Brrrrr… Winterizing the Tiny House and Inspiring Links

Good morning everyone!

just a quick blog to say that it was 25 degrees outside this morning… and 47 degrees inside!  It probably would have been warmer, but I accidentally left a window cracked and we had been gone for two days.  it’s definitely time to start winterizing our house.


  1. hook up our Newport propane heater

  1. buy insulated window blinds (we’re looking at white cellular shades)

  1. place straw bales under the perimeter of the house
  2. plug in the heat tape at the hose supplying our house water (this was a freebie we got from Shane’s dad that he pulled off of a used camper trailer)

It’s warmed up nicely in just two hours with a small space heater though.  And at night, who needs heat when you have a down comforter and a puppy?!  (Shane’s out of town…)


  1. October is “buy nothing” month in Australia according to Sarah Wilson’s blog.
  2. 3 mules in Los Angeles celebrate simple living from Root Simple’s blog.

3 mules in Los Angeles from Root Simple’s blog.

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6 thoughts on “Brrrrr… Winterizing the Tiny House and Inspiring Links

  1. i like those blinds! and glad to hear your puppy is keeping you warm!

  2. As you’re entering winter; we’re entering summer. We may have a spring, we’ll just have to wait and see. Over the past couple of years there has really just been two very long seasons, winter being the shortest.

    Thanks for sharing Sarah Wilson’s blog. I’m always on the look out for new Australian stuff. 🙂

  3. If you haven’t already, definitely get the double layer cellular blinds. We have single layer in one room, that happens to be the master br and they don’t insulate nearly as well as the double. Plus, if they are not total light blocking the singles don’t block some rather clear/sharp shaddows from showing through to those outside :-O
    We do have double layer in other rooms in the house and they are great.

  4. Any thoughts on a small wood stove, or a pellet stove for interior heating?
    I missed where you installed your A/C, but I am curious as to whether it has a Heat option as well! (I assume it is a standard window unit type of A/C?)

    • Hi Shawn,
      I have heard wood stoves overheat tiny houses… but some people have used them. See the OR ski bum tiny house.
      We just used a temporary portable AC unit in the summer. But we’d recommend a rooftop or wall unit that could function as a heater as well. An RV style AC / heater.

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