Tiny House: Exterior Siding

Hello everyone!

We started installing our exterior siding…

If you read our last post you are aware that galvanized metal flashing is extremely sharp…  Shane cut his knuckle and what appeared to be a [deep] 3/4″ long cut turned out to be a  “lacerated extensor tendon”.  Dangit.  So, we’ll have to slow it down a bit.  Which will be a huge challenge.  For Shane.  haha!  It really makes all the health insurance talks going on right now in Congress very pertinent, as we don’t have health insurance, and who knows the cost of hand surgery!  I tried to get the ER doc to just sew up the tendon last night, but he really wanted to defer to a specialist.  Pshaw.  Could I borrow your needle and thread and some more lidocaine??  Maybe some of those gloves…

Anyway, exterior siding.  We were going to use plywood, stained a natural finish, with galvanized trim between, but after more research of the [very few] projects that have used plywood for exterior siding, it sounded like it could be a nightmare, with the plys delaminating, etc.  Exterior grade plywood has some nasty glues in it too.  So, we went with an off-the-shelf composite compressed cedar chip siding.  We went out on a limb and chose a ballsy orangish color – sort of terracotta – in lieu of the standard fall-back conservative gray.  I was having major painter’s remorse at first, but now I feel like it will be quite beautiful.

Here’s one more photo of the start of the siding install:

Our roofing has arrived so we have that to install – “burnished slate” color pro-panel metal roofing.  And we got a quote on spray foam insulation which was way too high – $2.30 / SF so we’re looking at hard foamboard options now.

Okay, hope all is well in everyone’s world…  take care.

– Carrie

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4 thoughts on “Tiny House: Exterior Siding

  1. lauri

    I really like how the color turned out, it’s really great.

    • The way the trim and color turned out makes the inside fill much larger then what is it. Were in love it with it and we were just talking about how weird it would be to have a larger home. Everything just works so well.

  2. Taia

    We’re you able to get siding in that width or did you have to cut down bigger sheets?

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