Tiny Progress: Drywall Inside

We’ve been installing drywall inside the tiny house the past two days and it is so nice to get a finished material installed inside.  Feels like we’re getting closer to moving in!

And yes, before you freak out, we know drywall has not been used before in tiny houses, and to be honest, of course we are a little concerned about how it will perform with the vibration from moving the house.  But, drywall was $300 compared to $900 or more for wood interior wall and ceiling paneling.  And aesthetically, we’d like to have a smooth, clean, bright, white surface inside to help create the illusion of a more spacious interior.  So, we’ve special ordered custom angle molding to eliminate traditional tape joints at the corners, and we shall see how it holds up!

Here’s a photo of us getting the first piece installed on the ceiling.  We went with 4’x12′ sheets wherever possible to eliminate seams and joints.

Here’s two sheets of drywall on the ceiling:

Here’s a photo of the front room (living and kitchen) mostly rocked out.

And a carpenter-style love note from Shane!  Awwww.  I’m so lucky.  🙂

Here’s a photo towards the back bedroom:

And here’s a picture of Shane using a Tiny House-sized broom: a paint brush!

We also got all of the metal roofing installed, minus the ridge cap.  It’s so nice to be getting things wrapped up.  We only have a month more to finish the tiny house before we’ll be living in it.  We also need to be finding a place to park our new casita.  We have a few leads and need to call around.  But it’s also based on if we can keep finding employment here in Prescott.  Arizona was hit pretty hard by this economic depression and there is very little construction or architecture work happening.

In other news, our puppy Rio got neutered today… he’s doing fine.

I’ll leave you with a current time lapse video of our progress so far:

happy day!

– Carrie

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11 thoughts on “Tiny Progress: Drywall Inside

  1. Linda D.

    Carrie, I think your house is looking great! And the love note from Shane is so sweet!

  2. How is the sheet rock attached to the ceiling? Seems like that area would be most subject to stress from vibration of moving. (You can park on my street in a pinch, if you can’t find a spot.)

    • hi Dean! good to hear from you. and thanks for offering your street for parking! would be so funny to find a parking spot in L.A. and nowhere else… ha.

      the drywall is attached with screws, and then the ceiling will be flattened out on the top and that layer will hold in the angled pieces too.

  3. Your house is looking amazing! I love how bright and airy it is. Makes me feel even better about going with drywall too, I hope it stand up well, how thick of drywall are you using? and what is your special taping method, I suppose I could wait for the update but I’m too curious! 🙂 You guys rock as always!

  4. Marsha cowan

    Looks very “homey” and comfortable. Wish you the best on finding a perfect spot.

  5. Marsha cowan

    By the way, there is building going on in North Carolina!

  6. anotherkindofdrew

    I am pleased to see another tiny houser trying an “unconventional” tiny house material (is that even possible yet?) I think you might see a little cracking after several trips. However, if you mud and tape your joints well and the trailer is toted gingerly I think you’ll be fine overall. We’ll talk about this Thursday!

  7. i love the love note! 🙂

  8. Paul P.

    Its been over a year since the last comment; how has the drywall be holding up? I’m currently building my own tiny house and am thinking about using drywall as well? BTW your house is awesome!

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