Tiny House: Interior Design Ideas

Folding table that doubles as wall art: click here for website

that table idea is SO awesome, and looks quite easy to make.  we won’t have room for it in this Tiny House because our wall heater is where a table would need to fold up, but a really great idea.  (is it just me, or does it look like the girl in the photo above has a giant picture of herself for wall art?!  funny.)

I love this wood and white look:

and here’s a plywood interior:  (a little more plywood than we could handle, but these wall and ceiling finishes would work in a tiny, mobile house because of their inherent flexibility)

here’s more Plywood! this time plywood walls AND floors:

It looks like a metal ceiling, like a shipping container, but corrugated metal roofing panels could be used for a modern tiny house ceiling finish.  the acoustics might be bad, but that could be accommodated with textiles in curtains or seating, or with cork flooring.

we’ve been obsessed with trying to use plywood in our design, but it’s actually quite expensive.  (AC grade or sanded plywood is $45 to $50 a sheet for a decent thickness.)

this is an open shelving design that looks pretty stunning with the green accent wall:

would love to see a tiny house with color in it!  but my tendency is definitely toward white…  I feel like it must be white and light and bright with almost NO texture in order to feel bigger…  the good thing with a tiny house is that you can paint and re-paint and re-paint again with very little paint and money spent!

would love to hear about any tiny house interior design ideas you all might have…

take care,


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9 thoughts on “Tiny House: Interior Design Ideas

  1. georgemauro

    Nice. I saw a segment on “This Old House,” with Bob Villa, about a hundred years ago, but I never forgot and intend on doing this idea eventually. Take a 4×6 milled timber, slice it like bread about 3/4 to 1 inch thick. Then lay those down on thinset, like you would tile. Fill in the seams with tuna (sawdust and glue), sand, poly or oil. It looks stunning!

    • georgemauro

      Oh I forgot, the patterns are endless, just like tile. Herringbone, stagger, box, etc.

      • hi George! that sounds like a really beautiful floor! it’s fun with a tiny house because it seems much more possible to experiment with time-intensive and/or cost-intensive design ideas!

  2. drewodom

    UGH! We started out thinking plywood too; perhaps a nice Birch. But the price. Oy vey, right? It really makes it less “flexible,” if you know what I mean. I mean, with the right grain and then maybe a slick linseed oil finish; beautiful! That is why we started thinking of a paneling product that, while a bit thinner, would still achieve the look, offer structural integrity, and be affordable. Are y’all still thinking gypsum?

    • hi Drew! plywood can be so beautiful! we were thinking about whitewashing it inside too, if it felt too textured and busy. we are still planning to go with gyp board, we’ve come up with a way to install it to eliminate tape joints between panels. no tape joint, no crack. the paneling you found sounds good too.

      • I saw plywood with pickle finish i.e.white in a very high end home and it looked fantastic. I didn’t cut out the photo unfortunately. Have you seen this anywhere? Does plywood cost and arm and a leg?

  3. Marsha cowan

    HI Carrie,
    I was fortunate to have been at Habitat for humanity at the right moment to rescue a huge bundle of bead board from the dumpster. It was in 4′ lengths, had already been painted several times, and was not selling, but otherwise was in good shape. Since my tiny house is only 10′ long, I had already decided on white paint both inside and outside (and because I was able to buy 6 gallons of glossy white exterior paint for $40 on Craigslist), so the bead and board was perfect for me. In addition, I have been given some old planks from a torn down playhouse which I am using in my bathroom, and given enough recycled barn siding to do diagonal sheathing on most of my house. The bottom line is, though, because this wood is used, a fresh coat of white paint will be best, I think. I also plan to use baskets, stainless steel, and beach like fabrics inside to add texture and interest and make the tiny space seem more homey. I am also making frames for pictures that can be screwed to the walls and slanting ceilings in the loft and paint them a different shade of white. I have a small antique medium oak swivel desk chair that I think will add some character and I plan to use ordinary decking for my floor as it will get much wear and tear. I am through babbling now!

    • Hi Marsha!
      I loved your comment about your design ideas. That is so great that you have so many salvaged materials that you’ve found. Have you ever seen the book “The Cabin: Inspiration for the Classic American Getaway”? I just saw a cabin in there that the owner (a fashion designer) painted all white inside (including the floor); over the existing rough and aged wood. It looks so bright and clean and homey, and I really like the texture of the old wood underneath. It’s a great book if you haven’t seen it. Good luck with yours! would love to see pictures of it!
      take care,

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