Simple Sunday? Soon…

Hello everyone!  wow, are we tuckered out.  yesterday was moving day – we moved some of our furniture into a storage unit, donated a truckfull of stuff to Goodwill and also moved everything into our tiny house. utilizing all our hidden storage spaces.  the storage under the kitchen cabinets is awesome.  Shane built the kitchen cabinets above the wheel well enclosures, so they’re about 7″ off the floor – enough space for storage tubs I have.  So that’s where writing and drawing supplies are stored, extra toiletries, tools, and cleaning supplies.

yesterday, the icing on the cake after a ten hour day packing moving and cleaning was trying to re-build our incinerating toilet… in vain.  we had bought a used Incinolet off craigslist and it needs a new motor and new fan, and probably a new catalyst.  they’re complicated.  we were fried after working on it and finally realizing it wasn’t going to function.  I drove to Safeway to use the bathroom.  Shane ran out to pick up cat litter and a bucket.  It was an impromptu toilet solution.  that actually doesn’t smell at all!  which is a relief after the stench from our smoking Incinolet.  I was laughing hysterically because Shane selected the “Multi-Cat” cat litter.  That might be the new nickname for the house: Multi-Cat.  I think that is just so cute that he selected multi cat.  Shane and Carrie – multi cats.

Carrie scrubbing the Incinolet’s fan wheel. It’s corroded and bent and needs to be replaced.

Shane working on the Incinolet. It would be (slightly) better if it was our waste residue coating the motor and fan wheel that we were scrubbing. Yuck.

The stupid Incinolet. $150 more and it will be working. Hopefully silently and odorlessly. Still about $900 less than a new one. And we’re already $800 into it.

then, today we had to go back to the rental house and clean it all.  exhausting.  the landlord is going to be short-selling / foreclosing and had a realtor stop by when we were finishing up and we told her about our downsizing adventure.  we said we were moving into a smaller house and she said “smaller than this?”  referring to our 2 BR 2 BA rental house.  haha.  yeah.  about the size of the back porch of this house.  Realtors.  They seem to like big houses.

We’re now at the coffee shop enjoying iced tea and iced coffee watching the solar eclipse!  keep blinding myself trying to stare at the sun.  I can see it though – it looks like a bite out of a cookie.  A bright, burning ball of fire cookie.

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6 thoughts on “Simple Sunday? Soon…

  1. Welding masks worked really well to watch the eclipse! So cool!

  2. costahomestead

    Yuck, I wouldn’t like cleaning someone else’s residue either. Of course realtors don’t like tiny houses, at the standard 6% commission it isnt much money on smaller homes. They are part of the reason our area is full of McMansions, overpriced crackerjack boxes that people can’t afford to maintain, heat or cool.

    • Yes, I’ve heard it was realtors and mortgage companies that got Building and Safety departments to adopt minimum house size limitations. Here in Prescott, AZ the minimum size home you can build is 1400 SF. Seven times larger than our home! And at an average construction cost of $150 / sf that’s a cost of $210,000 to build the smallest allowable home. What is wrong with our culture?!

  3. Marsha Cowan

    Nature’s Head toilet! It is supposed to be the best on the market, relatively inexpensive, and smaller than most composting toilets. You might want to give it a try.

    • hi Marsha! thanks for the recommendation on the Nature’s Head. I’ll have to research that one. I’ve seen elaborate home-built composting systems that separate liquid wastes from solids, and that seems to be the ticket on odor control. the land we’re renting right now doesn’t have room for a garden, and I’m not sure we could find somewhere to dispose / use the composted product so we’re just going to replace the parts on our Incinolet for the time being. but I am really liking the bucket! no water, no electricity – super tiny – tons of space in the bathroom now, and very very inexpensive!

  4. Now that you are on your parent’s land is there the possibility you could do that compost pile thing and consider going to the lovable Loo route?

    Even if you didn’t you could still do a small compost pile using food scraps and other organic stuff that is otherwise thrown away.

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