Tiny House: Construction Progress – Roofing

Well, we started installing our roofing on our Tiny House and it looks great!  Metal (steel) Pro-panel roofing in a burnished slate color.  While steel might not often be thought of as a green or eco-friendly product (because it is so sharp?) it is actually a decent product due to it’s high recycleability.  Most steel is recycled and there is very little lost in the recycling process (so it’s not just “down-cycled”).  It is also durable leading to longevity, and no need to replace it with more materials.

Blah, blah, blah, here’s a couple pictures:

Yesterday we trekked to Phoenix and picked up some closed-cell foam insulation to use for insulating the walls and ceiling of our house.  We wanted to use spray foam but the quote came in SO high that we just couldn’t justify it.  $1,600 for the spray foam, and we paid less than $400 for the foil-backed foam boards.  A craigslist find that didn’t seem to be stolen…  haha.  Sometimes you wonder when you’re buying building materials from someone who has a lot of them from an unidentified source.  They appear to be “seconds” with slight voids.

Was a tall, light load coming back from Phoenix:

We also went to Ikea!  Ikea!  (I really like going to Ikea.)  We ended up returning the kitchen sink we had purchased because it was WAY too big.  31″ wide with the drainboard.  It was so shiny…but for the price of that kitchen sink we got a new kitchen sink and all our upper open shelving for the kitchen, as well as hanging racks for the bathroom and some scissor extension mirrors!  Great deals.  Can’t wait until we can start installing the interior components.

Work on our tiny house is squeezed in between our real jobs…  Currently I am working on space plans for a Waldorf School in Flagstaff, getting ready to start construction documents on a residence in Prescott, random drafting for a landscape architect, and, on Thursday, I’ll be driving a diesel bus down to Tucson taking Ecosa ecological design students on a field trip.  I attended the Ecosa Institute and am also a faculty member there.  We’ll be touring Tucson with Brad Lancaster, a rainwater harvesting genius in Arizona.

Okay, hope all is well in everyone’s world.  (it’s the same world as mine, right?  haha)

take care,


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11 thoughts on “Tiny House: Construction Progress – Roofing

  1. deborahharmes

    Metal roofing is fab! We had it on our last house in Australia prior to moving to Europe and at least the frequent hailstorms couldn’t put holes through it the way they did through tile roofs all over Oz.

    As to IKEA? Simply loved it in Oz and have visited several here in Europe. We’re off to the one in Toulouse, France on Saturday for our own bit of fine-tuning in our latest house.

    Lots of luck with your project!

    • Hello Deborah!
      love hearing about the success of your metal roof in Australia. Are you familiar with the buildings of architect Glenn Murcutt in Australia? He does amazingly beautiful things with simple corrugated galvanized roofing.
      Best wishes with your house and have a great time wandering the halls of Ikea!
      – Carrie

      • Thanks, Carrie. Yes, we have seen several newspaper articles and television programs that featured his work. There is quite a LOT of innovative work being done in Australia with both Colorbond and zincalume materials. It’s a beautiful blend of the thematic Australian look with a contemporary twist. Our own house looked like a typical small farm cottage on the outside, but inside it was a sea of pale blonde bamboo flooring and contemporary furniture and fittings. We loved seeing people’s VERY surprised faces when they came in for the first time!

        Yes — IKEA. Can’t wait for our Saturday in Toulouse to see what’s on offer in this part of France. I’m a freelance writer and photographer and I really NEED some office set-up stuff in addition to kitchen items. IKEA fits the bill for us whether we are renting or owning because their kitchen and bathroom organizers are so wonderful and consistent. It’s like a toy store for grown-ups!

        We left Australia 16 months ago for a mid-life ‘gap year’ of travelling around Europe, working along the way in various countries. And we’ve decided to stay in France. We are renting for now and I’m online every day looking at crumbling stone cottages that we can gut and do a contemporary re-fit of. And yes, we too are intentionally choosing another small house so there will be NO mortgage.

        I’ll be watching with interest to see how you two proceed. I’ve been fascinated with the whole Tiny House concept for the last several years. If you ever see something that small here in France or over in Germany, it’s usually classified as a shepherd’s hut and I don’t know if they are even allowed for permanent occupation.

        One more humorous note, years ago I lived in Scottsdale for a year (dreadful generic ‘planned community’ house with a pool in the backyard — previous husband) and then in Flagstaff for a year in a tiny log cabin that I bought on the outskirts of the national forest post-divorce. That little log cabin was what got me into the small house vibe!

        Bye for now and best of luck to you.


  2. Marsha Cowan

    Really looking good! Yes, Craigslist is a life saver sometimes. Almost my whole tiny house (including the trailer) is thanks to Craigslist, and the other parts are thanks to Habitat for Humanity, my home away from home. Thanks for posting your progress. It is encouraging to us all!

    • Hi Marsha!
      thanks for following our progress! it is so encouraging to hear of so many other tiny housers out there.
      take care,

  3. Hello…

    I live in Clarkdale and am getting ready to build a tiny house of my own (I have a few friends that are almost there too) and would really love to see your house, heck we could even lend a hand for a day for a tour and a little knowledge. The house looks great!


    • hi Meredith!
      wow, you’re offering to lend a hand?! that is wonderful! any time you want to come down you are more than welcome to tour our house. We’ll be cutting and installing foam board insulation early next week – maybe that would be a good group project? even if we don’t have much work for you, you are more than welcome to come on over. You can send me an email via our “contact” page on our website and we can set something up if you’d like. Clarkdale is right in our neck of the woods.
      take care,

  4. Annie - Australia

    Your house is looking wonderful. Like you, I love visiting Ikea. A place online to check out would be — it is full of stuff from Ikea that people have modified in some way to fit their needs.

    • hi Annie!
      I’ll check out Ikea hackers, that’s awesome. That’s one of the reasons I love going there – something about the way Ikea is set up really generates a lot of ideas for ways to modify and use their products as raw materials for other projects. We’re planning on using the scissor “Frack” mirrors as extending bedside lamps, based on a project we found online.
      thanks for checking out our blog and watching our progress!
      – Carrie

  5. Pat

    Love the colors of the roof and house. Gives us some ideas for our tiny trailer. Doesn’t surprise me a bit that Shane just keeps on with his injured hand. So much fun watching your progress that I check in everyday!

    • hi Pat! I know, it doesn’t surprise me either that Shane keeps working. thanks for your comment, glad you like the colors. Can’t wait to see what color your survival pod turns out to be!

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