Tiny House Windows: flashing video, installing trim, painting

We’re plugging away on construction of our Tiny House.  We’ve had the plumber out installing propane and water lines.  Our mechanic is fixing up the trailer.  And we’ve installed windows, flashing, window trim and started painting the exterior trim.

Shane did a video of how to properly install window flashing:

Here are some photos of installing window trim and painting the exterior trim:

Here’s our plumber and mechanic working on the Tiny House:

It’s surprising how even though the house is super small, it still takes a lot of time to get everything installed.  Building on a trailer platform adds some complexities.

Shane built a box for the water heater.  It’s located outside the kitchen, right between the kitchen sink and the shower, our two hot water needs.

It comes into the kitchen on the interior but we’ll build cabinetry around it.

We’re using a Rheem on-demand gas/propane exterior water heater:

Our propane tanks are on the front tongue of the gooseneck / trailer hitch.  The piping runs back to the water heater and propane heater via an exterior channel we built under the floor platform.  This channel will be closed in once we get piping / plumbing installed.

Okay, off to the shop to do more painting!  We should be getting our metal roofing in this week, as well as scheduling the spray foam insulation for the exterior walls and roof.  We’ll keep you posted!

have a great day!


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8 thoughts on “Tiny House Windows: flashing video, installing trim, painting

  1. John

    Better then This Old House, Bravo

  2. PC

    Wow, good video. I think I can even do this – well maybe. 🙂

  3. William

    Question: What is the water supply to the house? Just a Garden hose?

    • Most tiny houses like this that I’ve seen/read about don’t use “Just a Garden hose” but if a hose is needed there are special hoses made for RV water connections that are for potable water supply and are usually colored white and are more durable than any standard garden hose. A heat tape wrapped around the hose and water pipe is often needed when located where it gets below freezing.

      • yes, Bob is correct, it’s an RV style water supply hose, white in color, same diameter as a garden hose.

    • well, sort of… we connected to the existing water line via standard underground plumbing, then a hose comes up directly below to connect to the house. add heat tape to that hose, and it works in the winter.

  4. William

    Hey, what did you guys do about venting? I don’t see any Soffit vents or a bathroom fan vent.

    How do you deal with the moisture trapped in the house during winter when everything is sealed up tight?

    • well, there aren’t any soffits, and a bathroom fan would be recommended as it would aid in cooling in the summer too, but we rely on opening a window to vent shower moisture. we live in a VERY dry area and love any extra moisture! moist climates would require more diligent moisture removal from inside the house.

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