20 Space Saving Log Cabin Bathrooms Ideas

When renovating a log cabin or small home, some areas can get easily overlooked and forgotten about throughout the journey. The bathroom is no exception to this and nine times out of ten, is the most neglected room of the cabin.

The bathroom is something we want impeccably clean and polished, however can clutter up mess faster than any other room. Choosing to put the bathroom aside and focus on another room is easier, but it doesn’t eliminate the problem.

Fear not, for all solutions to this problem can be solved!

1. Sink Unit Cupboards

Sink Unit Cupboards
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As much as a simple sink can be installed and labeled as job done, sink unit cupboards are not only sleeker in style, but are extremely space-saving. It’s a shame to miss out on both these qualities, so make the wiser choice!

Storage space elsewhere in the bathroom can be used more efficiently visually, whilst possessions you don’t necessarily want or need to see are stored away under the sink.

2. Cabinets With Mirrors

Cabinets With Mirrors
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Don’t waste a two-in-one opportunity to create extra storage space above the sink, mirrors create extra space in bathrooms too.

Mirrors open up an enclosed space and may act as a placebo effect, but if it works, so be it! If something works, don’t question it, right? 

3. The More Mirrors The Better

The More Mirrors The Better
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Mirrors are your new best friend okay? Especially if the bathroom in your log cabin is restricting in size and has limited storage space.

Preferably pick something similar in length to the sink or cabinet it’s going to be placed above. Symmetry equals aesthetically pleasing features.

4. Elevated BathTub

Elevated BathTub
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Installing a bathtub above ground level where storage can be used well either underneath it or around it is a smart way to go.

Not only does this provide a more personal element to your design choices, but it separates the bathtub from the remainder of the storage space in the bathroom. This could visually de-clutter the room!

5. Breaking Into Below Ground Level

Breaking Into Below Ground Level
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Bouncing off the previous idea suggestion, if breaking into the underground layer of the log cabin works better for you, then who am I to stop you?

This may be a more unorthodox option where a little more effort may be required, but the results will most definitely pay off. Air space is surprisingly easy to clutter, so don’t feel afraid of taking a little frustration out on the floor!

6. Sink Bowls

Sink Bowls
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Why not get a little rustic with the style choices of your log cabin’s bathroom? A sink bowl may not be what everybody wants, but it’s unique in the sense of individuality and creates a vintage feel that compliments log cabins well.

The storage space around the sink can be used better this way and the bowl is minimalist whilst maintaining a strong character. It speaks for itself.

7. Shower Rooms

Shower Rooms
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Can you combine a shower room with smart seat storage ideas? You tell me with a shower room designed specifically for comfort and storage-saving compartments.

More often than not, at least one wall is wasted on a shower because of its purpose, so why not create a seating area to store bathroom products at easy access.

8. Toilet In A Shower?

Toilet In A Shower
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This may not be everyone’s favorite idea, but it’s certainly space-saving storage in a log cabin limiting space bathroom.

If we split a bathroom into a few main sections, the shower, the sink, the toilet, and the storage cupboard. Half of these things can be combined into one storage-saving facility. You do the math.

9. Window Storage

Window Storage
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Those windows in the bathroom aren’t just for letting in light, you know. Using the window sills to display products that otherwise would be placed elsewhere in the bathroom is a small idea, but a forward-thinking one.

Especially if it can be hidden behind a hanging set of blinds or window netting. 

10. Hanging Storage Rails

Hanging Storage Rails
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The bathroom space can be extremely limiting, why not make it easier on yourself by hanging as many towels and robes above ground level as possible.

Taking clutter away from feet level can make more of a difference than you think! Floor space is just as important as air space.

11. Use Those Corners

Use Those Corners
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When planning the interior for the bathroom, the corners can very quickly get left behind in thought, but the corners are the most important section!

Creating a cornered bath or cabinet is more visually pleasing and immediately makes better use of the space you’ve got. If you can do it, then why not?

12. Washing Machines And Tumble Dryers

 Washing Machines And Tumble Dryers
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Incorporating washing machines and drier facilities into the bathroom isn’t the most common practice. However, if it creates room elsewhere whilst filling up space in the bathroom that just couldn’t be used well, then go for it.

Just because most log cabin owners don’t use their facilities in this way doesn’t mean you can’t. Be the first to do something innovative!

13. Toilet Paper Storage

Toilet Paper Storage
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Whilst most people store their toilet paper beside the toilet or above it, using the wall space on the above and surrounding walls frees up the leg space by the toilet.

It’s a small alteration, but if it works to make the bathroom feel less busy and tidier, then this space-saving log cabin hack is worth thinking about.

14. Bath and Shower Combo

Bath and Shower Combo
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This may seem like an obvious choice, however,  in a bathroom that has little storage space available, choosing to install a shower/bath instead of both as separate, is a lifesaver. It makes cleaning simpler and more time effective too.

15.Smart Storage cupboards

Smart Storage cupboards
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A surprisingly large amount of space is never used above the place a toilet is installed. It’s either blank space or used for decorative art. Both of these are useful for decor, however, do they save space in a log cabin? Not so much.

If a storage cupboard can work above a toilet, then bathroom products can be stored smarter. Also, there’s nothing worse than needing toilet paper that’s stored out of reach.

16. Multipurpose Shower/Storage

Multipurpose Shower/Storage
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Sliding in a useful storage compartment behind the shower for example in the bathroom of a log cabin is as smart as it gets.

Those ten or so inches of space removed from the shower space, save the remainder of air clutter in the overall bathroom. It’s a small sacrifice for a long cause. 

17. Sink Slabs

Sink Slabs
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Got an extra concrete, stone, or marble slab hanging around from constructing the log cabin? Why not put it to use as a sink alternative.

This simple decision gives your homely log cabin bathroom more character as well as keeps the space below the sink free. 

18. Windows and Dark Furniture

Windows and Dark Furniture
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This may seem like an easy one but keep the color theme light. There’s nothing worse than a darkly decorated and furnished bathroom when storage space is limited.

And if the only window in the bathroom is smaller than average then that makes matters worse. Stick to light, easy on the eyes, furniture! That small window won’t be needed as much when the room doesn’t need as much light anyways.

19. Lighting is Everything

 Lighting is Everything
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There’s no use bulking up the bathroom with lamps and light shades that aren’t needed. A bathroom should be simple and clean-cut, right? Keep the fancy, decorative lamps for other rooms where you can enjoy them more!

If you must use decorative lamps to keep to the aesthetic of the log cabin, then consider keeping smaller ones or reconsider their placement in the cabin. 

20. Plants And Lots Of Them

Plants And Lots Of Them
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Plants and flowers can bring a room to life, so why not bring the bathroom to life with your favorite plants! Even small succulents have been proven to create a certain mind-clearing feeling.

They’re natural air fresheners, and to keep your log cabin bathroom mentally clear, they’re perfect. No one’s noticing the storage problems when a bathroom is looking as nice as yours.

Final Thoughts

A little goes a long way when maintaining a simple storage-saving approach in a log cabin bathroom. Try not to overthink it too much. The smallest ideas all build up into one storage-saving idea that is one hundred percent worth your time and effort.

Some of these ideas will have you patting yourself on the back when you’ve got less to do in the future on your log cabin. So take some with you!

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