Tiny cut: Big Hand Splint

Yesterday I was starting the siding at the bottom for the plumber so we can install the water bib. I installed the bottom Z bar and was putting on the siding next to the wheel wells for a nice tight fit when my knuckle hit the Z bar. Then it cut so deep that I was able to see the knuckle bone. I was going to do my own stitches but thought  better and called Carrie for a rescue to take me into the ER. After the Dr. took a look he noticed the I also lacerated the extensor tendon. I also had to get x-rays to see if I hit the bone, which I did not but very close.

So now I have to go to a hand surgeon to get it repaired (Friday). So this is going to slow down things but we shall keep moving forward.

– Shane

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10 thoughts on “Tiny cut: Big Hand Splint

  1. Tony Brown

    Hi Guys
    OUCH! That looks serious. I have always worried about doing something like that and breaking my finger was my lesson that construction is really dangerous. Sorry to hear about it, I am really enjoying the blog. So Carrie are you now the construction lead? Please do be careful.

  2. georgemauro

    Sorry for you. Hopefully you will not lose any mobility and will be back on the job soon. You knew this would be a labor of love; BLOOD, SWEAT & TEARS 😉

    • haha! Love, blood, sweat, and tears? Check, check, check, and check! (I like to burst into tears every once in a while on a jobsite; keeps everyone on their toes….) Haha.

  3. Marsha Cowan

    I am so sorry for your injury! I with you a speedy recovery. It is a good time to take account of all that has been and all that is to be. Rest!

  4. Megan Dixon

    oh man! what a bandage. glad you’re okay. i don’t even know what a Z bar is but i’m definitely steering my knuckles clear of them from now on.

  5. Andrew Wilfong

    Hey brother, good luck today with the doc. I hope your recovery is fast. Let me know how it goes.

  6. drewodom

    Take care of yourself Shane and rest easy. Y’all are doing amazing work and you have much to be proud of!

  7. Pat

    Good going for your surgery tomorrow. Glad you have a hand specialist as this is tricky stuff re-attaching tendons. Thinking of you!

  8. Heading off to hand surgery here in an hour. But I’m not letting a little cut slow me down. I installed more siding yesterday and went and picked up the roofing. So I’m hoping to stay on track but it’s very hard to not get frustrated working with my left hand a three fingers on the right. Thanks everyone for your comments and I will keep you posted.

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