Out for a Drive – Part III – Our finished Tiny House

We took video footage of our tiny house out on the road a month ago and we finally got it edited and uploaded for you all to watch:

I mentioned this in past blog posts, but watching the house pull out of the shop was one of the proudest moments of my life!  It was like watching our child perform on the big stage!  (Metaphorically speaking, of course.  We don’t have any children.  Just Rio, our terrier – and he doesn’t do any stage shows as of yet.)  So much work and effort and stress and plans and dreams all finished up and out in the big world.  It was heartwarming.

I was the follow car and it was so funny to see all the rubbernecking as we drove down the road.  Everyone either whipped their head around or flew to the rearview mirror to catch a glimpse of our house going down the road.

I did a longer post about taking the house out for a drive back here

Next up: we’ll do some interior tours and photos.

Hope all is well!

– Carrie   (and Shane – who edited all the video footage and created this really cool movie!)

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6 thoughts on “Out for a Drive – Part III – Our finished Tiny House

  1. anotherkindofdrew

    OMG! You have no idea how big I smiled at 0:34 when the trailer escaped the shade of the shelter and came out into the sun. So awesome. I am so very proud of y’all and so happy for y’all! What a great video. I totally would have been rubbernecking.

  2. WOW! Shane is awesome at backing that thing up. 😉 Congrats, you guys!

  3. Crystal

    WOW!!! Your tiny house is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!! I have been drooling over all the cool tiny homes on the internet…I have always had very little and aquiring stuff really isn’t important to me. So to see the tiny house movement really spoke to my soul. I hope to be able to build a tiny house soon. I really want that feeling of freedom. Best of luck yo you guys!!!

  4. so awesome! you can drive that house fast!

  5. La Brice

    Great video, beautiful house, y’all are doin’ great! Keep it up. Congrats!

  6. Mary Patricia Anne Letcher

    I see that your truck is equipped for natural disaster preps (4WD, off-road tires, strong chassis and metal skid plate etc). The house trailer however, rides close to the ground (bad for having to flee through flooded or debris-filled areas), and it does not have swift, off-road capabilities. The house albeit beautiful and ecologically sane, would blow over and over like tumbleweed in a hurricane, tornado, dust storm should you ever find yourselves stuck in their paths. Can your concept be tweaked in the light of what is now occurring weather-wise? Ford makes an expensive off-road RV & GX also builds bullet-proof, storm proof all terrain RVs. All of these also have shower/sink baths, solar, incinolets (ugh), and every inch of space used frugally and with respect for the environment. The Ford carries its own solar panels on the roof. The living space is permanently attached to the vehicle with the bed over the top of the cab. (No towing.) I wonder if your designs would be able to become more rugged transport-wise, and disaster-wise. In my state BTW, (from which I am salivating to leave!), during any evacuation, NO PULL ALONG TRAILERS OF ANY KIND ARE ALLOWED. This is very bad news for anyone with horse, farm animals or trailers in which they live!

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