20 Space Saving Log Cabin Kitchens

When it comes to decorating your log cabin, you may think the smaller the space, the easier it will be to decorate, right? And while your space-saving log cabin kitchen may take a bit less time to decorate than larger rooms such as the living area, when you’re limited on space you’ve got to make every inch count.

20 Space Saving Log Cabin Kitchens

Not only do you need to take into account how to best utilize the space so that you can still cook in and enjoy your kitchen, but you also need to take into account colors and decorative touches that make the kitchen feel less cramped, and more cozy and charming. 

You can do this by incorporating breakfast bars, and breakfast nooks into your kitchen, as well as introducing cupboards and utensils in bold, fetching colors into your kitchen. Wide windows also open up your kitchen, making it appear bigger.

Plus, who doesn’t want a panoramic view of tranquil countryside as they’re doing the dishes?

Below, you’ll find 20 space-saving log cabin kitchens that range from compact kitchen units tucked under stairs, to kitchens utilizing bold colors that bring their small kitchens to life. 

Compact Copper Kitchen

Copper utensils, dark wood cupboards and black worktops really work in a log cabin and help to make this compact kitchen look neat and – most importantly – not cramped at all.

We also love how the color of the granite island countertop matches the color of the backsplash, and perfectly compliments the copper utensils. 

Compact Christmas Kitchen

The red utensils, the plaid curtains, the snowy scene outside and the fresh-from-the-oven cookies on the counter, does anything scream Christmas more than this cozy French log cabin kitchen? The skylight also does a great job in opening up this kitchen and making it appear larger than it actually is. 

Compact Cozy Breakfast Nook

Another kitchen with an Alpine Christmas vibe, we love this cute, cozy breakfast nook decorated with pine, and the beautiful white chairs that are straight out of a fairy tale. 

Kitchen Under The Stairs

We all love waking up to the smell of breakfast, and as soon as you pad down the stairs in this log cabin, you’re sure to smell a delicious homemade breakfast straight away! This North Carolina cabin was originally a tobacco barn, and the farmhouse vibe of this log cabin is evident in this kitchen.

We love the bright red cupboards – not to mention those red table legs! They look great paired with the subtle blue chairs. 

Petite Pink Kitchen

Who says a rustic log cabin kitchen can’t be pretty in pink? We love the rustic, distressed look of the pink cupboards, especially when paired with the distressed white cupboard. The perfect little pantry! The two-tone floors give it even more of a rustic charm. 

Gorgeous Green Kitchen

Speaking of distressed, we’re obsessed with these super distressed, super rustic pistachio green cupboards in this Montana log cabin kitchen! The wide windows give you an almost panoramic view of the scenery outside, opening up the kitchen considerably.

The stone floor also pairs perfectly with the distressed cupboards.

Tiny Traditional Kitchen

We’re staying in Montana for our next space-saving kitchen and this totally traditional log cabin kitchen. Wood rules here, and we love the open-concept layout and the fact that the kitchen is tucked under the stairs.

This efficient, practical kitchen with utilitarian furnishings is great for a simple, tiny log cabin and transports you to simpler times. 

Small, Stripped Back Kitchen

We’re heading over to another tiny log cabin home and this adorable kitchen. We can’t decide what we love more – the simple wood panels, the mossy green cupboards giving the kitchen a splash of color, or the cute wood burner.

In this tiny log cabin, you don’t even have to get out of bed to sniff a delicious breakfast being made. 

A Compact Kitchen With Plenty Of Character

The couple who designed this kitchen work on movie sets, and you can certainly tell by this characterful kitchen! We’re obsessed with the detail on those small, pistachio cupboards and all the little details that give this vintage inspired kitchen so much vibrancy.

Everything you need in this charismatic, compact kitchen. 

Rustic Red Kitchen

The cherry red cupboards in this Idaho log cabin really make this compact kitchen stand out. The white marble countertops bring a touch of elegance, and we love the breakfast bar resting atop hefty logs.

The thin window may not be the widest, but it’s pretty tall and allows you to soak up plenty of the Idaho mountains while you’re having breakfast.

Silver Creek Kitchen

We love the stripped back simplicity of this kitchen in Silver Creek, New York. The utilitarian sink basin and zinc panel below the window shouldn’t work with the glowing jar lights and the elegant white cupboards, but they do! The bare window also helps to open up the kitchen. 

Small Kitchen With Breakfast Bar

This log cabin kitchen is found in the aptly named Little Red Hen Cabin in Texas. We love the mix of modern and traditional here.

The clean white walls compliment the retro chairs perfectly, and we adore the elevated breakfast bar and the cozy seating arrangements, which really help to save on space while remaining charming

Red Cedar Breakfast Bar

We’re just going to zone in on this cedar breakfast bar for a minute because it’s gorgeous, minimal, unfussy and something you could easily incorporate into your log cabin! It compliments the white walls and simple stools with black iron legs perfectly. 

White Christmas Kitchen

We’re returning to another Christmasy log cabin kitchen. Bright, white cupboards really do help to open up your kitchen, and black furnishings such as the monochrome stools help to make this kitchen look sleek as well as cozy.

The fluffy white rug adds another layer of charm, and having a centerpiece in your kitchen such as a wood burner really ties the room together. 

Gorgeous Gray Kitchen

Rustic meets chic with this gorgeous gray kitchen. There’s a certain Scandinavian vibe to this kitchen, with the muted furnishings and modern gray cupboards. We love the storage space under the kitchen bar, as well as the plush charcoal stool that matches the candles.

We also have to mention the floral blinds that bring more of a traditional, quaint charm to the kitchen.  

Log Cabin Kitchen With Credenza

Everyone loves a good credenza. Not only are they an excellent option for storing your dishware, but credenzas with glass windows like this one really let you show off your more beautiful, decorative china.

We love the modern, sleek units in a chic mushroom shade, paired with the small, bright red cupboard. It’s a combination that really stands out against the wood paneling! This kitchen also gets extra points for the rug that picks up the kitchen’s colors.

Log Cabin Kitchen With Low Roof

Maybe not ideal for tall cabin-dwellers, but this log cabin kitchen with a low roof makes for one cozy kitchen! We like how the roof is also at a bit of an angle. It just makes the whole room look more interesting! We also love the paired back, utilitarian look and the small spotlights. 

Quirky Log Cabin Kitchen

Another log cabin kitchen full of character, we can imagine some brilliant, kooky inventor living in this log cabin and bustling around this kitchen!

The rugged wood flooring and the almost gnarled look of some cupboards give this kitchen a primitive vibe, but the grand white and brass stove has an industrial feel. But what makes this quirky kitchen even more intriguing is the light above the sink. See how it’s snaked around one of the beams? 

Ruby Red Kitchen

Folks in Montana sure know how to design a good space-saving kitchen! The vibrant ruby red shade of the cupboards provides a striking, effective contrast to the black stone counters and window casings, and we love the breakfast bar made from a thick copper-wrapped board affixed with brackets.

Who wouldn’t want to enjoy breakfast looking out over the beautiful Montana countryside, after all? We also love how the copper breakfast bar adds a touch of elegance and matches the low-hanging copper lights above.

Monochrome Paneled Kitchen

There are a couple of things that take this traditional log cabin kitchen from good to fantastic. First, we love how the rugged aspects of this kitchen such as the dark wood flooring and the distressed rug compliment the more modern and elegant duck egg blue cupboards.

But what we’re really intrigued by is how the traditional wood paneling found in most wood cabins is elevated with this monochromatic wall. Not only is it beautifully quirky, but the contrasting light and dark wood opens up the kitchen perfectly. 

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