About Us

There really is nothing better than living in a tiny home. Not only are they far less expensive to purchase and run in comparison to a standard house or apartment, as the majority are built on trailers, they can be moved to any destination you like. They offer you freedom, and also a more minimalistic life. They are truly incredible and unique to own.

When it comes to owning a tiny home, knowing what is essential and what isn’t is important. It can be difficult to adjust to tiny living if you are used to larger homes, and you may be inclined to overfill your tiny home. However, the fewer items you own, the more space you will have.

Hi, my name is Mandy Carlos, and I moved into my own tiny home around 5 years ago. My home is situated on my own plot of land in the country, and for the most part, I live off-grid. Living in a tiny home has been incredible, and I love being away from the fast pace of city living. 

While tiny homes are becoming increasingly popular, there are still many people that are unaware of the best accessories, and necessities to purchase. This is why I decided to set up Clothesline Tiny Home, to share my experiences with others.

Through this blog I will be recommending essential items you will want to look into purchasing, along with useful items and accessories that have served me well. This blog is intended to be the perfect guide to tiny homes for those who are interested in tiny living.