20 Space Saving Log Cabin Décor Ideas

If you are looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, take things a little more slowly, and enjoy a new way of living, then a log cabin can be an ideal choice.

Whether you are purchasing a second vacation home for weekend getaways or considering making a full-time change, the chances are that the log cabin you choose will be impacted by your budget – and this means you may end up with a slightly smaller unit.

Fortunately, there are a number of decor styles and designs that can help you to save space, hide clutter, and enjoy a soothing, relaxing getaway whenever you need to – all you have to do is pick the right decor! Read on for ideas and inspiration, and prepare to bring your dream cabin to life.

1. Wooden Log Cabin

Wooden Log Cabin
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Choosing a traditional look for your log cabin is great for those who are aiming to save space – the emphasis on wood will draw the eye away from any clutter, and the lines and textures of the material can be the perfect option for discreet, hidden cupboards and other types of storage.

Going for an all-wood look also means that a little extra stuff is part of the aesthetic, and so your space-saving solutions will not look out of place or crowded.

2. Lakehouse Chic

Lakehouse Chic
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When we think of lakehouse cabins, the image that comes to mind is one of bright, light colors, plenty of space and air, and a cheerful, airy finish that is guaranteed to feel much larger than it truly is. All of these factors combine to ensure that a lake house look is perfect for helping you save space in your log cabin.

Focus on bright whites, wide, open windows, and natural wooden floors to draw the eye away from storage solutions, and really open up the space – no matter how limited it may truly be!

3. The Traditional Look

The Traditional Look
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For something a little different, why not opt for a classic, elegant design, offering a touch of sophistication and timelessness to the space? Use dark woods, fur accents, and tartan patterns to bring that “country hunting lodge” look to life – this can be particularly effective if you have a fireplace that can act as a central feature.

In these types of aesthetics, large trunks and heavy units are a common feature, so you can store your items and save space without compromising the design or atmosphere.

4. Stress-Free Summer

Stress-Free Summer
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Are you hankering for warmer climes, and wanting the chance to escape and enjoy summer all year round? Adding this type of decor to your log house is not only guaranteed to lift your mood, but it can also offer the perfect solution to your space-saving woes and worries.

Use bright colors and light woods to add sunshine to the space, and invest in quality rattan and wicker storage solutions – an adorable window seat can double up as a nifty space-saving solution, and nobody will ever be able to tell!

5. Keep It Neutral

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Another popular option for those looking to save space is a more neutral look. It is a known fact in interior design that lots of bright, clashing colors can be chaotic, and this can make it tricky to open up the room and use clever storage solutions.

By keeping things bright and neutral, you automatically help the space to look cleaner, larger, and neater, and this means that everything will feel that much larger and roomier without you having to put in much extra effort.

6. Bright and Patterned

Bright and Patterned
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As an alternative to neutrals, you can also go in totally the opposite direction, and opt for bright, strong colors. Choose one signature color to highlight – this can be a great way to disguise storage spaces – for example, coloring cupboard and closet doors in the same shade as the walls, or using a strong rug to distract from a storage unit.

7. Get Symmetrical

Get Symmetrical
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In some spaces, a symmetrical aesthetic is perfect for opening up a small space and using clever storage. The best idea here is to pick something strong for a focal point and then build around this by incorporating symmetrical items on either side.

This draws the eye in, allowing you to make the most of a small space and hide storage units up high – the viewer’s attention will be drawn away from this.

8. Embrace The Eclectic

Embrace The Eclectic
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Another great option is to look for a more eclectic cabin design, which makes the most of small decorative items and what some may call “clutter”. This is ideal if you have small things to be hidden away; you can use a cute crate or small, decorative box, which looks like part of the aesthetic.

This is great if you do not like things to look too “done” or polished, and lets you put your own spin on the traditional look.

9. Get Studious

Source: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/57913545187747832/

A study-style aesthetic is an ideal option if you want to make the most of small spaces, and allows you to use tall pieces of furniture such as tall bookshelves to draw the eye upwards – this will instantly help your ceilings to look higher and give you plenty of space to hide and store items.

This kind of look also goes well with a traditional log cabin look, and the end result can be super cozy!

10. Plant Paradise

Plant Paradise
Source: https://www.countryliving.com/remodeling-renovation/home-makeovers/how-to/g1226/expanding-a-cozy-log-cabin/

Why not take the chance to bring the outside in by using plants to fill your space? Not only does this add an incredible boho aesthetic to any space, but it is also an amazing way to open and brighten up any room, and is guaranteed to look incredible when paired with the natural wood of a log cabin.

Plants can also be an amazing way to disguise storage – everyone will be too distracted by your amazing indoor jungle!

11. Draw the Eye Down

Draw the Eye Down
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Another option for making the most of a small space is to draw the eye down and across by making the most of lots of rugs and floor coverings.

This is ideal for separating smaller spaces into different “sections” or areas, and means that the eye will be drawn out across the room, rather than up – this is amazing for allowing you to hide storage in unexpected places, and can help smaller rooms look more organized.

12. Pick A Focal Point

Pick A Focal Point
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If your space is narrow, you can make the most of limited storage by choosing a single, central focal point, such as a living room, set of couches, or stunning table.

Then, use this as the point from which everything else fans out – when viewers and visitors enter your space, their attention will be caught by the item you have chosen to showcase, allowing you to store items in clever spots around the room.

13. Built-in Bunks

Built-in Bunks
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A great idea for the bedroom is to build furniture, such as closets and beds, directly into the walls. Not only does this give you a quirky and unique aesthetic, but it is also an amazing way to free up valuable floor space – always appreciated when you are in a smaller cabin.

For the best results, try and build your furniture using the same wood as the rest of the cabin – this will help it to totally disappear and make the space look even larger.

14. Let Shelves Float

Let Shelves Float
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Shelves may seem simple, but they can be a great way to add storage quickly and easily, without taking up a lot of space on the floor. Floating shelves are ideal for this – you save wall space by eliminating brackets and can set groups of shelves together to display certain pieces or collections. For a smooth look, try and use shelves made from the same wood as the rest of your cabin.

15. Open Plan

Open Plan
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When you are in a small space, going open plan can feel counterintuitive – surely if all of your items are on display, then you will have nowhere to install smart storage?

The opposite can be true, however – hiding things in plain sight can be an ideal way to take attention away from them, and an open plan design will help the whole space to feel more open and welcoming, as well as feeling airier.

16. Use The Stairs

Use The Stairs
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One of the smartest ways we have seen to add storage to a small log cabin is to add storage to the staircase! Think about the structure of a staircase: it is essentially several blocks piled on top of one another, and these can be used to hide items, without taking up any extra room!

17. Let Doors Slide

Let Doors Slide
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Sliding doors are a smart space-saver, but they can also be used to double up by placing storage above. Because there is no need to leave clearance for the doors to open and close, you can add shelving units and other storage solutions above doorways for a subtle, easy storage solution.

18. Ceiling Storage

Ceiling Storage
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If all else fails, make the most of storage opportunities in the ceiling – rafters and beams can offer great and unexpected places to hide items, and you may even be able to hang things vertically, saving you precious space and adding a unique aesthetic!

19. Use Your Walls

Use Your Walls
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Make the most of your wall space to add a visual twist, enhance and maximize your storage options while freeing up floor space. Why not hang your utensils, grab a vertical shoe rack, or use clever solutions to allow you to store upwards, rather than outwards.

20. Highlight The Room

Highlight The Room
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If you have an awkward shaped room – embrace it! Make sure that you have furniture which nestles into the corners rather than cutting them off – this will help the room look larger, and ensure that you are making the most of every inch.

Final Thoughts

Log cabins can be a great way to escape the stress of modern life, get back to nature, and enjoy a new way of living. The best news? A small space does not have to hold you back – you can still make the most of your space with a variety of creative, unique aesthetics and decors.

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