20 Space Saving Log Cabin Sheds

Many of us would love a log cabin style shed in our backyard. The cottage-core style of rustic views in a hideaway part of our garden is a beautiful image. But these structures are often way too big for our spaces. 

20 Space Saving Log Cabin Sheds

This is why we have collected 20 different log cabin sheds, all of which are designed to save space, so our dream of a summer house or outdoor study can be way more reachable.

1. Mobile Adventurers

Mobile adventures create amazing log cabins that most of us cannot fit into our backyard. However, if you have a large piece of land and want to put a space-saving cottage somewhere along the landscape, then you will have found the perfect Airbnb with this cabin.

2. Garden Buildings Direct

If you were hoping for something a little more shed-like, then this little British number could be your perfect study cabin. Big enough for a desk, a chair, and a couple of bookcases, what more could you want in your working hideaway.

This type of structure can be found in many garden centers, so use this as inspiration for your space-saving log cabin. 

3. Screwfix

Here we have another British log cabin, but this time with more windows and perfectly fitted to the corner of your backyard. The space is designed as a summer house, but those wide windows could make the perfect viewing spot.

If you have gorgeous views in your home, this log cabin shed could become an ideal painting room. Tucked away in the back of your garden, you’ll be surrounded by your own company and nothing more.

4. Mobile Adventurers

Here we have another log cabin by Mobile Adventures, but this time they have added some height. Using the roof as an additional living space turns this beautiful structure into a beautiful space-saving unit.

5. Summer House 24

This wonderful shed has a covered and spacious outside area, where you could put a coach, lounging chairs, or even a coffee table. In the middle section is a small but comfortable living area, which could be used as a winter house, a study, or even a second living room.

The last space is designed as a storage unit, but again can be used for whatever your plans are. In total, the shed is only 12.5 meters squared.

6. Home Base

In this beautiful wooden cabin by Home Base, we can see how easy it would be to have a fully functional desk along with a couple of bookshelves and a beautiful view.

Having the space both behind and in front means that you can have room to reach both bookcases but not feel cramped in the process. Adding flowers to the top also adds an element of freshness without taking from the shelving.

7. Aliart

With this image shared by Aliart, we can see two different ways in which you can create a rustic log cabin shed that makes a statement in your home without taking up too much space.

The first image is very sleek, but the wooden shutters and flower beds are enough to make this modern-ish style more cottage-core.

The second picture uses a worn and weathered painting technique to create an antique-esque design that just screams of a woodland adventure.

8. Cartridge Save

The in-built shelving units and window ledges are the perfect combination to add space but still create a beautiful imagery to look at while you are working.

This type of shed doesn’t need to be big to work in this way, which is why it is perfect for most people’s smaller back yards. This design by Cartridge Save is the perfect evolution from a shed and into a study.

9. Waltons

This Waltons shed is actually much smaller than it originally seems, but the four wide windows create so much light that our minds don’t feel trapped when we are inside.

This beautiful wooden shed is perfect for converting into a study or a summer house, where you can put in slimline cupboards or drawers and place them along the windowless walls.

10. Duster House

Here we have another log cabin with a roofed outdoor area. The canopy means you can use the cabin even in rainy weather conditions. The interior is nicely cornered off, which means you can tuck the whole structure away into an otherwise unused part of your backyard.

As you can see on the wall, Daughter House has even attached heating equipment to the walls, which shows you that it’s strong enough to hold up important and fragile items.

11. Summer House 24

This version of the canopy addition to the log cabin shed has a sturdier roof, which doesn’t add anything extra to the structure, but does give a lovely aesthetic of chunky furniture. Coupled with a chunky dinner table underneath, this log cabin could be the perfect accessory to your backyard.

The inside area is 8.42 m squared which is just enough for a coach and a bookshelf, which is perfect for an outdoor reading room.

12. Garden Buildings Direct

Garden Buildings Direct’s little number is anything but little on the inside. They have created a roomy environment that would be perfect to use as a shed and a winter house.

You could store your bikes, kids’ outdoor play toys, and gardening gear in the log cabin and still have room for a coach and a bookshelf for wintertime reading outside.

13. Old World Garden Farms

This dramatic black log cabin shed will truly make a statement in your garden. Designed to feel like an old-world farming shed, the double doors and single doors have beautiful hinges that add to the aesthetic.

The double door entrance means you can easily wheel in the BBQ for the summer or open up the doors to better hear the rain as you snuggle up indoors.

14. Direct

Although this log cabin shed looks highly edited, the french sliding doors and miniature entrance hallway are perfect examples of how you can create a professional and sleek addition to the world of log cabins. Adding this shed to your backyard will make the ideal outdoor office. 

15. Garden Affairs

If you were hoping for a more shed-like design, then this tiny cornered-off log cabin shed might be the perfect idea. It’s small enough to hold a two-person sofa and bookshelves that are attached to the walls.

If you want to make it more of a functioning garden toolbox, you can add a ledge along one of the four sides and use it to incubate your seedlings.

Whatever you use it for, the cottage core effect would be instant in your home and will bring to life all of the wonders of rural living.

16. Busy Boo

If you were hoping for something more similar to a traditional American log cabin, then this space-saving shed by Busy Boo could be the perfect fit. Although it could hold a bed, it is designed as a casual living space for part of a large landscape at the tail end of your property.

Have acres of land, and want to put a study in the area with the best view? Try this log cabin shed for size.

17. Garden Affairs

If you want to build something modern, but cannot let the log cabin shed reach too high, have a look at this other shed by Garden Affairs. The gray and back opening doors will give your shed turned study a professional vibe, and the space will be big enough for two people to work in.

18. Garden Site

This beautiful boxy shed is the perfect size for most homes. It is small enough to be used as a functional shed and does not take up much room in your backyard, but it is also big enough to be used as a one-person library.

Make one wall a built-in bookshelf, and you’ll have created the perfect log cabin for a winter read.

19. Aliart

This picture collected by Aiart shows another way in which you can turn a classic shed into a small living space. This “cabin in the woods” style log shed can easily sleep two people, a kitchen, and a bathroom without feeling cramped.

As you can see from the last picture, there are stairs that lead to the roof, which creates another layer of space-saving ingenuity in this rustic design.

20. Long Sight Nursery

This log cabin shed fits perfectly into the background of a woodland dream. A cozy couch and a small coffee table would be dreamy additions to this nest in the forest of our cottage-core fantasies.

The large windows also mean that the little light that shines through the forest leaves will be welcomed into the little room.

You can also use this area like a traditional shed, or a gardening base, with shelving units added to the side with no window. However you use a log cabin shed like this, it will feel cozy and warm.

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