Clothesline Tiny Homes Featured on CNN

Almost two months ago I participated in a CNN “iReport” about tiny living.  Today, the full article came out featuring all of the contributors’ stories.  So inspirational to read about all the people embracing smaller living.  And so invigorating to see myself quoted in an article for CNN!

Tiny Homes hit the big city –

Read the full article here on CNN.  I’m quoted at the end of the story, along with several others in the tiny house community.

If you scroll through the photos at the top you can read the whole story we wrote about Clothesline Tiny Homes for CNN.  Or click here.

I also really enjoyed Andrew Odom’s report about Tiny r(E)volution.  You can find that by scrolling through the photos at the top of the main story, or click here for a direct link.

happy Friday!

– Carrie

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3 thoughts on “Clothesline Tiny Homes Featured on CNN

  1. Melissa

    Hi. I saw your tiny house from a distance today and read about it on CNN…very cool. I came to look at John’s little camper/tiny house which would be a great addition to our NM 10′ x 12′ “room with a view”. Bringing my husband back to check it out, hopefully this weekend. We sold our 4 bed/3 bath home in CT and everything in it to move to NM, our dream. It feels good. Congrats to you and your adventure.

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