Tiny House Interior: Finishing Touches

Hello there!  It has been a while since I’ve done a blog post and that is because … all is well!  We are loving living in our tiny house.

Highlights of the past few weeks:

1.  my friend Kat came to visit and stayed with us in our tiny house, sleeping on the couch.  three people and a dog all cozy inside!  It was great.  We made the couch 6′-0″ long so that a person can sleep on it, and it worked great!  (Kat tells me…)  And we went to the Prescott rodeo, which was a trip – another world out there on the rodeo circuit!  lots of rhinestones and cowboy hats and bowed legs.

2.  we went to our friends Tobias and Tania’s wedding July 7th in Ojai, CA at their family home.  so gorgeous!  and speaking of gorging… we ate so much fresh fruit from the orchard!  Shane joked with Tania’s father that we’d found a perfect spot to park our tiny house in his orchard.  And her father said that’s fine, but whatever comes into the orchard has to be left there…  haha.

TNT’s wedding site, Ojai, CA.

Chalkboard signs.

I had so much fun making chalkboard signs for all over the grounds.  I wish I had taken better photos!  In color this sign is red and turquoise and green.

3.  I went to the fabric district in Los Angeles (one of my favorite places in the WORLD) and bought all the upholstery fabric, foam, zippers, etc. for making custom cushions for our couch.  It all cost about $130 compared to the $480 I would have spent procuring supplies from a big box store.  This project would be difficult to accomplish IN the tiny house, so I brought all the supplies to Shane’s parents in Santa Fe to work on while we’re here working on a construction project of Shane’s.

Upholstery supplies. The fabric is a beautiful taupey gray. Using 4″ thick foam for the seat and 3″ thick for the back.

4.  monsoon finally came to Prescott last week and it was so wonderful to have rain!!!!  it’s been almost a hundred degrees and very dry every day of June so the rain was much appreciated.  inside the tiny house it was so cozy listening the the sound of the rain falling on the metal roof.  And the temperature dropped to the 60’s outside so it was nice and cool and we didn’t have to run the A/C.

Rainy day in our tiny house.

The doorstop Shane made out of galvanized pipe works great as a coat hook too!  (top left of photo above)  The rain has us thinking about how to adapt the house for rainy and snowy conditions.  Coat hooks… shoe racks… storage for all the winter gear.  It’s great to live in it and invent the perfect solutions as we need them.

5.  finishing touches on the interior: I finally finished making the bedside reading lamps.  there were many delays because I kept trying to order / find a metal reducer to attach a light bulb socket to an Ikea scissor mirror.  could not find said reducer (does not exist?)  so ended up just using rubber thread protectors to bridge the gap and fit the socket onto the scissor mirror screw.

Extending bedside reading lamp.

Bedside reading lamps.

this was not our original idea… like most good ideas, they’ve been done before: Daniel at Manhattan Nest has instructions in his blog post.

the bulbs are LED decorative bulbs which provide 95 lumens.  I don’t know the watt equivalent, because it’s not listed on the package, but they are VERY dim.  Like dimmer than a 25w bulb.  we tried them out at our old house (with two story vaulted ceilings in the great room) and you couldn’t even see the words on a page in front of you.  however, because of the high reflectance of the white walls and ceiling, they provide the perfect amount of light for reading in the tiny house, and use very little power.

well, that’s it for now….  hope all is well with everyone!


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6 thoughts on “Tiny House Interior: Finishing Touches

  1. Melanie

    Great ideas thanks for sharing!

  2. This is your friend, Kat, writing to confirm that the couch was very comfortable and i LOVED staying in the tiny home!! It felt so peaceful…and I actually prefer the tiny kitchen to my own which has much more space…it was so easy to cook in your tiny kitchen!!

  3. Victoria

    It was nice to see an update, I’ve been wondering how life has been in the tiny house.

  4. Leah

    Hi Carrie. I am so happy that you two are enjoying your tiny house. It is also refreshing to know that you are discovering ways to personalize it further. I do have a couple of rudimentary questions regarding construction. In planning the layout, how much space should I allow for the wheel wells? (how deep into the living space do they go?). Secondly, how has your Cinolet toilet been working for you? (I really like the concept of them but need to hear from some people who have had success with them). And finally, what do you do about gray water (recycling / disposal / treatment)? Thanks in advance for your time. – Leah

    • hi Leah! thanks for your comment.
      the location of wheel wells varies based on the trailer, but ours extend into the living space about 9″ deep and are about 9″ high and 7′-0 long.

      the incinolet… it works now, after we replaced most of the mechanisms inside (the fan, motor, etc.), but I would not recommend these, as there is a lot of odor outside when they’re running – which is 1 hour to 1-1/2 hours after each use. one thing that would help with odor is to vent the toilet up through the roof – at least then the smelly air would be up above the house.

      right now we just run our gray water out through a hose into the landscape on our site. watering plants and such. nothing too fancy, but if you were on more of an urban lot, you may need to filter it.

      best of luck to you with your tiny house planning!
      – Carrie

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