Clothesline Tiny Homes on the Morning News

We saw ourselves on the morning news this morning – ABC channel 15 in Phoenix did a story on us building and living in our new Tiny House, which we moved into a few days ago.

Click here for the story and video on ABC’s website.  Kirk, the anchorman, did a really nice story, and the whole process was very fun.  I tried to embed the video… but I guess ABC has copyrights on it.

Stay tuned as we work to refine our Tiny House plan and create more plan options available for purchase and construction….

Also, just for the record, our reasons for going small reach beyond just economics, though it does seem like most people are driven by what their bank account will allow them to do.  We also chose to go small in order to tread more lightly on our planet, as I can’t help but feel guilty for using in excess of what I need.  I wrote more about “why tiny?” in my nervous breakdown blog too.   Other awesome side effects of having a small home include:

  • Community: we go to coffee shops and the library and are out in the yard visiting with our neighbors more
  • Connection to Nature:  at night the crickets and the sound of the breeze in the trees are so close, it feels like we are a part of everything natural, even though we are inside our home
  • Anti-consumerism:  if it won’t fit in the house… we can’t buy it!  or we have to adopt a “one in, one out” policy.

I’m sure there are many many more benefits of living small too… I’d love to hear other thoughts on this topic!

take care,


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20 thoughts on “Clothesline Tiny Homes on the Morning News

  1. anotherkindofdrew

    Congratulations. The news anchor says you do beautiful work. That should go on a new website page called “Testimonies.” HAHAHAHA. House looks great and really a nice news clip. Congrats!

  2. Lauren

    Looking good guys! Cant wait to hear more about the things you love or will change in your design.

  3. gfjam

    Wonderful! Good for you guys that the very system (and their corporate-owned mouthpieces) that bankrupted the American people just ADVERTISED not only your beautiful work and home…..BUT YOUR POTENTIAL BUSINESS!! I refuse to be an apologist for the newscasters “hidden in plain sight” condescending tone and attitude about “anyone who would even THINK of disengaging from the fraud that has become the economy….NOT ONLY IN THIS COUNTRY BUT THE ENTIRE GLOBE”!That almost “breathless” aghast that you would decide to live in square footage “the size of some people’s closets” …was very telling of the deep sleep that continues to plague many many people in this country. No longer human beings….merely consumer-units, feeding the insatiable globalists and their financial owners.

    • hi there! good to hear from you!
      You’re right – it’s very telling that people are referred to as “consumers” now, rather than people!
      take care, and best to you,

      • gfjam

        I’m sorry I got so snarley this morning with my comment. I didn’t mean to take away ANY celebration of your interview. When I heard Shane so willingly and openly share that his home had been foreclosed due to the manufactured economic collapse…it just ONCE AGAIN made my blood boil. It wasn’t something that was casually dismissed or “off the radar”. I’m so grateful for the two of you and others like you who are courageously making life decisions to extract yourself from the gamed and corrupt system that has become the economy in “our” country. You’re an inspiration to me and many, many, many others.
        Blessing to you dear ones.
        Sonoma County, Ca.

      • hi KPhelps,
        no worries! we love your comments, and we understand where you’re coming from. appreciate hearing your opinions! thanks for sharing them here on our blog too.
        the whole debt-credit scam is just that. and we’re glad to be free of it, and hope many others will get free too.
        [doing the foreclosure was a humbling experience and has opened my mind to living a better and easier life and hope to show others out there that there are options. -Shane]
        all good things to you,

  4. Awesome, I love the interest you guys are finding in your community! Some places have better reactions than others! Congrats!

    • hey Macy! yeah, it’s so cool to find like-minded people. I think we are having a change of consciousness about our unsustainable living habits. which is great!

  5. Judi

    You guys ROCK! I love the design of your tiny home, especially that it’s all on one level (the bed isn’t up in a loft). Very interested to see how your plans, design and pricing!

  6. Stephanie

    Ok, I just watched you on TV. And now I miss you even more. You both are so cute! I know you will be successful in your tiny home!

    • thanks Stephanie! we miss you too! we are loving our tiny house. it’s so fun.
      – Carrie

  7. Mary M

    If you plan to hold an open house, would love to see this beautiful tiny home. You’ve done an amazing job from start to finish.

    • hi Mary!
      we’re getting all settled in and will hold an open house soon! we’ll post it here on the blog when we are ready.
      would love to meet you!
      – Carrie

  8. woohoo!!

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  11. My ex-husband and I lived in a 29′ travel trailer for 4 years while building our almost 3,000 square foot home. I loved the simplicity of life in the trailer. We spent most of our time working and building and just enjoying the outdoors. I only missed more space on rainy days. We had no computer, no Internet and no TV. It was 1989. Our marriage did fine living in the trailer, building our home and working. It was only after completing the big house and the stresses of life in the fast lane that things went down hill (we were married 26 years).

    I’m ready to do it again with my second husband (minus building the big house!). Your little place is so well thought out and beautifully designed. The quality of construction is quite evident. I’d much prefer a tiny house to a trailer just for the off-gassing issue alone!

    Congrats on the coverage. And best of luck on your journey ; )

    • LOVE this comment, thanks for sharing your story!! fascinating.
      and I totally agree, the smell inside most RVs, trailers or park models is SO unhealthy. tiny houses are great because we can employ non-toxic materials.
      – Carrie

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