How Much Do Mobile Homes Cost?

Being able to travel wherever you want is so many people’s dream. It is a dream that is as old as America.

The ability to journey from place to place, state to state without having to worry about constantly having to engage with your neighbors or anyone else but to simply experience our great country is at the core of what it means to be a true American.

Travel is of course hard at times. Nobody wants to sleep in discomfort or without any of the luxuries we associate with our home.

Therefore, if you want to have luxury and be able to travel wherever you want to, you need to get a motor home. 

However, you might be asking yourself a myriad of questions. Where should I buy my mobile home?

How much do mobile homes cost? Where can I take my mobile homes?

If you are unfamiliar with the world of mobile homes, then this piece is designed for you.

It will let you know all you need to know about buying a mobile home and why buying one is exactly what you should do. 

Why Should You Buy A Motor Home?

First, let’s address why you should buy a motor home. Motor homes are great not only for travelling but also for living it.

It might seem as if living in a motor home for any amount of time isn’t a great idea – surely it gets a bit drafty and lonely at times?

This is an old-fashioned idea of motor homes however. Motor homes these days are fitted with everything that you need including cookers, heaters and your very own toilet for whenever you need to go.

They also have excellent carpeted sections and great sleeping and living quarters, allowing you to feel perfectly calm and at peace whilst exploring the world. 

Motor homes give you a sense of freedom that you otherwise might not have. For example, when you usually go on a vacation you might stuff your car with loads of things that you don’t really need but you feel like you should take.

Junk basically that is there if you think there might be an emergency. It crams your car out and makes it far less comfortable. 

Similarly, if you are going to somewhere that you think is great and it turns out it isn’t you will often end up staying there simply to save money because otherwise you could have paid out hundreds of dollars and not got a real holiday. 

A motor home turns that all on its head, however. With a motor home you can go anywhere you like and stay in a variety of different locations.

If you aren’t happy with where you are staying you can simply drive on to somewhere else. It really is that simple.

Plus, you don’t need to take a load of extra stuff with you in case something happens because your motor home is fitted with everything that you will ever need to go on a trip somewhere. 

Similarly, you can also go on a holiday or short trip whenever you want.

You don’t have the trouble that you might have otherwise if you were having to book through a travel company or something similar.

You can just get your stuff, turn on your motor home’s engine and set off into the great unknown. 

This is why you should buy a motor home – because it gives you a greater amount of freedom than you might have otherwise had if you were booking a more traditional holiday or get away.

It is a core part of what it means to be an American – the freedom to roam wherever you want. 

How Much Do Motor Homes Cost?

Now that we’ve set out why you should get a motor home, let’s discuss how much a motor home costs. The average motor home in the United States does cost quite a bit of money – $81,700. 

However, this cost is the average across the entire country with states like California and Colorado having particularly expensive motor homes.

You can get much cheaper motor homes however – you can get new motor homes for $46,000 dollars.

You shouldn’t despair however – you can loan which can easily allow you to purchase a motor home or your can rent a motor home for much less than the cost of buying a motor home outright. 

You can in fact get a motor home even cheaper than this, costing only 5% of the original cost of the motor home.

This is via something called a chattel loan. A chattel loan is loan by which you pay 5% of the cost for the home up front and pay a rent for the motor home for a certain amount of time before it effectively becomes yours.

However, this method can involve interest payments on the rent that can be quite high and if you fail to pay the rent on the motor home it will revert to the original owner. 

Whilst buying a motor home can seem like a big investment it can in fact be a worthwhile one that you will look back on as a great investment. 

Relaxing In Your Motor Home

Whilst it may seem tough to be able to afford a motor home at first, it really is worth it.

Having the luxury of travelling wherever you want to and not having to book in advance or take an over abundance of stuff with you is what you need right now. 

Having a motor home means you can take your home with you wherever you want to go. If you want to truly explore America, then using your own motor home to do it truly is the way to go.

It allows you to get back to nature and not feel as if you are a tourist in your own country. Motor homes are the way forward – they give you the freedom that you deserve to do whatever you want whenever you want. 

That is why you should make sure to go out today and buy your very own motor home. You won’t regret it.

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