Our new home site in Santa Fe

Well, we’re pretty much all set up at our new tiny house site in Santa Fe, New Mexico.   The new site is such a huge improvement over our last site.  We had neighbors on both sides in Prescott, and when your house is small it’s nice to be able to go outside and not be super close to the neighbors.

I thought I would share some more photos and a video from the move, as well as share photos of our new site.

Here’s a video of the Tiny House driving down the road:

We wish we would have fastened a chair on the back deck for the drive… and Shane had the idea of putting a dummy or mannequin sitting in it.  That would have been hilarious!  Or even a little stuffed cat curled up on the chair….  I think we got enough funny looks as it was, that might have caused an accident…

Driving under a freeway in Albuquerque.

Driving toward Santa Fe nearing the end of a long day on the road.

Pulling up the driveway into our new house site! This was the worst part of road on the entire drive and Shane’s truck did great in 4WD.

We got a dump truck full of gravel on Tuesday and unloaded that at our site to create a gravel path and patio.  So awesome because the gravel was free – haul off from a job of Shane’s in Santa Fe.

The house in place at our new site outside of Santa Fe.

We took care to keep most of the natural landscape (rabbitbrush and chollas) and then we added a gravel patio and path, as well as some rock edging.  Our cars are parked about 150 feet away, which is nice actually, having open landscaped space all around the house.

There was a lot of infrastructure work to be done prior to moving the house here: water, power, and graywater drainage.  we don’t have sewer (incinerating toilet) and that is great, because hooking up a sewer line would have been a lot of work.  You can read more about the infrastructure in a previous post here.

We did a family portrait for Christopher and Merete’s project Tiny: The Movie and here are some shots from that:

Family portrait: Take 1

Family Portrait: Take 2

Family Portrait: Take 3

Hope all is well with everyone!  I am working on drafting our plans and will make those available for sale on our site.  We’ll also try to put together an open house soon for folks in the area.

allez, au revoir,




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20 thoughts on “Our new home site in Santa Fe

  1. Christy Larsen

    I love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is soooooo awesome!!

  2. Love the new site! You two rock 🙂

  3. Congratulations guys! Glad you got to share that video and the pics look GREAT (as does the house). Wishing you both the best! Alex

  4. Steve

    It is great to read your blogs. Keep them coming! I really wish you guys luck in your new location and hope it all works out for you both.
    From Steve – living in a converted bus by the sea in the UK!!

  5. anotherkindofdrew

    Beeeeee-youuu-teeeeee-ful!!!! Can’t wait to have y’all on the podcast soon to talk about life at the Clothesline!

  6. awesome stairs and landscaping!! love it! xo

  7. Diana Larsen

    So nice to see you on location! Lovely family!!

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  9. Dawn

    Santa Fe is my favorite place on earth! How did you find your land? I’m interested in doing the same sort of thing in SF and wondered if the land is yours, or rented?

    I hope u r loving it as much as I do! I can’t wait to eventually live there. I visit EVERY summer. Spend some time in the area.

    • hi Dawn! Santa Fe is gorgeous. We are renting our land from Shane’s parents with the plan to save up and get some land of our own someday.
      – Carrie

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  11. We are looking at East mountain sites to keep our commute to Albuquerque reasonable. Thanks for the Photo Journey. Find our adventure on Facebook as We are building a Tiny home in New Mexico

    • Michael

      Hello Edgar,

      We have a one acre parcel in the east mountains outside of ABQ (Santa Fe County). Our plan is to build a small house for ourselves on one half of the acre and park a tiny house for full time living for a family member on the other half.
      Question: Have you or anyone had any push back from the county in regards to parking and living full time in your tiny house on your property?

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  13. William

    Hey, how do you guys deal with the grey water? The first place you were at had full trailer hookups, right? Here you’re just parked it seems. I understand the digging of a trench for the water and electrical to come in to the house, but what do you do with the waste water from showering and such?


    • our grey water tank drains through a hose into a deep underground trench built like a french drain – perforated pipe at the bottom over layers of rock and gravel. needs to be far below the level at which the ground could freeze…

      • William

        Don’t you worry about potenti ground water contamination from the soaps and such?

  14. Jackie

    I’m looking to go tiny in Santa Fe and was curious how/where you found land that allowed tiny houses. Thanks in advance!

    • Hi there! We lived on family property in Santa Fe County. probably wasn’t legal! but no one complained. were only there 1 year… I think Santa Fe was starting a tiny house community in town? not sure, moved away from there a few years ago. best of luck to you!

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