Tiny House – we have walls framed

We have walls!  Yesterday we got two side walls framed, after finding windows at the local salvage yard.  huge 2’x6′ Low-E windows for only $40 each.


I made a short time lapse video of our progress so far:


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6 thoughts on “Tiny House – we have walls framed

  1. Lookin’ good!
    Two questions- 1) the header that sits over the wheels and fenders; is it placed so high above the fender to allow for the finished weight of the house to lower the springs? and 2) You both sound like you’ve got experience, so did you consider framing with aluminum studs to conserve weight? Do you feel Aluminum studs would not be road worthy? (snuck in a 3rd question…’-)

  2. George,
    Well I will answer the question to above.

    (1)As to the header above the wheel I’m making a custom fender that will lower it a bit and also act as a nice attachment for a wheel cover that will finish out the house once finished and parked.

    (2) The question about the aluminum studs I did consider but the weight savings is not worth dealing with the extra flex that they have. Also the wire would cost more due to the rubber gaskets that is needed. Plus I did not trust them with the forces that are put on them going down the road.

    Thanks for watching the progress. It’s been another exciting day today and I’m sure Carrie will do another great post here soon.

    So stay posted as to the exciting news…

  3. Cato

    Shane, you are a stud! I have another friend on the East Coast whose building one of these. I just passed your blog on to her. She’s a greenie so I hope you don’t mind if she asks some questions. See you soon dude!

  4. thanks Cato,
    It has been very exciting and a ton of fun. I have just finished the rafters today and hope to have it sheeted by tomorrow. After that off to the welder for some supports for the deck.

    When are you coming on over to see it?

    Stay posted!

  5. John

    Looks great, real progress.
    Do you guys also have a earth moving business?
    Lots of Luck, John

  6. Thanks John, (which john might this be?)
    Well I wish those were my trucks in the foreground, but it’s the owner of the shop that I rent from. I rent just one bay which is 20’x60′ and works great for this project. Hoping to keep it as we start making tiny homes for clients.


    Stay tuned as more great news on the way today!

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