How Much Are Double Wide Mobile Homes?

Over the years it could be said that owning a mobile home may be looked down upon by people. That being said vast improvements have been made to the interior, the exterior and the upgrades that you can get applied to your mobile home.

The price can always vary based on what upgrades you get applied to your double wide mobile home, they can be aesthetic upgrades or utility upgrades.

When it comes to buying a mobile home upgrades aren’t something that you want to be tight on but you also don’t want to spend over the top either.

That being said you may find some things are more important for your mobile home than others, this can depend on where you’re planning on keeping your home, is it near the coast? Or is it in the middle of a field?

All of this is relevant when it comes to picking what upgrades are best for you.

It is also good to know that something that may be an upgrade on one home, may be something that is considered standard on another mobile home.

It’s important to know this as you may find that spending more on the house and less on the upgrades adds up to less than spending less on the house and more on the upgrades. 

Lets begin

Standard Price

In the simplest terms you can expect anywhere from $70,000 to $150,000 for a standard double wide mobile home. This will require 1570-1610 square feet.

Obviously that’s quite a big leap but the reasoning for that is quite simple, if it needs more space, it will cost more. You may only be paying $70,000 for your home but what about when the upgrades get brought to the table? What do you want? What do you need?

All of these are relevant questions that you may be asking yourself but only you can answer that. Essentially you can pay more for perhaps what’s considered a more luxury mobile home or you can pay for a bigger home.

Aesthetically a luxury home looks and sounds like a brilliant idea but what’s more important to you? Space or aesthetics? Of course you can find homes that maybe fit in the middle and give you more of an aesthetic as well as more space, just not as much in one specific area as the others.

Optional Upgrades

Upgrades to your mobile home are standard practice, some are common upgrades which due to their nature won’t ramp up the price all too much and the more extravagant ones that well aren’t as common and are more specific may bump the price up a lot more.

If it is something like air conditioning for example then obviously this is more common and economical for the buyer. Upgrades can also include insulation, siding and perhaps a wind zone upgrade.

You can determine the importance of these upgrades for example based upon where you’re going to be staying once your mobile home is already for you.

Are you staying in an extremely hot environment like california for example, well if that’s the case then going without air conditioning is going to be a very hot sticky time period for you. Some you will find essential upgrades but remember, like stated earlier, an upgrade for one house may be standard for another home.

If you’re planning on staying in perhaps a colder climate then you are going to want to invest in insulation upgrades. Are you staying on a coastal line?

If so then you should invest in a wind zone upgrade but if you’re not staying on a coast line a wind zone upgrade is something that you can miss out on and save your money for an upgrade elsewhere, such as siding.


You may find the type of upgrades you get can affect your overall spending on utility bills, you may find that investing in particular upgrades such as thicker insulation than your climate requires could save you money on your heating bills.

Bills can be affected by lots of different things, if you have a bigger mobile home then it will take longer and more heat to heat up a smaller mobile home. This is the case with bills regardless if you’re purchasing a mobile home or a normal home.

The bigger it is the more it is going to cost. This will be the case with electricals too, the more you have the more energy they take up the more you pay.

If you find that purchasing certain upgrades for your mobile home can save you money on your bills you might find that is the best option for you to take. 

In Summary

A standard mobile home will cost you roughly between $70,000 to $150,00. This can vary based upon lots of different things, one reason is the space that the mobile home takes up like stated this will set you back more than if you’re economical with the size of your mobile home.

Luxury or standard homes will also make the price vary for the person buying, luxury mobile homes are well aesthetically speaking a luxury. That being said, a standard mobile home isn’t saying that the home isn’t very nice.

As well as luxury and standard mobile homes costing different amounts, another way the price can vary is by what particular upgrades you want to come with your mobile home. Upgrades are an important part of a mobile home like they’re an important part of the vehicle you drive.

Upgrades can be expensive but necessary. Upgrades can also save you money on your utility bills.

Above is stated that if you’re in a cold climate you can purchase a thicker insulation upgrade than what is actually recommended for your environment but it could mean that you’re not spending the same amount of money on heating up your mobile home as much as someone with thinner insulation.

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