20 Space Saving Log Cabin Bedrooms Ideas

So, you’re thinking about introducing a new log cabin into your life. Or, you’ve already got one secured. Either way, the inside interior of your dream cabin is something you’ve been planning for weeks, months even, right? 

However, did you get a bit ahead of yourself with the sizable furniture without entirely considering the storage space? I’m certainly guilty!

Don’t worry, here are some space-saving ideas specifically for the bedroom of your cabin. In small living spaces, the use of every space can make a huge difference, especially in the one room that’s one hundred percent your own, the bedroom.

There’s nothing worse than feeling cramped and overwhelmed in the room that’s meant to be your personal space, with ironically no space to move around at all. Good thing there’s plenty of ideas and inspirations to get you started at solving this issue!

1. Whole wall Storage Space

1. Whole wall Storage Space
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Whether it be for your bedroom, a child’s bedroom or, a guest/extra bedroom, floor-to-ceiling storage spaces utilize those usual spaces that don’t get used in homes and houses.

Wall storage doesn’t have to include the use of a bed necessarily, but it’s a good example of combining comfort and usability with storage.

2. Multiple Ladders

Multiple Ladders
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The use of ladders in bedrooms, especially including more than one child, is the perfect idea for utilizing storage. The element not only makes use of rooms with higher ceilings and narrow space, but it is fun for children as well!

There’s no better way to tire a child out than by making their bedroom into a playground. Also, ladders can be tied into personal aesthetics extremely well in log cabins so may as well go nuts, right. 

3. Bunk Beds Are The Way To Go

Bunk Beds Are The Way To Go
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Multiple bunk beds in a guest bedroom, no matter the design or style, are perfect storage space savers. They’re miles easier and quicker to maintain than other beds whilst introducing a fun, quirky feature to your fun and quirky log cabin.

The more bunk beds, the more guests and sleeping space to enjoy family events or friendly get-togethers!

4. Use Those Mirrors

Use Those Mirrors
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Get using those mirrors to make the room look and feel larger! It may be a trick of the eye idea but every little added feature counts when decorating the bedroom of a log cabin.

Also if there’s an in-wall storage space that you don’t want to see, using mirrors to cover it is a two in one job! Any opportunity to work smarter and not harder should be utilized, it saves on stress and is more practical.

5. Headboards

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Headboards that double up as extra storage space or even a bookshelf are going to be your best friend. Plus, who doesn’t want to be able to reach behind them for their favorite book without having to stand up? If you’re a book lover, why haven’t you done this already?

Or if you’re a midnight snack lover, get using those drawers. The same principle, right?

6. Shelving and Hooks

Shelving and Hooks
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You’re going to want to get yourself some hooks and a set of screwdrivers because putting these on the walls will be like second nature to you.

It’s easy to install hanging storage, and is convenient for solving clothing pile issues! It’s also a way to feel and look more organized in a reduced labor costs kind of way. 

7. Interior Design Choices

Interior Design Choices
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It’s no secret that dark furniture can make any room look smaller and feel incredibly suffocating, so lighter, and safer decor and furniture are the way to go.

Choosing lighter colors such as white and pale yellows brings the bedroom out into a brighter world. Sticking to similar furnishings throughout keeps it uncluttered and simple.

8. Multipurpose Furniture

Multipurpose Furniture
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If your favorite chair and futon belong in the bedroom, use them as storage spaces! If you’re relaxed with your legs propped up on that, oh so useful futon that’s almost begging to be used as storage.

Grant the furniture’s wish! It’s satisfying knowing you get more than one use out of something. And the futon could be a useful storage place for books and blankets in winter so you don’t have to trek the entire cabin every time you get cold or sit down.

9. Multipurpose rooms

Multipurpose rooms
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Sometimes, the main bedroom is a wasted opportunity in terms of log cabin storage spaces. Sure, it’s used for sleeping in at night, but could you be getting more use out of it during the day?

That perfect, crisp clean main bedroom, could be doubled up as an office room during the day. Work during the day and sleep during the night. Only seems natural right?

10. Under The Stairs

Under The Stairs
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This is a top tip to make use of the bedroom, outside of the bedroom. Extra storage space for clothes is always appreciated, turning an awkward storage space under the stairs into a closet helps keep the clutter inside the bedroom to a minimum.

Not only does the physical clutter get sorted, but the mental one too. Out of sight, out of mind!

11. Under The Bed Storage

Under The Bed Storage
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That space under the bed isn’t just for playing hide and seek you know. You can save yourself the trouble of having a storage closet for sheets and blankets by making use of the storage space under the bed.

Or a side dresser or table can be replaced with something else at the same expense! All these smaller, simpler ideas add up in the end to an innovative storage conscious log cabin.

12. Open Shelving

Open Shelving
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Open shelving gives some useful storage space for books and candles and all those ornaments you want out, but not in the way. If it looks great, don’t be afraid to let it be seen.

There’s nothing better than a cozy feel and appearance to a log cabin.

13. Hanging Clothes Rail

Hanging Clothes Rail
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If a closed-door wardrobe or closet just isn’t working too well and is too bulky in the bedrooms, a hanging rail or rack may be worth a try.

Not only do rails enable easy access for getting dressed in the morning, but they also eliminate the extra air space that wardrobes tend to take up. Also, rails can be more picturesque if that’s the vibe you’re going for!

14. Closet Organising

Closet Organising
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Closet organizers are easily accessed in almost any hardware and home improvement store; they’re a simple shelving idea that goes a long way when organizing everything in bedrooms.

Something as simple as a few shelves in the closet that keep things separate makes a difference.

15. Floor Storage

Floor Storage

Hidden storage can be a lifesaver in log cabins, and if burrowing into the ground is something you’re up for, I’m glad to tell you it’s easier than you’d think. Just make sure it’s not somewhere that gets used much!

16. Give use to that unused space

Give use to that unused space
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Every home, house, and cabin has got that one space in the bedroom that just doesn’t seem to fit right.

It ends up being a waste of space due to this, but a little creative thinking and curiosity could turn it into utilized shelving or bookcases. Get creative!

17. Wall Lighting

Wall Lightin
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Can the bulky decorative lamps and light shades be replaced as inner wall lighting?

That space where a rather beautiful but cluttering lamp is situated could be utilized better and the lamp elsewhere, with inner wall lights replacing its use in the bedroom. Air space can get surprisingly cluttered!

18. Try not to be too precious

Try not to be too precious
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When creating the perfect home likeness in a log cabin, it can be so easy to get wrapped up in perfections and ideas that could be limiting the cabin and the bedroom’s potential.

Try not to be afraid of accidents and failures where innovative ideas are involved. When creating space, the more trying and testing you do, the closer to the perfect log cabin.

19. Minimalism

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This may seem like an obvious solution, but keeping the furniture to a minimum, especially in bedrooms can make or break you.

If one or two pieces of main bedroom storage space furniture are utilized to the max, it’ll pay off in the long run!

20. Elevated Features

Elevated Features
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If something can be elevated in the top corner of the bedroom, for example. Do it! Rather than having a television at the end of the bed, wouldn’t the corner of the room waste less space? The end of the bed can be used as extra storage space as a result. 

Final Thoughts

To conclude, don’t be afraid to try anything and everything when it comes to space-saving in your log cabin bedrooms. An idea is still an idea at the end of the day and is worth trying to see if it works for you. No idea is too small or too large!

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