Tiny House Construction

Tiny Progress: Light Fixtures, finish plumbing

Happy Saturday!  Today is my sister Erin’s birthday.  26 years old.  Happy birthday Enna!

Yesterday we did more clear-coating of the wood (boo, I hate polyurethane.  but it works.)  Shane got some baseboard / trim installed (which I forgot to get pictures of!  dangit)  We installed our incinerating toilet!  So exciting.

Rio in the office.

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Tiny House Progress: Wood Flooring, Finish Plumbing, Finish Electrical

Well…  (I can’t seem to find another way to start a blog entry)  Good morning!

We’re wrapping stuff up on the Tiny House.  And we have an interview with a news crew on Wednesday, so that’s exciting.

I had a big shopping day on Wednesday and got all the rest of the little finishing touches: a ceiling fan, a futon mattress for the couch, a shower curtain, hanging rods for the closet curtain and shower curtain, the final light fixture components, and light bulbs!  Our plumber was out yesterday connecting all the plumbing for our kitchen sink, bathroom sink, propane cooktop, and propane wall heater / furnace.

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Tiny House Progress: Shower, Furnace, Kitchen Cabinets

Well, we have been getting a lot done, in spite of getting waylaid yesterday.

We found wood flooring in stock in town, and Shane is installing that today.

All cabinetry is built and all the interior trim and cabinetry is clear-coated / sealed.

The shower surround and our bathroom sink is installed:

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Tiny House (un)Progress: Nervous Breakdown

Hello everyone!  today is a much better day than yesterday.

I am a huge fan of honesty and transparency, so I want to tell you all about the emotional breakdown(s) and arguments of yesterday… but, because this is going out into the world, and this is our blog for a business of  making tiny homes for others… I’ll just give you the highlights.

These quotes pretty much sum it up:

  • “I wish I would have a real tragic love affair and get so bummed out that I’d just quit my job and become a bum for a few years, because I was thinking about doing that anyway. ” – Jack Handey
  • One can go faster.  Two can go farther. – Unknown

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Tiny House Interior Progress: Cabinetry / Deck

Hello there everyone. 🙂  We are just busier than a cat in a sandbox here.  (quoting my Dad, in honor of him and his 60th birthday today!!!  Happy birthday Dad.  We love you.  And you really do only seem 50.)

Shane’s been slaving away on the interior cabinets and trim and it looks awesome!  I finally got a break from my pesky job to go out and do some work on our house today.  (I am currently doing construction documents for 4000+ sf homes…ironic?  I’m actually glad to have work)

Without further ado, here are some photos of the cabinetry / millwork / casework / trim / etc…

Living Room – couch and window trim

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Tiny House Interior Progress: Painting / Millwork / Deck / Stairs

I am finally getting around to posting our progress!  This week has been busy, as usual, and getting home after 8pm I’ve been too lazy to post anything….  So, this will be a huge conglomerate post on what we’ve been working on lately in finishing up the Tiny House:

  • Painting of the Interior
  • Front Porch / Deck
  • Millwork / Casework / Cabinetry
  • Interior Stairs

First, we have the interior painted.  We started rolling it, but that took forever, so Shane sprayed it out.  We used Sherwin Williams “Alabaster” in an eggshell finish.

White painted interior

White painted interior

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Tiny Progress: Drywall Mudding and Plaster

Well, we’re almost done with our drywall.  We’ve got it all taped and mudded and plastered and we purchased the interior paint (Sherwin Williams ‘Alabaster’)  yesterday so we’re almost ready to cover it up!

Living Room - with Drywall

What a pain.  Tons of sanding.  But it’s going to be so pretty and smooth and white inside.  Sanding action photo:

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Tiny Progress: still working on Drywall Inside…

It’s been a few days since our last post, and that’s because we’ve hit a bit of an uphill climb in our race to finish building our new Tiny Home.  Some things go fast.  Then some things (like our siding with galvanized z-bar flashing) and drywall, take a bit longer!

Also we had our first interview this week with Andrew Odom of Tiny Revolution.  We’ll let you know when that gets posted on his site.  We were gloriously brilliant and witty.  Well.  Shane was witty, I was just trying to sound awake!  Not a morning person.

We got the drywall installed two days ago, and have been installing corner bead and now plastering the edges of each sheet.  It’s so exciting to not see our framing anymore.  Continue reading

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Tiny Progress: Drywall Inside

We’ve been installing drywall inside the tiny house the past two days and it is so nice to get a finished material installed inside.  Feels like we’re getting closer to moving in!

And yes, before you freak out, we know drywall has not been used before in tiny houses, and to be honest, of course we are a little concerned about how it will perform with the vibration from moving the house.  Continue reading

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Tiny House Construction: Insulation

We’ve been busy installing our insulation in the Tiny House we are building.  We went with a closed cell foam board insulation product that will have a high R-value and will also offer some extra structural reinforcing.

We wanted to have the house spray-foamed with 2 lb. foam, but alas, the price came in way too high ($1,600).  We found this insulation on craigslist for $400 for the whole lot.  A great deal, but we’ve spent three days installing it, which is a long time.  It’s a very tedious process!  First, we measure the wall cavity it needs to fit into…  Continue reading

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