Foundation – Framing, insulating, decking the floor and more work on the trailer

Hello!  happy Saturday.

We’ve been busy refining our design, searching for doors, windows and siding materials, as well as other misc items like a water heater, fridge, and toilet!  (stay tuned for an upcoming post on our toilet!  you won’t be disappointed – it’s not your average flusher…)

Yesterday Shane was busy cleaning up the trailer.  And by “cleaning up” I mean grinding steel chunks off the frame after removing a tool basket that was welded to the front gooseneck.  this space will become a perfect little storage shelf under the bed.

Shane cleaning up the trailer in our shop.

little rooster tail....

BIG rooster tail!

I've definitely got the better job as the photographer. Except... are you trying to hit me with those sparks?!

better back up and take pictures from a safer distance…

Rio watches from a safe distance...

Shane also got the floor framed, insulated, and decked this past week.  only a few minor problems with the trailer being out of square, but he was able to even things out using a handy Giant Steel Trailer Bender.  Naw, just kidding, he just adjusted the framing to be square.  the trailer “is what it is” as all realists say.

have a great day!  thanks for following us as we build our tiny (portable) home.

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4 thoughts on “Foundation – Framing, insulating, decking the floor and more work on the trailer

  1. I envy both of you! Great work! The excitement must have you both lovin life! Forgive me if I sent these to you already. Maybe you can grab an idea or make a suggestion. Best, George

    • hi George! I love the fly-throughs! really great. you even fit a washer and dryer in there. so awesome. thanks for sharing! do you have a blog so we can follow your progress?

      • Thank you. I just started. Blog is next. I’ve got an idea for a tiny house production facility in New Jersey. Putting the details together now.

  2. Tony Brown

    Hi Shane, Carrie,
    I am really excited to see what you are doing. I am sure it will be an incredible hit. Not only that but it looks like a lot of fun.

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