Tiny Hospitality, Podcasts, and Tiny House Furniture: a Swiveling Table

hello everyone!

well, it’s been three weeks of living in Santa Fe now, and we are loving it!  it’s great to have the house out on some land that provides some long views from the interior and a lot of exterior spaciousness.

Recent happs:

  • Shane spoke on Tiny r(E)volution’s podcast about Tiny Living yesterday… you can listen to the podcast by clicking this link.
  • My brother and his family visited us over the long weekend so we got to try out “Tiny Hospitality”…
  • And a recent addition to our tiny house was a swiveling table…

Swivel table in the living room.

I’ve been wondering how to get a table in the tiny house and was initially thinking of some sort of lift-top coffee table (that I wrote about at the end of this post) that would raise to dining / desk height.  But with such a small floor area, I hated to have a piece of furniture crowding us.  So I eventually came up with an idea for a table attached to our built-in couch.  We used galvanized plumbing pipe because it matches our other stainless and galvanized finishes in the house, and because it swivels!

Galvanized plumbing pipe allows table to swivel.

The first rendition I built was just a straight post up to a tee and two floor plates on the bottom of the table.  But…  the table surface provided extra torque and the table would flip down when leaned on!  Not ideal…  haha.  Also, we had to unscrew the whole table to get to our storage hatches below the couch cushions.  What a pain!

So, this version swivels out away from the couch to allow easy access to the storage below, and it also swivels toward you when you’re seated on the couch working on the computer.

Table swivels out, allowing access to storage below couch seat.

The entire table can be removed by unscrewing the upright post and stored under the couch if we have an overnight guest sleeping on the couch.  We used red threadlocker to secure the pipe joints that we didn’t want to move.

Galvanized pipe hardware allows table to be unscrewed from it’s base.

Although, as we found out when my brother and sister-in-law and nephew were visiting this past weekend, that base post can get so tightly screwed to the floor plate that you can’t get it off with your hands.  using the table for leverage, Shane was able to remove it though.  we also found that the swiveling table is irrestible to a two year old!  he couldn’t stop swiveling it!  and almost unscrewed it…  So, maybe not kid-proof.  But it works for us.

My brother and his family drove down from northern Colorado to visit us this past weekend and we let them stay in the tiny house while we stayed in a smaller camper that Shane’s dad built.  We had a great time with them and when we got back into our house it felt so big compared to the tiny “Pod” camper!

John, Stephanie and Elijah visit us at the Tiny House.

Rio and Elijah, my nephew, were the best of friends by the end of the weekend!  It was so cute.  The table and chairs in the photo above are one of my next projects: attaching oilcloth to the plywood table top and painting the wooden chairs and sawhorse table base.  An outdoor seating area is pretty important if you want to sit and eat with a group larger than two…

Other upcoming projects:

  1. sewing white covers to protect our wheels from the elements
  2. building cold frames to grow a fall garden

Hope all is well!  Love your comments and emails!

– Carrie

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11 thoughts on “Tiny Hospitality, Podcasts, and Tiny House Furniture: a Swiveling Table

  1. Christy Larsen

    Your creativity is astounding sister! Gotta chuckle out of the visual of Elijah versus swivel table!

  2. LOVE IT. We had such a blast on the podcast yesterday (missed you Carrie!!!) and I think more people than ever are loving y’alls mix of contemporary and functional. So great to see you entertaining too to show that tiny living doesn’t mean lonely living. I would love for us to get out to Santa Fe sometime. Maybe one day we’ll put this show on the road (hint: tinkering with an idea of converting a “short bus” after our tiny house is done).

    • Ron

      I have been following your blog for a while now. I just happened to come across the Tiny rEvolution podcasts a few days ago so it was great to put a voice with a face. I have learned alot from your blog and will use the knowledge as I begin building my own tiny home. By the way, the table looks very functional!

  3. i love the table!

  4. Diana Larsen

    The table top appears to be quite novel too…did you happen to have it in inventory? A perfect size…

    • hi Mom!
      yes, the table top was … rescued from the ground at some ski resort in Southern California about … 8 years ago? I’ve been hauling it around until now, waiting for this perfect use for it!

  5. LOVE that swivel table. So cool!

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  7. Minette

    Great table guys… Just one question, is there a way to keep it from swiveling when using it in an RV?

    • the swivel is pretty tight… the threaded ends of plumbing pipe, so it does not move without moving it by hand…

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