20 Unique Log Cabin Wallpapers

There is a lot to love about the log cabin aesthetic. The earthy tones, the simple, rustic decor, and the warm, welcoming crackle of a log fire.

A log cabin is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life, but you might be wondering how you can inject some fun, and your own personal style into the decor of your log cabin. 

20 Unique Log Cabin Wallpapers

With just one click you can find hundreds and hundreds of pictures online of eccentric log cabin decor that can inspire and overwhelm you in equal measure. Below, you’ll find 20 unique wallpaper ideas for your log cabin.

From woodland scenes that reflect the rustic, natural style that is quintessential to a log cabin’s appeal, to wallpapers that are a bit more out there and are sure to liven up your cabin. Let’s dive right in! 

Wall Of Books Library Wallpaper

There is nothing more appealing than the thought of curling up in front of a roaring fire in your log cabin, with a mug of hot chocolate and a good book in hand.

Us bookworms may not be able to incorporate a library into our log cabin (although we can still dream), but we can create the illusion of a library with this elegant, clever wall paper design by Kathy Kuo Home.

This design consists of two separate wallpaper rolls that can be alternately pasted to mix up the design and give your wall a bit of depth. 

Industrial Scientific Newton Wallpaper

Mix rural with industrial with another wallpaper design from Kathy Kuo Home. Based on early scientific measuring equipment inspired by Sir Isaac Newton, this interesting but subtle wallpaper is sure to catch everyone’s eye. 

On The Road!

A wall sticker rather than a wallpaper, this fun design from Ferm LIVING is a super simple way to brighten up a room in a log cabin.

It resembles a Sharpie doodle, something your parents would have (rightly) not been too happy about if you decorated your bedroom with, but maybe if our doodles looked as good as this they wouldn’t have been too bothered!

Our log cabins are often a place for us to escape, and this creative, quirky sticker perfectly encapsulates the feeling of dumping your bags in your log cabin and feeling right at home.

Pet Sounds Wallpaper – Harvest Orange

This popular Pet Sounds wallpaper depicts a whole host of woodland music makers. If you’re a music lover, this would be an ideal wallpaper for your log cabin! Can you see the bird nesting in the French horn?

Forest Animals Removable Wallpaper

The perfect way to celebrate nature, this wallpaper depicts all creatures big and small in a lovely, understated green-blue design. This wallpaper is made of 100% polyester fabric that requires no glue, paste or tools to apply.

Just peel it off from the backing paper and place it on the wall of your choice. And if you want to revamp the room eventually, it can be easily removed from the wall. This wallpaper is best suited for smooth, flat walls, and you should always ensure the wall is dry and clean before applying.

But you can also apply this wall paper to windows and doors too. 

Misty Landscape With Fir Forest Removable Wallpaper

If you didn’t know any better, you would’ve thought this was a photo-realistic mural! You could reach out and touch the pines, feel the cold mist around you, and smell the petrichor in the air.

But this misty, atmospheric forest scene is actually a stunning mural that would certainly bring the beautiful surroundings of your log cabin inside. 

Moon Phases Pattern

Another mystical mural charting the phases of the moon, this wallpaper is excellent for a more stripped back look while still nodding to nature. The pattern almost has an optical illusion effect, giving a deeper look and making the room look more interesting. 

Constellations Pattern Wall Mural

This mural is intended for a child’s room, admittedly, but we love this cute, constellation pattern for a quirky log cabin. After all, one of the best parts about retreating into nature is the sky dotted with stars that you rarely get to see in towns and cities.

On foggy nights, why not bring the constellations indoors? Besides, this starry wallpaper is a great way to learn about the constellations and impress your friends!

Removable Botanical Leaves Wallpaper

This botanical inspired wallpaper is super elegant, displaying various stunning hues of green. It’s easy to install and cut, with a cutting line on the back of the paper to help you get the smoothest cut.

It is also able to be repositioned and reused with no trace of sticky residue left on your wall once you’ve removed it. Its environmentally protective PVC makes it kind to the planet, and it’s also waterproof.

However, this wallpaper looks best on a flat, clean surface rather than on a textured wall or a wall with a fresh coat of paint. 

75901 Victorian Wallpaper

This luxurious, Victorian wallpaper certainly invokes cobblestone streets, dim streetlights, and Sherlock Holmes. It’s also made of high-quality materials, ensuring that you’ll be enjoying this elegant and beautiful wallpaper for years to come. 

Phillip Jeffries Agate Wallpaper

Designed by Phillip Jefferies, a world leader in natural, textured and specialty wallpaper, this agate wallpaper has a pre-historic feel and would look so elegant in a sleeker, more modern log cabin.

Painted Leaves

This gorgeous wallpaper just screams Fall. But the brown and gold tones would also look right at home in a cozy log cabin. The soft leaves look delicately-painted and also heart-shaped, sure to put a smile on anybody’s face. 

Mushroom Forest Wallpaper

This quaint, beautiful wallpaper would look excellent in a log cabin. Not only do the mushrooms and bunnies reflect the rustic vibe of a log cabin and its surroundings, but the striking jade-green wallpaper is a color you’re unlikely to find in a log cabin, not to mention it’s beautiful!

We also love the gold, floral detail in the wallpaper, which you can pick up with subtle gold furnishings.

Party Animals Wallpaper

When you first look at this Party Animals wallpaper, it seems innocent enough. Just a couple of cute woodland critters hanging out, right? But take a closer look, and you can see that these animals know how to party!

From badgers enjoying cocktails to fan-waving otters, from raccoons looking a little worse for wear and skunks rocking eye-patches, this is a truly out-there whimsical wallpaper design!

Full of imagination and personality, this wallpaper is sure to catch your eye and makes for a log cabin with a super quirky look.

Chinoiserie Chic Wall Mural Wallpaper

This eccentric and elegant wallpaper is sure to bring calm and tranquility to your log cabin. The vivid green really stands out and suits the vibe of a log cabin perfectly. What’s more, this wallpaper is easy to install and durable, so you’ll be enjoying it for years to come.

Furthermore, it’s also eco-friendly, made of sustainable paper, designed with environmentally-friendly water based inks and comes in recyclable packaging. What’s not to love?

3D Green Christmas Tree Forest Wallpaper

Don’t let the name of this wallpaper fool you, this wallpaper isn’t just for Christmas! The beautiful emerald pine trees are perfect for a log cabin, and we adore the design of the branches and the tactile look of the bark.

This is AJ woven wallpaper that is reinforced with nylon fibers. This makes the wallpaper more durable and stable, so you can add extra adhesive directly to the wall or the back of the wallpaper without damaging it.

Ombre Mountain Pine Wallpaper

Available in green too, this stunning ombre wallpaper would look beautiful in your log cabin no matter your color scheme. We love the warm, welcoming shades of purple, red, orange and brown in this wallpaper.

It is also adhesive ready, so transforming your log cabin with this wallpaper couldn’t be easier. It is also easy to clean on all types of wall paint, however, freshly painted walls will be a bit tricker for the wallpaper to properly stick to. 

Oil Paintings Mountain With Forest Landscape Mural

Another stunning photo-realist wallpaper, if the view from your log cabin doesn’t quite resemble this breathtaking scene, then why not cheat and paste the view on your walls instead? The material of this wallpaper is extremely breathable, and is made of a low carbon environmentally friendly pigment. 

Foggy Mountains And Birds Wallpaper

We love this ethereal, wintry wallpaper. The silvery white shade perfectly resembles eerily beautiful fog. 

Watercolor Frosty Blue Mountain Wallpaper

Another stunning wintry wallpaper, but this time with a pop of color! We love this striking cerulean mountain range, and believe it’s an excellent way to incorporate some color into your cabin. 

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