Tiny House Progress: Exterior Siding is Finished!

We finally finished the exterior siding.  So nice to be done with that.  The galvanized metal z-bar really added a lot of time to the installation, but we like how it’s all flush, whereas lap siding would project out.

Here’s a picture of me installing the LAST piece of siding:

Shane also got the last window installed and trimmed out.

And we’ve installed about half of the metal roofing.

So now we’re onto the task of installing the insulation, which is not easy!  We’re using hard foam panels, and it really makes you realize why most buildings utilize soft, flexible fiberglass batt insulation!  But the foam will give us a much higher R-value and won’t settle with any movement from traveling down the road.  And it was about a third the cost of paying someone to spray foam the house.  As we’re cutting the foam to fit tight into each and every wall and ceiling cavity we’re both wondering if it would have been worth the $1,200 extra to pay someone to do it for us…

After the insulation is in we’ll start on the interior drywall and interior casework and built-ins.  Then it will start feeling like a real house!

Hope all is well with everyone!  We’ll keep you posted as we continue working.

– Carrie

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7 thoughts on “Tiny House Progress: Exterior Siding is Finished!

  1. Rod

    I like the design of this house, with the smaller windows, metal roof, and thick insulation inside this place will do well in cold weather. I can not wait to see the inside! What are your thoughts on using dry wall vs wood? Will the dry wall be able to hold up when moving the home?

    • Hi Rod, thanks for your comment.
      regarding drywall versus wood: drywall is about 1/4 the cost of wood paneling, and it can be painted smooth with no texture, creating a more spacious interior. but yes, conventional mudded and taped drywall probably wouldn’t hold up well to movement. we’ve been researching and found some products to eliminate taped and plastered joints at the drywall seams. we’ll experiment with it and let everyone know if it works! stay tuned…
      – Carrie

  2. Dave M

    I’ve done a similar insulation project on my house. Getting a tight fit on the panels is difficult. I found if I take 3 or 4 accurate width measurements of the opening, I can scribe the measurement on the panel, and then cut it on a table saw. If it turns out the opening isn’t completely rectangular, I just don’t run the panel along the saw fence. Kind of a freehand cut on the table saw. I never tried to exact fit a panel into odd shapes. I’d just get it close, and then fill the gaps with some kind of foam insulation in the spray can (Great Stuff works well)

    • hi Dave, yeah, this is what we’ve been doing – except sans table saw… a good sharp utility blade (the special hooked blade made for flooring) cuts right through it, and the foam will even break along that cut. It feels really solid with the tight fit between every stud.
      thanks for your comment, good to hear your experience.
      – Carrie

  3. John

    The finest tiny home I have seen, good job!

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