Tiny Progress: Drywall Mudding and Plaster

Well, we’re almost done with our drywall.  We’ve got it all taped and mudded and plastered and we purchased the interior paint (Sherwin Williams ‘Alabaster’)  yesterday so we’re almost ready to cover it up!

Living Room - with Drywall

What a pain.  Tons of sanding.  But it’s going to be so pretty and smooth and white inside.  Sanding action photo:

Sanding plaster - standing on the bed platform in the Bedroom

The other day we accidentally dressed alike…. this seems to be happening more and more.  With our jeans and white shirts I thought it was a great time for a family photo!

Dusty dusty dusty sanding the plaster smooth

Can’t really see Rio through all the dust…  Haha!  I also thought we looked like we should be in a Gap advertisement!  A dirty Gap ad….

We are much dirtier than we look in this picture. Shane, what's with the scarves??

After sanding, our hair looked like in a high school play where you would put baby powder on the students’ hair to make it look gray.  I also got a big dollop of plaster right in my eye.  Ouch.  Right about then I wish we had gone with some nice pine beadboard wall and ceiling paneling.  But at least plaster is quiet!  No nail guns.

I’m still shopping for flooring and light fixtures, we’ll be painting this week, so we’ll post some new photos then.  Oh yeah, and we have the tires and rims finally replaced and installed!  So we’re going to go out for a test drive and a photo shoot!!!  (weather permitting)

Oh, and I almost forgot, we finally got the ridge cap on the roof, so that’s finished.  Not sure if you can tell in this photo, it’s kind of backlit:

The Roof is Finished.

take care everyone.  love all your comments; keep ’em coming.  it helps us stay motivated to push on through and finish this house.


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17 thoughts on “Tiny Progress: Drywall Mudding and Plaster

  1. Hahaha! Typical GAP family for sure! 😉 That’s awesome, congrats, it looks SO great! I can’t wait to see it painted out! I’m always diappointed with how much filth the pictures DON’T show too… I have been covered in trailer grime and grossness and take a picture and my hair just looks tussled, you can hardly see the dirt! There really is nothing better than a shower after a long day of working though! So good!
    How thick of drywall did you guys end up using? I’m thinking about going with super thin 1/4″ but I’m wondering if it will be a huge pain to work with, breaking and chipping wise… Keep it up guys you’re amazing to me!!!

    • haha! I know, I was so disappointed that we didn’t look dirtier. we’ll try harder next time. 🙂 we’re using 1/2″ thick drywall. what’s your stud O.C. spacing? ours is 24″, so we didn’t even consider anything thinner than 1/2″…

      • I’m at 16″ o.c. I may still do it even though its way more apt to crack and chip… it’s all an expiriment anyway right :). Well for me…

      • yeah, should be fine as long as you can control your anger and keep from punching the walls… haha.

  2. Pat

    Wow, this just look sooo incredible I can hardly wait to see what it looks like all painted. Also anxious to the final interior design furnishings! Whoopie!!

    • thanks Pat!! it’s going to look so nice painted white and smooth… we can’t wait for the interior furnishings either! you’re doing those, right? 😉

      • Pat

        Just listened to the interview. So informative – I can’t wait for the follow-up!

  3. anotherkindofdrew

    So beautiful. I have been thinking about the drywall and I think y’all are going to be fine. With the rigidity of a trailer frame I would think that you would either need side impact (think heavy winds and not car accident)…make that terribly DIRECT side impact or y’all would need a flexible trailer for the drywall to shift enough for cracking.

    Congratulations though! You have officially made me want to fall into the GAP!

    • haha! yeah, I think we’ll be fine too. and drywall is so cheap, and so smooth, and great for IAQ.

  4. John

    It’s really coming togather, great layout and exterior detail, keep it rolling.
    I’m working on the interior trim and molding, it two is starting to look like something, John

  5. thanks John! send more pictures of your Pod! want to see it before you guys head out on your fishing trip. maybe we should meet up?

  6. Debbie

    Why did you choose drywall over wood or an earth plaster? Wouldn’t the wood and plaster have been a healthier option in the long run since drywall is notorious for mold?

    • hi Debbie, thanks for your comment! I love earth plaster, homes with earth plaster have an amazing feel to them. but… it’s very brittle and cracks very easily, so we didn’t even consider it for our tiny home. had our home been built on a foundation (and not a trailer platform) we may have considered it.

      we chose drywall over wood for two reasons:
      1. cost. it was less than a third the cost of wood, and as we are paying for this house out of pocket, we need to keep expenses low.
      2. aesthetics. we wanted a smooth clean, bright interior, which is achieved by drywall.

      our drywall is actually skip coated in gypsum plaster, which is from the earth… so technically, it does have an earthen material on it.

      mold… yuck. I hate the smell of mold. we live in a very dry climate – Arizona (and always have lived in arid regions) so we weren’t too concerned about mold growing on our drywall. mold will grow on any organic material – including wood or paint or earth plaster, especially if it is not kept dry.

      I’ve done extensive research on drywall for a client with chemical sensitivities and found that it is excellent for indoor air quality (IAQ) as it has no off-gassing of any sort. I would bet that wood has more of an odor because it naturally contains formaldehydes.

      so, long story short, we might have chosen wood if we had an endless budget, but we don’t, so we felt good about choosing gypsum wall board / drywall.

      thanks for your comment! and take care.
      – Carrie

  7. I think you look dirty! ha ha! I want to see the photo with your white hair! 🙂

    • Oh good. I am so glad someone thinks I look dirty! I wish I had a picture of my white hair! so funny. Or the plaster in my eye. but when you’re running to the sink, you kind of forget to grab the camera.

  8. Hey Carrie,

    I believe you said (somewhere…) that the drywall/plaster hasn’t cracked even after relocating? I’m building this summer and don’t love the wood interior that most tiny housers choose to use, but worry about drywall cracking when on the road. Did you do anything out of the ordinary with your walls? ie special bolt treatment with padding or leaving a gap between walls and ceiling or something? Or did you just drywall the place and hope for the best?

    Thanks 🙂

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