20 Awesome Tiny Trailer Homes

There is no doubt that building a Tiny Trailer home will be the coolest and best investment that you’ll ever make! Your friends and family will be simultaneously impressed and envious of your innovative work when you choose to craft your own luxurious tiny trailer home like the individuals listed below have chosen to do.

You are guaranteed to lift years of unnecessary stress off of your shoulders once you make that all-important decision and design your own. Whether you are seeking an off-the-grid lifestyle, looking to downsize or avert continual rent payments, you are guaranteed to find the tiny house to inspire you in the list below.

Tiny trailer house living has become increasingly popular over the last decade due to the increasing climate crisis and the deepened awareness and knowledge of tiny house living. These properties make it so much easier for people to conserve their carbon footprint and live a healthy lifestyle within natural surroundings.

If you are unimpressed by grandiose mansion-style houses that are so often tipped to be the ‘be all and end all’ of this life, then you will be able to find your own solace and comfort in a tiny home of your choosing.

These houses are also on wheels, giving you the option to take your home anywhere that you’d like to, inherently offering you a sense of freedom that is undoubtedly incomparable.

If you have had enough of the city smog and want to see the world’s beauty without any limitations or restrictions then you should definitely consider investing in or building your own tiny trailer home.

You will not be disappointed by the vast array of options that are available to you, should you wish to take the leap and invest in creating your own cabin.

These houses are family friendly and also incredibly impressive. Read on to find out all about these 20 amazing tiny trailer homes and source your inspiration with glee! 

Dolly Rubiano’s Tiny House

Dolly Rubiano opted for a tiny home to induce a rent-free lifestyle. Her tiny house is only 17.2 square meters and was built by the welsh based Eco Tiny Homes for $80,000. This budget home features a large kitchen, two lofts and a walk-in wardrobe.


Self-Built Tiny House On Wheels

This tiny house was genially crafted by builder Chris Marsh. It is 180-sq ft wide it’s roof design is distinctly unique making this a two-story tiny house! He now owns his own tiny homes company called Eco Homes and sells these novelty houses across Europe.


Modern Bohemian Tiny House

This tiny house was built by Summit Tiny Homes and is large enough to accommodate a family of three. It boasts a ground floor bedroom, a toilet, bathtub and a loft with plentiful room for storage upstairs.


Oasis Tiny House

This 24-foot, blue tiny house is located in Hawaii and was built by Paradise Tiny Homes. It measures only 260 square feet yet boasts a kitchen, loft bedroom, living area and bathroom with a beautiful skylight overlooking the shower.

There is also a large round window to soak up the sunbeams on the inside! 


Clear Creek by Tiny Idahomes

This 24 foot long tiny house was crafted by Idaho-based company, Tiny Idahomes. This company is infamous for it’s mechanical slide-out cabins that boast plentiful space. This cabin has a living room with a 6 foot slide out! There is also a stunning galley-style kitchenette that provides more than enough space for hosting dinner parties.


Shaka Shack

This wheely cabin was built by a New Zealand based company called Tiny by Taylor. It is occupied by a couple that wished to travel and experience a simpler way of life. The rustic, wooden design alongside the matte black roof makes it chic and appealing. It also comes with a pull-out deck that is perfect for hosting. This cabin is also a self-contained hut that includes a freshwater tank as well as solar panels!


Cyril Tiny House 

This tiny house boasts a cat-friendly design and was crafted by the same New Zealand based company that has been listed above. It contained shelves for the cats to sleep on and there is also a pet door to allow for outside access.

The inside boasts a delightfully cozy living space, a kitchen, a bathroom complete with a shower, a bedroom loft and an office space. What more could you possibly ask for? 


GoSun Solar-Powered Tiny House

Gosun has crafted a solar-powered tiny trailer house that makes the ideal mobile home for your environmentally conscious travellers. It boasts all of the features that you would require to live off-grid and offer a large 195 square foot living area that includes a convenient, retractable bed.


Traveler’s Paradise

This tiny home is designed by the Vancouver based tiny home company, Mint Tiny Home. It boasts a kitchen, two lofts, a main bedroom and a living area and can accommodate up to eight people, which is highly impressive!


Koleliba Tiny House On Wheels

This tiny house was built by the Bulgarian architect Hristina Hristova. It is crafted from plywood and has a large glass door that slides out to allow plentiful supplies of sunlight and oxygen. The wooden exterior blends in beautifully with the natural world and it’s oiled cladding ensures that the interior space is also well connected to its natural surroundings.


Matthew Hofmann’s Living Vehicle

This tiny house features a steely aluminium body and protective double-paned windows to ensure that it is securely warmed all through the winter months. This trailer was created by the Californian architect Matthew Hofmann and can accommodate a family of six. 


Cypress by Tumbleweed Tiny Houses

This tiny house crafted by Tumbleweed Tiny Houses boasts two bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen, a living room and a cute recessed porch. The wood-panelled walls on the inside made the exterior and give this tiny house an authentic, log cabin feel.


Amazing Tiny Home On Wheels By Living Big In A Tiny House

This mobile tiny house was made by Living Big in a Tiny House and is only 5 metres long. Despite its tiny size, it is still packed with all of the necessary features to ensure that it is wholly functional, these includes steel exteriors that combine wood and seam metal sides, allowing for a security camera, sound system and door locks to work proficiently.

The interior boasts plenty of wooden furnishing and a high ceiling, ensuring that it is well aired, stylish and comfortable. 


Escape One XL

This tiny house boasts two stories and was made by Escape Traveler. It is coated in wood charred using the Japanese Shou Sugi Ban wood-preserving technique.

The interior contains a kitchen ,bathroom and a living area on the first floor and a wooden staircase leads to a bedroom/loft above. The large windows offer a feeling of spaciousness that is incomparable.


Jesse And Monica’s Tiny House On Wheels

This tiny home is situated in Berkeley, California and comes with every amenity that is required for a luxurious and comfortable stay. The arching roof and skylight in the bedroom are distinctly unique features and it can also accommodate three people at a time. The couple that made it, built it for less than $20,000 which is massively impressive!


The Denali

This house-on-wheels was crafted by Timbercraft Tiny Homes and is based on the traditional triple-axle trailer. It is surprisingly spacious but can be harder to tow due to it’s design. This makes it the ideal home for those who aren’t planning on travelling on a regular basis.


Alpha Tiny House On Wheels

This tiny home was built by the Nashville based company, New Frontier Tiny Homes. It boasts 240-square-feet that incorporates all of the necessary amenities for a luxury stay. It contains several folding elements including it’s decking, awning, and roof and allows for plentiful sunlight to enter the inside. The transformer-style furnishing also ensures that the space can be used with maximum efficiency. 


TH2 By Lumbec 

This gorgeous cabin is coated in white pine, western red cedar and some steel cladding, ensuring that is both stunning and steely. This 24-foot-long tiny house was designed by Lumbec with sheer excellence.

It boasts a custom coach and table, a kitchen, a bathroom with a bathtub and a private bedroom/loft. There are also numerous spaces for storage located throughout this tiny trailer home.


aVOID Tiny House 

This tiny house amalgamates a minimalistic design with transforming furnishings. It is designed by the genius architect, Leonardo Di Chiara. There are distinctive elements that make this tiny house stand out including retractable walls that allow users to make the most out of the available space. 


Little Lou

This tiny house is simplistic yet brilliant. It is located on a 8 x 24 trailer and has been crafted from salvaged materials including corrugated metal that forms the exterior design along with a metal bathtub. It boasts a generous 200 square feet of living area and the bedroom is accessed via an impressive spiral staircase.


Bonus: Tiny house on wheels by Alexis Stephens and Christian Parsons

This tiny house is crafted by the US-based couple Alexis Stephen and Christian Parsons. Their company Tiny House Expedition makes some of the finest tiny houses in the whole of America.

In order to downsize and live a minimalistic lifestyle, they crafted this 130-square foot house which includes two cozy lofts, a bathroom, a kitchen and a living space.

They only spent $20,000 on this cabin which is very little in comparison to all of the places that they’ve travelled to in it. It has been tipped to be the most well-travelled tiny trailer house in the world!

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