20 Space Saving Log Cabin Interiors

Whether it’s used as your permanent residence or a holiday get-away, your log cabin should offer you everything you need and more to feel at home.

But if you’re trying to save space and make the most of your cozy nest then we have some great tips for you. 

From making the most of your cabin’s quirky features to choosing the right kind of furniture for your space, read on to find out how you make the most of your cabin’s square footage.

1. Window Seats

Window Seats
Source: https://loghome.com/

Window seats not only offer an alternative cozy area for reading or chilling, but they also provide you with additional storage.

By adding drawers underneath the seat, you’ll be able to neatly pack away anything that you don’t need. If the seat is big enough, you can also use it as another sleeping area for any visitors and guests.  

2. Built-in bunk beds

Built-in bunk beds
Source: https://pinterest.com/

Built-in bunk beds are a perfect way to create more floor space in any cabin. These styles of beds can also provide you with extra underneath storage as well extra shelving between each bunk.

With ladders to get in and out of each bunk, these beds really are a space saver.  

3. Tall bookcases

Tall bookcases
Source: https://coffeenuts.tumblr.com/

A tall bookshelf is perfect for making use of a small space. They offer a storage solution and allow you to organize your belongings easily while only taking up small square footage in your room. 

A tall bookshelf will also make your room feel bigger thanks to its large size, so be sure to invest in one that reaches from floor to ceiling.

4. Under Stair Storage

Under Stair Storage
Source: https://elmueble.com/

If you have a hollow space under your stairs, you can utilize this area by turning it into storage.

Whether it’s a drawer feature, a small study, or rows of shelves under each stair, this area is the perfect place to add a unique and useful feature to your log cabin.

5. Loft Space

Loft Space
Source: https://futuristarchitecture.com/

Loft space is ideal for creating either a small cozy bedroom or an extra living area. You can also utilize the space in the eaves by building bespoke storage units.

If you are lucky enough to have very high ceilings, adding a mezzanine level allows the space to remain open and free-slowing while providing you with an additional room.

6. Above Door/Window Shelving

Above Door/Window Shelving
Source: https://bigwoodtimberframes.com/

This is a great way of utilizing what would otherwise be dead space.

By adding a shelving unit to the area above a door or window, you can create another space to house your belongings. By adding box shelving, you can also use this area to store bigger, heavier items.

7. Wrap Around Bookshelf

Wrap Around Bookshelf
Source: https://inspirationsdeco.blogspot.fr/

The top half of a room is usually a forgotten space, so a wrap-around bookshelf is a great idea to make the most of this area.

Whether for decorative or practical use, whatever you decorate the perimeter of your room with will no doubt add a lovely finishing touch to your cozy log cabin.

8. Headboard

Source: https://countryliving.com/

What more could you want than settling into bed and reaching above you to grab your favorite book?

Instead of taking up space on either side of the bed with tables, extending the shelving upwards from the headboard provides you plenty of storage and saves you that valuable floor space.

You can also purchase headboards with shelves built into either end, which is great for keeping things out of sight.

9. Dining Tables

Dining Tables
Source: https://lowes.com/

Dining tables can take up a lot of space, so investing in one that you can easily put away or fold down when not in use is a great space-saving option.

Extendable dining tables are a great choice if you regularly entertain guests, or a dining table that can be folded away and pushed against the wall is perfect for allowing more open space in your cabin.

Alternatively, you can also find some dining tables that offer storage and some even provide a space to pack away the dining chairs when not in use.

10. Breakfast Bar

Breakfast Bar
Source: https://texastinyhomes.com/

A breakfast bar is always a nice feature in any setting and doubling up the worktop counter as a place to eat your morning cereal offers you a versatile area and saves space.

With an overhang on one side, any stools or seats used can be neatly stored away so your floor space remains open.  

11. Kitchen Hooks

Kitchen Hooks
Source: https://flickr.com/

Using hooks throughout your cabin makes it easier to keep items off the floor and up high out of the way.

Whether they’re used in the kitchen for utensils, pots, and pans, or in the hallway for your coats, these little gems are a great way to keep your cabin organized and clutter-free.

12. Multifunctional Furniture

Multifunctional Furniture

By using multifunctional furniture you can reduce the number of pieces you need in a room. Whether there’s storage already built-in or the furniture has a double use, you can save space and clear any clutter thanks to its clever design.

These items, especially sofa beds, are perfect if you are a little short on space but want the option to accommodate more people.

13. Trunks for Storage and Coffee Tables

Trunks for storage and coffee tables
Source: https://theepochtimes.com/

Old trunks are a great addition to any room and as well as using them for storage, they can also double up as a small living room table, perfect for those days in front of the tv.

If you ever change the interior of your cabin, these trunks are versatile enough to fit into any style room, whether it’s your bedroom, living, or dining room.

14. Bathroom Storage

Bathroom Storage
Source: https://onekindesign.com/

By adding shelves to the wall at the end of your bath, you can neatly store away your favorite towels, toiletries, face masks, and more. This area isn’t normally used for storage, but a few wooden shelves can help transform it.

This idea works especially well if your room has a sloping or irregular shape ceiling, as you can add bespoke shelving to fully utilize the space

15. Nest Tables

Nest tables
Source: https://luxebytamara.com/

These styles of tables are fantastic for saving space as they can be neatly stacked away when not being used.

If you need more table space throughout the cabin, these can be easily moved around the cabin, but you can relax in the knowledge that when you’re finished with them, they can be put away and will only take up the space of one table.

16. Dedicate an Entire Wall

Dedicate an Entire Wall
Source: https://cabinforever.tumblr.com/

By dedicating an entire wall, from ceiling to floor, solely for storage, you can create a massive space to house all of your furnishings, products, and personal belongings.

With the one wall being utilized, this frees up space in the rest of the cabin and also allows you to know exactly where everything can be found.

17. Interior of Cabinet Doors

Interior of Cabinet Doors
Source: https://merillat.com/

If your cleaning products take up a lot of space, then we have the answer for you. By adding small baskets and containers to the inside of your kitchen cabinets, you can easily store these products out of sight, as well as keep them nicely organized.

But why stop at cleaning products? You can use this storage method for kitchen utensils, bathroom products, or anything that may need a new home.

18. Mirrors with Built-in Storage Behind them

Mirrors with built-in storage behind them
Source: https://eyefordesignlfd.blogspot.com/

Mirrors are a great way to bring light into any room, and if they have the added benefit of storage included, then they’re a perfect choice for those wanting to save on space.

The use of shelving behind the mirror gives you plenty of added space to hide away any personal items so they remain out of sight and help keep the cabin tidy and mess-free.

19. Stackable Washer & Dryer

Stackable Washer & Dryer
Source: https://placeofmytaste.com/

Stacking a washer and dryer can save you half the floor space you would otherwise normally use. Not only does this provide you with more room for extra storage, but it also means that these items can fit into a smaller room.

So if you have an odd-shaped area that you’re not quite sure what to do with, we think a small utility room would be a great idea! 

20. Sliding Doors

Sliding doors
Source: https://whiteshanty.com/

If you’re trying to make the most of your space, these doors are a great feature to incorporate into your cabin.

Instead of using the traditional swing doors which can sometimes make the space feel awkward and cluttered, these doors simply slide to the side, taking up no extra room at all and all the while looking stylish.

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