Tiny Progress: still working on Drywall Inside…

It’s been a few days since our last post, and that’s because we’ve hit a bit of an uphill climb in our race to finish building our new Tiny Home.  Some things go fast.  Then some things (like our siding with galvanized z-bar flashing) and drywall, take a bit longer!

Also we had our first interview this week with Andrew Odom of Tiny Revolution.  We’ll let you know when that gets posted on his site.  We were gloriously brilliant and witty.  Well.  Shane was witty, I was just trying to sound awake!  Not a morning person.

We got the drywall installed two days ago, and have been installing corner bead and now plastering the edges of each sheet.  It’s so exciting to not see our framing anymore. 

Some photos of our installed drywall:

The bedroom with drywall installed.

Drywall with corner bead installed

the drywall with plaster

It looks a bit like a mess right now, but the next step is painting, and that is going to help a lot.  Can’t wait to have clean smooth walls and a bright white interior.

We were talking today and we decided we want to take it for a test drive this coming week.  We just have to get our new tires installed on the rims, and then it’s ready for a drive.  We’re curious to see how the drywall / sheetrock is going to hold up.  It does seem a bit insane to be using plaster in a moving house.  But… we’re pretty pleased with the secret proprietary corner bead that we found.  It’s going to eliminate the potential for cracks at joints and allow for stretch and movement.

We also got our first inquiry about design services for a tiny house – Casita Bella is getting ready to start building a tiny home and needed some framing plans.  But, she found someone to do them for free.  And you can’t beat that price.

Well, it’s 8:30 on a Friday night… and we just got home from working on the house about 20 minutes ago… so I’m ready to crawl into bed and watch a movie.

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6 thoughts on “Tiny Progress: still working on Drywall Inside…

  1. georgemauro

    Another first! Besides you guys being virtually the only fifth wheel tiny house I’ve seen, now those smooth rock walls! I’m with ya, making your own path is far more exciting than following a well worn trail.

    • thanks George! as we’re mudding and sanding the mud, we’re trying to remember how awesome and smooth it will look when we’re done.

      there is another person that I know is building on a gooseneck: she has a great blog!

  2. Marsha Cowan

    I am anxious to see how the drywall does while moving, but it looks terrific and you can’t beat white walls. I am usinig recycled boards on my interior with the idea of painting them white, but now that they are up, they look so rustic that i am having second thoughts about covering them with painit. However, my mom used to say, “white is right” ! Your home is looking beautiful. Can’t wAit to see it finished and furnished.

    • hi Marsha!
      I hear you, it would be difficult to cover wood with paint, especially when it’s so nice and rustic. but… white is bright and spacious and clean! and “white is right”. I like that. I can’t wait to see it finished and furnished either! haha.
      – Carrie

  3. Hey Carrie, how is your drywall doing almost a year later? Have you had it on the road much? Thinking of this option for my tiny house but worry about cracks and screw heads appearing! Thanks for your blog, Stephen

    • The Drywall is working great. But I would not do it the conventional way. At Clothesline we have a method for install and finish that will not crack.

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