Clothesline Tiny Home moved successfully to Santa Fe!

Well, the move went perfectly!  couldn’t have been better.  very uneventful.  almost boring!  especially for me, the “follow car”.  I did take about 187 photos to keep myself entertained…  No damage to windows or drywall… or anything!  it traveled perfectly.  Shane said it went so much better than he thought it would, didn’t need to stress out beforehand afterall.

starting out in the morning…

and I made a fun little time lapse video of the drive:

Shane said we got 26 thumbs up, 8 photos taken, two surfs up, and one peace sign from fellow travelers on the road.  The trip from Prescott, AZ to Santa Fe is just under 500 miles and typically takes about 8 hours but it took us close to 12.  Of course, some of this time was giving impromptu tours whenever we stopped to gas up!  I was not expecting this, but there was a lot of interest in the Tiny House.  Unfortunately, we had 3-4 crates on the floor and all our plants in the shower, so it wasn’t really at top tour readiness!

plants stored in the shower for the drive

crates full of dishes, books, etc. on the floor for the move

This was definitely the easiest move I have ever done!  Very little packing!  I kept thinking I was forgetting something…  but it’s all in the house!  getting up the driveway to our property was the hardest, and then after a bit of four wheeling, we had the house in place.  We’ll be taking photos of our new site soon, the house looks SO cute nestled in among the pinions and junipers, and it’s really nice being close to Shane’s parents.

Until then, here are a few more trip highlight photos:

driving the house…

going under the freeways in Albuquerque…

finally arrived at the new site…

Hope all is well with everyone!  thanks for the well wishes for our move!  and FYI, our internet and phone coverage will be spotty until we get set up with a new provider that has coverage in the new location…

take care,





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11 thoughts on “Clothesline Tiny Home moved successfully to Santa Fe!

  1. Congratulations!!! So glad to hear there is no patching to be done and that everything went so smoothly!

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  3. So glad you two fared well on your exciting move. Looks beautiful where you’ll be. So glad you’ve found “home” so soon. Be well. Will look forward to coming posts.

  4. Dave M

    I have several thoughts.
    First, it will probably seem *really* strange having the same place, but looking out the window, and seeing something completely different!
    Second, the former builder in me thinks it’s really cool that not only can you pour blood, sweat, and tears into a creation like a home, but you can still take it with you when circumstances change.
    Third, the current Realtor in me says ‘Hmph!’ There’s a knock to my livelihood, no transactional costs outside of fuel.
    Lastly, and most importantly, from a personal freedom and budget hawk standpoint, good for you two!

    • Debbie

      Yay! I’m so glad it went well and the sheet rock did just fine. I’ve been interested in your approach to finishing with sheet rock and was hoping it would hold up!

    • Dave – you are SO right! having the same house, but being oriented completely differently… and 500 miles away from the site in my head! it’s like one of those optical illusions that your brain can’t quite wrap around… the vase vs. the two faces…
      thanks for your encouraging comments!
      – Carrie

  5. i love the “going under the freeways in Albuquerque” pic. the color and lighting was perfect. And you are right i have moved from one house to another and always think i forgot something. this is a perfect solution to that.

  6. donna marie haukaas

    Li li li li li… you made it! Give Pat and John hugs for me. Looks like you made it in time for the Market? We must talk soon. Love you, auntie

  7. Diana Larsen

    Laughing, smiling at the descriptions of your trip!! It was fun feeling like I was along for the ride. That was quite a day, and you met some new “friends” along the way. You guys rock. Happy about the sheet “rock” too. Which is saying quite a lot after seeing the rocky road up to the property. Whew! It passed quite a test there, I would say. (So many ways to use the word rock…another one would be “rock the baby”…)

  8. hahaha – rock, rock, rock… that IS a versatile word, isn’t it! love you Mom! you also rock. 🙂
    – Carrie

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