How Many Mobile Homes Per Acre?

If you cannot afford, or are not a big fan of traditional housing, then mobile homes are an excellent alternative.

Mobile homes are considerably cheaper than traditional housing because mobile homes are considered to be private property, rather than real estate. This is why investing in mobile homes has become a lot more popular during recent years. 

If you have purchased land, then setting up a residential property full of mobile homes might seem like a better alternative to building traditional homes on the land.

For one, mobile homes are a lot cheaper to purchase than the cost of building traditional homes, and they are also a lot easier to install too. 

But, if you are considering this, there is a lot that you need to know before you get started. There are quite a few restrictions and regulations that you should follow when it comes to mobile homes.

In particular, these affect the number of mobile homes that can be installed on a specific area of land. In this guide, we’ll take a look at how many mobile homes you can have per acre. So to find out more, keep on reading. 

Are There Any Restrictions For Mobile Homes?

As we have said, there are lots of restrictions that impact mobile homes. In particular, these restrictions impact the number of mobile homes that you can have on a set amount of land.

It is important that these regulations are in place because a lot of people now use mobile homes as permanent housing.

So, these regulations ensure that mobile homes are suitable for this style of living, and that they have the required distance, drainage, and other means in order to be lived in 24/7. 

The majority of mobile homes come with everything that you would need in order to live in these houses permanently. This will include plumbing, heating, drainage for the bathroom, etc.

In order to be used for these purposes, the mobile homes have to be connected to various drainage systems and septic tanks. This is why there are restrictions on the number of mobile homes that you can have with an area of land. So, let’s take a look at what these restrictions are. 

How Many Mobile Homes Per Acre?

So, as we have said, there are restrictions on the number of mobile homes that you can keep on a piece of land. This isn’t for legal reasons, instead it is for practical reasons, because mobile homes take up a lot more land than just the space that the mobile home itself takes up.

There are all sorts of electrical connections and plumbing that will need to go with the mobile home, and these connections (both above and below land) will take up more room than the size of the mobile home. So, how many mobile homes are you allowed per acre?

The number of mobile homes that you can have on an acre of land does differ, depending on a variety of factors. This figure will mainly depend on the local municipality, and the amenities in that area.

Depending on the area where your land is located, the amenities surrounding it could impact the number of mobile homes you can have on this land. As we have said, this is because things such as drainage and access to water will impact this.

But, generally speaking, you should be able to fit somewhere between 5-9 standard mobile homes on an acre of land. If you want to install larger mobile homes on your acre of land, then this figure will decrease. 

Why Do These Restrictions Exist?

While these restrictions are not a legal requirement, they do exist, and the main reason for this is to make planning out your land easier.

If you are new to mobile homes then, as we have said, you might end up thinking that you can simply divide the size of the land by the size of the mobile homes you are installing.

After all, this seems like the obvious way to calculate how many homes you can have in your acre. But this isn’t the case. As we have said, you also need to consider the space that is taken up by mains connections for every single utility within the mobile home. 

As we have said, you can usually fit between 5 and 9 mobile homes into an acre of land. This includes the space that is taken up by the required connections to utilities.

The main thing that will impact whether you can fit 5 or 9 mobile homes into the space is the number of bedrooms that they have. Most standard mobile homes contain 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom, but some mobile homes will have 3 bedrooms.

The number of bedrooms will affect how much space in a septic tank your mobile home requires. So these restrictions exist to ensure that you do not overstretch your land. 

How To Calculate How Many Mobile Homes You Can Have?

You might be wondering how to calculate how many mobile homes you can fit on your land. So, let’s wrap this up by taking a look at how you calculate this. 

The first thing you need to do is calculate how many sq/ft acres of land you have. To do this, multiply the width and length of your land, and subtract any land that is unusable (i.e., because it is uneven or logged with water).

Then divide this by either 300 square foot or 400 square foot (depending on whether you are installing 2 or 3 bed mobile homes. This figure will take into account the space required for plumbing. 

So, if you want to work out how many mobile homes that you can fit onto your land, simply follow the formula above to calculate this. 


In short, you can usually fit around 5 to 9 mobile homes on a single acre of land.

But, this will depend on the size of the mobile home that you are planning to install on the land, and the land within your acre which is actually usable. So to find out more, check out the guide above. 

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