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I have to share this hilarious comment that appeared after an article about our tiny house / Clothesline Tiny Homes on

Young, clever couples like this are going to doom the species! They are the ones who should be contributing to the future gene pool – no way that’s going to happen while they’re living in their hipster sardine can. Quick! Everyone with an education – couple up, have no kids, and leave the future to those with lifestyles you disdained while bending down to fit into your hamster wheels.

– coati-boy

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9 thoughts on “Treehugger article

  1. Spoken like someone committed to the old world order of excess.

  2. “hipster sardine can” . . . always nice to use new descriptions when I try and explain what a tiny house is to people . . .

    • funny, right? I think an Airstream is more along the lines of a hipster sardine can though…

  3. Taylean

    OMG! I recommend this person read Rob Brown’s “Inferno”. Then possibly follow it up with Neil Turok’s 2012 Massy Lecture – “The Universe With In”, just for the shear main line does of positivity. Elitism, weather in a Sardine Can or a McMansion is still a scary road to travel…. Carrie – Thanks for sharing that, I’m still giggling. 😛

  4. Bettina Johnson Larsen

    loved the comments on this article…

  5. LOL, he’s probably mortgaged up to his eyelids and has 4 jobs…. Does he not realized you don’t need much space to raise a kid in? They’re pretty little, for awhile at least.

  6. William

    You should watch the Movie “Idiocracy”. It’s about EXACTLY that happening in the world!!! It’s a comedy, but it makes you think.

  7. This assumes that great people come from great “stock” but so many greats come from absolutely nothing. That’s what makes them truly exceptional. If you don’t want to have kids, don’t.

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