading

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