Living in the Tiny House: The Landscape and Laundry Day

Well, we’ve been living in our Tiny House for over two weeks now, and we are loving it!  I wanted to share some photos of the house in it’s current landscape (the private residential lot we’re renting).

View of the house from up on the boulders behind it.

Laundry Day – using our clothesline for the first time!

Shane did the laundry! In a bucket. Back to basics.

Tiny House in a landscape.

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12 thoughts on “Living in the Tiny House: The Landscape and Laundry Day

  1. anotherkindofdrew

    Wunderbar!!!!! Let’s plan on part 2 of the interview around 3rd week of June. What say y’all?

  2. come do my laundry too!

    • Is a lot of work, but bring your dirty laundry when you come. Can’t wait to see you, Shane.

  3. John

    what kind of detergent?, are your whites white?

  4. Marsha cowan

    There are some pretty cool nonelectric washing machines out there you might want to check into. It is easier to wash a few things each day than a lot of things once a week. Some of these machines have handles that you turn to make the inside “washing thing” go round and wash your clothes. then you open the drain and keep spinning the water out, then put in clean water and swish them again to rinse, then spin again to get them ready to hang up. Anyway, the whole process takes about 15 minutes for a small load of clothes. Just google nonelectric washing machines.

  5. costahomestead

    Lehman’s has a lot of laundry stuff for doing laundry by hand, from a pressure hand washer,like mentioned above, to a breathing hand washer (looks like a toilet plunger) which works great in a 5 gallon bucket from what I’ve heard. I love their catalog. They sell a lot of things that could be useful to people wanting to simplify the way they live.

  6. More updates please!

    • I’ll work on some new updates. We are loving our tiny home. Thanks for posting. Your friends at clothesline, Shane

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  8. We’re working on getting our trailer registered – what methods did you guys use?

    • So long as you have a title then just go to the DMV and get trailer plates. Easier to just say it’s a trailer then trying to explain what a tiny house is. Hope they helps, and sorry I did not get back sooner, been out of town. Shane

    • Hi there Living Tiny! we just registered ours as a trailer, with permanent plates…. Very inexpensive!
      – Carrie

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