How Much Are Single Wide Mobile Homes?

A mobile home can be a great option for many people and over the last decade or so lots of improvements have been made in terms of their overall design and “flow” this can make them feel a lot larger than they actually are and obviously make them look more modern and in general better than what you would get before if you were purchasing a mobile home. 

Obviously prices are subject to change based on what you want with your mobile home whether that be an upgrade or anything else you’d like to add to your mobile home.

How Much Are Single Wide Mobile Homes

Delivery and installation on a selected property will also have an impact on the overall price of a mobile home so it is important to take that into account when you are making your purchase. 


Well obviously cost is something that is difficult to fully determine because after all we’re not the person purchasing a mobile home.

You may want all the added specs to your mobile home which obviously ramp the price up quite extensively. Realistically for the average mobile home which will hold 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms with  air conditions to cost you anw=ywhere between $40,000 and $90,000.

The range of this estimate is determined loosely on where you are and where you want your mobile home to actually be. The range is so big because in the same way that a larger vehicle costs more than a smaller vehicle.

It has nothing to do with overall quality but simply to do with size.

The more square feet that you will need to be available to install your mobile home will impact the overall cost of the mobile home.

The better feature you want the more it will cost you. A good thing about single wide mobile homes is that they will be more affordable per foot of the living space needed than a double wide mobile home of similar quality.

Yes the cost is also determined by the amount of room that it takes up, not just the upgrades that you may want for your home. It is also important to note when looking up the pricing for mobile homes that something that is considered an upgrade for one may be standard for another.

This means that you may spend all of your money on the upgrades for a mobile home when you could have maybe saved a little bit on purchasing a mobile home with your upgrades considered as standard. 

Optional Upgrades

Upgrades and necessarily the most important part of your mobile home but they can determine what your mobile home can look like for example. The upgrades of an economical home can be standard features for others as you move up through the pricing ladder.

It is important to note that upgrades can be insulation or upgraded siding.

Obviously the last thing you want once you’ve purchased a mobile home is to find that it lets cold air in bringing the overall temperature of the mobile home down and something that might not cost a lot more may be one of the most important things you can purchase when considering all the things you want for your mobile home.

However unless you’re planning to live on the coast you shouldn’t need a wind zone upgrade, so if you’re offered one take that into account before making your decision and bumping up the cost for something that might not be the best option for where you are planning on keeping or living in your mobile home.

Siding can be an affordable upgrade and is mainly for the aesthetic of your mobile home. We’ll leave that up to you the buyer if you think it’s necessary then go for it, if not and are looking out for perhaps better or different upgrades then it might be best to hold off on this particular upgrade. 

Energy Upgrades

Obviously what we haven’t factored in yet is the bills on top of the initial cost. Bills are an added expense wherever you go and whatever you do, so why not take the most cost effective ones here. It’s important to factor in that the size of your mobile home will have an effect on the cost of your bills.

If it is bigger and takes more to heat up then it is obviously going to run at a higher cost than something that is smaller and takes less time to heat up.

One way of minimizing your utility bill is to perhaps get a thicker insulation than what your climate actually requires. It may seem a relatively simple solution but it could save you money in the long run instead of constantly having to turn the heating on and off.

In Summary  

The cost of a single wide mobile home will range from anywhere between $40,000 and $90,000. That is determined on the size of the home you are purchasing and the square feet it needs to be installed.

When it comes to upgrading your home you should check before you buy that what is an upgrade on one home, may in fact be seen as a standard requirement on another home.

To save money on your added utility bills it might be an idea to purchase thicker insulation than what your climate requires like stated above.

The reasoning for that is fairly self explanatory really you have to ask, would you rather be hot or cold. Siding is an upgrade that can add a lot in terms of aesthetics but when it comes to the overall cost if this is an upgrade that doesn’t seem like a necessity then it’s probably not the right upgrade for you and your mobile home.

It is also important that unless you are planning on being near the coast that a wind zone upgrade is rather pointless and can be a waste of money if you don’t really need one.

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