House Tour and Interview on CNN’s Headline News!


Check out a tour of our tiny house on HLN / CNN’s Headline News!


(sorry I can’t embed the video directly, but if you click the link above it will take you to the video tour and article)

they also wrote an article about the mortgage crisis and Tiny House living: click here.

Shane was live (via phone…) on the show “Making It In America” today at 4pm ET and I’ll share the link with you when HLN posts it on their website.

Also, we watched a really great movie last night: Surviving Progress.  (with appearances from Stephen Hawking, Jane Goodall, David Suzuki, Margaret Atwood, and No Impact Man.)  It really encouraged us that we ARE on the right path with living differently, living simply, and living smaller.  Props to everyone else who is trying to make a change and treat our home planet with care and respect.  It’s not easy to change the way we are used to living, but it is paramount that we all do so.

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Clothesline Tiny Homes on HLNtv: Making It In America

Hello friends!

wanted to let you know we’ll be featured on a television show tomorrow afternoon: HLNtv’s Making It In America.  It airs at 4pm ET and we did some fresh video tours of the house and we’ll be doing a live interview too!  I’ll let you know how that goes….  🙂

I’ll post a link to it once it’s on their website too.

Here are a few photos I took during when a thunderstorm was blowing over our area…

Stormy weather over Santa Fe. Our new greenhouse in the foreground.

Storm clouds over the tiny house…


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Clothesline Tiny Homes Featured on CNN

Almost two months ago I participated in a CNN “iReport” about tiny living.  Today, the full article came out featuring all of the contributors’ stories.  So inspirational to read about all the people embracing smaller living.  And so invigorating to see myself quoted in an article for CNN!

Tiny Homes hit the big city –

Read the full article here on CNN.  I’m quoted at the end of the story, along with several others in the tiny house community.

If you scroll through the photos at the top you can read the whole story we wrote about Clothesline Tiny Homes for CNN.  Or click here.

I also really enjoyed Andrew Odom’s report about Tiny r(E)volution.  You can find that by scrolling through the photos at the top of the main story, or click here for a direct link.

happy Friday!

– Carrie

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CNN ireport – Living in small spaces

just added our story to this online collaboration by CNN: click here.

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T.H.A.W. – Tiny House Awareness Week

Our friends over at tiny r(E) are featuring different tiny housers on their blog, including giveaways.  Today Clothesline Tiny Homes is featured and we are giving away a free 30 minute design/build consultation.

tiny r(E)volution

tiny r(E)volution is a very informative site with instructions, thoughts, and advice on tiny house building and design.  Andrew and Crystal Odom are the power couple behind tiny r(E)volution and are in the process of building their own tiny house.  Their design includes a long term plan to add several other pods onto their tiny house, as they are the proud parents of a tiny… child.  You can check out their progress on their facebook page.

Andrew is one of the many people we’ve found via this blog who have become a supportive community that we’ve shared our journey of building a tiny house.  Andrew also interviewed us a month ago and will be doing another interview in the near future, now that we’re settled into living in our tiny house.

take care,

Carrie and Shane

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Clothesline Tiny Homes on the Morning News

We saw ourselves on the morning news this morning – ABC channel 15 in Phoenix did a story on us building and living in our new Tiny House, which we moved into a few days ago.

Click here for the story and video on ABC’s website.  Kirk, the anchorman, did a really nice story, and the whole process was very fun.  I tried to embed the video… but I guess ABC has copyrights on it.

Stay tuned as we work to refine our Tiny House plan and create more plan options available for purchase and construction….

Also, just for the record, our reasons for going small reach beyond just economics, though it does seem like most people are driven by what their bank account will allow them to do.  We also chose to go small in order to tread more lightly on our planet, as I can’t help but feel guilty for using in excess of what I need.  I wrote more about “why tiny?” in my nervous breakdown blog too.   Other awesome side effects of having a small home include:

  • Community: we go to coffee shops and the library and are out in the yard visiting with our neighbors more
  • Connection to Nature:  at night the crickets and the sound of the breeze in the trees are so close, it feels like we are a part of everything natural, even though we are inside our home
  • Anti-consumerism:  if it won’t fit in the house… we can’t buy it!  or we have to adopt a “one in, one out” policy.

I’m sure there are many many more benefits of living small too… I’d love to hear other thoughts on this topic!

take care,


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We’ll be on the News tomorrow!

We just found out from our news anchor that we’ll be on the morning news tomorrow – channel 15 ABC in Phoenix – between 6 and 7 am – PST.  Exciting!  We’re going to go over to my great-uncle Stew’s house to watch, as we don’t have television.  Early rise… but it will be worth it!  we’ll post the segment video on here too as soon as we get it.

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Tiny House Progress: Moving Day, News Interview, and Interior Photos

Hello everyone!

Today has been a big day!  this morning we had an interview with the ABC channel 15 morning show from Phoenix.  It was very fun.  I’ll let you know when the segment airs and I’ll post it here too.

Also… we moved the house to our new site!  So exciting.  Feels quite surreal.  All the work, all the time, now it’s done and we can move in.

First, the interview photos: (I was going to film the anchorman filming us… but that seemed awkward.)

Getting interviewed by ABC channel 15 morning show.

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Our Audio Interview with Tiny r(E)

Well, if you miss our happy voices (or have never heard them), here’s your chance!

We did a phone interview with Andrew Odom of Tiny r(E) last week and our interview is live on his site: click here to listen to the conversation.

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