How Much Are Triple Wide Mobile Homes?

Mobile Homes have come to prominence over the past decade or so. This relies on the overall improvements that have been made to them.

Mobile homes come in three different ways, you have a single wide mobile home which would be the smallest, a double wide mobile home which would be the second biggest and then finally a triple wide mobile home which is the largest that you can buy, this is the one we will be focusing on specifically today. 

A triple wide mobile home is also known as three section homes, what this means is floorplans that join in three sections. Triple wide homes are the homes for people who want the most space with a focus on comfort.

This has the most square footage with 3000 feet in comparison a double wide mobile home which is between 1000 and 2200 square feet and a single wide mobile home with the most common size being 1080 square feet.

A triple wide mobile homes standard price would be around $100,000. But mobile homes aren’t just about the standard price, to accurately work out what you will be spending on your mobile home, you should factor in upgrades, utility bills and of course the land that it’s going to be placed on. 


If the finances are available to you, why not purchase land to place your mobile home on, it can give you your own space after all or you could lease a lot in a local area.

What will impact this is of course where the land is that you’re looking to put your mobile home on, if it’s a prime area then the land can cost you a lot more than somewhere considered less desirable.

The average cost which should be noted that it is subject to change to lease a lot is $380 a month.

But lots of things can impact what the cost is, for example do you use the amenities on the lot such as the swimming pools or play areas. All of this will have an overall effect on the final amount you will be paying.

The land in california may cost you a lot more than a place like georgia for example. The price of real estate is affected based on the area that you’re searching for and this should be considered when weighing up your options.

What Else Can Impact The Cost?

Apart from the price of the actual mobile home and the land, other factors that need to be taken into account is what type of customization you want to apply to the mobile home that you are buying.

You should also consider delivery charges. Something as simple as the distance from the factory that the mobile home comes from to the lot of land the mobile home will be placed on can have a major impact on the price.

Think of it like when you order some clothes online, if it’s a local delivery it will cost less than an international delivery, This concept is the same with mobile home delivery.

Customization can be a very costly are when it comes to the design of your mobile home and it should be said that something that would be considered on one home will be a normal feature on another, you may spend an extra $5,000 on a fireplace in one mobile home but could only spend say $2000 more on the actual mobile home if the fireplace is a standard feature on that model.

Utility bills will also have an impact on the overall cost of the mobile home. Bills can vary depending on lots of different things, for one the size of the mobile home that you purchase can have an affect on the cost of your bills.

Just like where you are getting the mobile home delivered can have an impact on it. If the house is bigger it takes more heat to heat the home up, that’s just the way it works, one way you can cut the costs on your utility bills is looking into what upgrades you can get, for example staying on the topic of heat, if you purchase an upgrade for a thicker insulation than what is the recommended thickness for the area that you’re staying in you could in the long run spend less money on your heating bill because you simply will not be using it as much than if you had purchased the thinnest insulation.

These sound like relatively simple things to take into account but that doesn’t mean that they’re not important things to take into account. At the end of the day you need to decide what fits you best for the purpose of the mobile home.

Other things you should think about are how many electrical items you have and how much they are going to cost to run too. 

In Summary 

A triple wide mobile home will cost you around $100,000 at first glance but like stated above there’s lots of things that need to be taken into account to determine the overall cost, one of these is the land that the mobile home will be staying on.

Like real estate where you live will impact the price. You may find that it will work out cheaper in the long run to purchase a lot of land than to rent one but that is something you need to decide yourself. Other things that can impact the cost of a mobile home are the customizations that you want applied to your home.

These can set you back and may find that not everything is useful for you specifically, it is important to have in mind where your home will be because this can impact what insulation you will need to keep warm instead of spending lots more on heating up your mobile home through a heating bill.

These recommendations are what you need to decide upon.

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