20 Must-Visit Log Cabin Shops

There’s nothing worse than spending months planning your perfect log cabin design, only to discover the log cabin shop has less stock or appeal than your garden shed. Without the right cabin retailer, your dreamy idyllic vision can quickly become an utter nightmare.

20 Must-Visit Log Cabin Shops

Furthermore, concerns over cost often prevent people from pursuing their log cabin dream. However, building a log cabin doesn’t need to be pricey. We have discovered America’s best log cabin shops, to suit every budget and style.

Make sure you keep your dream alive. Here is some essential reading to help you achieve a log cabin of sheer magnificence. Discover 20 must-visit log cabin shops that are certain to wow, inspire, and fulfil every log cabin whim imaginable.

1. American Log Homes

Living the American dream is accessible with the help of hugely popular U.S company, American Log Homes. Combining affordability, flexibility and extensive experience makes this a much sought-after retailer.

Here you can purchase log home kits. This means that you have control over how much work you choose to do.

Also, you decide which contractors to work with. American Log Homes kits can even be customized to ensure the end result will perfectly reflect your vision.

2. True North Log Homes

Feast your eyes on the best engineered log homes…in the world. The multi-award-winning company grew from a family business into an international success.

Advanced technology, dedication, and a commitment to providing unrivalled log systems puts this company in a league of its own. With a huge array of designs available, including Aspen, Blackstone, and Citadel (to name a few), their log cabins are a wonder to behold.

3. Beaver Mountains Log & Cedar Homes

Visit Beaver Mountains Log & Cedar Homes and you can expect to be greeted with sheer indulgence and luxury. Revered for building one-of-a-kind homes that flourish from the customer’s imagination, these cabins are truly unique.

Their log, timber and cedar framed homes draw maximum wow-factor and jaw-dropping designs. It is impossible to not fall in love.

4. Canada’s Log & Wood Home Store

If you live anywhere in Canada and you want to make your log cabin a reality, you are in luck. Canada’s Log & wood Home Store is the all-singing, all-dancing answer to your prayers.

Whether you want to build from scratch, or have already begun your home and need a little help; this builder directory is the one for you.

From building to maintaining and restoration this company is jam-packed full of everything you could possibly require. Brimming with user-friendly information, support and high-quality products, the Log & Wood Home Store ensures a seamless process to log cabin success.

5. Rocky Mountain Log Homes

You will discover one of the finest and most credible log home manufacturers in Montana’s Bitterroot Valley. Their must-visit collection of builds feels like you are gazing upon works of art. Basically, Rocky Mountain produces movie-worthy builds you will always love.

6. Golden Eagle Log And Timber Homes

The Golden Eagle Log and Timber Homes are one of the leading log and timber frame manufacturers in North America.

Their 8,000 sq. ft showroom is on hand to showcase prospective customers exactly what log cabin joys await. This iconic company specializes in high-end homes, custom packages and superior craftsmanship to cater for your every possible desire. The Golden Eagle is a must-visit log home shop on everyone’s radar.

7. Hearthstone Homes

Can’t decide between an historic or modern log home style? If so, take a look at Hearthstone Homes. Delivering exquisite, stunning designs brimming with beautiful details, this log cabin manufacturer is well-worth a visit.

You can expect a breathtaking display of hand hewn, Dovetail corners and chinking features that demonstrate their signature Timberland collection.

8. Fairview Log Homes

Ohio is home to one of the most outstanding log cabin stores you will find. This business fuses extensive experience with an unwavering commitment to help you achieve your dream build.

Better yet, you can be involved in the design phase and then simply relax and watch as your fantasy home comes to life. Perfection.

9. Strongwood Log Homes

The special thing about the Strongwood company is their ability to make you feel like a part of their family. You are involved from the outset.

This enables optimal creativity and a unified mission to achieve the best cabins (and happiest customers). Strongwood’s interactive design approach and custom building experience delivers unrivalled results every time.

10. Wildwood Log Homes

Decades of mastering the log and rustic home construction trade has afforded this company huge kudos. Wildwood Log Homes has thought of and provides just about anything log cabin related.

Should you want a gallon of stain or a complete log home kit, this company has it all. Their high standards for excellence and value earns Wildwood homes ever-growing popularity.

11. Katahdin Cedar Log Homes

Katahdin’s uniqueness lies in their materials. They use only Northern White Cedar. This wood offers a natural next-level protection against insects, has low moisture content, and sustainability.

Their award-winning in-house design team, 25-year guarantee and superior craftsmanship skills makes them a must-visit store.

12. Blue Ridge Log Cabins

Blue Ridge is one of the fastest growing log cabin construction companies. Soaring in popularity, they have a 110,000 sq ft facility in South Carolina. Revered for providing the most economical log homes and also the best log homes by HGTV puts this superpower business on the must-visit list.

13. Appalachian Log Homes

This company’s distinctive log home and rustic cabins are a must-see for anyone who loves the traditional, old-fashioned designs.

Appalachian offers a selection of beautiful builds that combine energy efficiency, livability and ultimate comfort. This business produces incredible log and timber home packages and an unbeatable service.

14. Sierra Log And Timber

Customers throughout America have the privilege of accessing the eloquent beauty of Californian log and timber homes. Whether your preference is to create a custom design or choose from their spectacular floor plans, you will be blown away by their engineering genius and next-level innovations.

15. Stone Mill Log And Timber Homes

Stone Mill has created some of the most eye-catching traditional log and timber homes around.

Their vast experience and expertise, together with an unwavering loyalty to their customers is demonstrated in the sheer magnificence of their builds. If you cherish tradition and culture, Stone Mill should be on your ‘to-do’ list.

16. Satterwhite Log Homes

You cannot venture far without stumbling across a Satterwhite home. The Texan business is admired globally for its sustainable approach to log cabin construction.

By only using trees that have died naturally and left to dry over time, Satterwhite cabins do not succumb to issues found from cutting down living trees. Satterwhite’s commitment to sustainability, unique designs and expertise put them high up on the wall of fame.

17. Newton Custom Homes

Should you yearn for a family oriented business to take care of your log cabin goals, this modest Texan family run company is worth their weight in gold.

Hardworking, dedicated and focused on bringing your log cabin dreams to life, Newton Custom Homes are a business people trust. This company is getting rave reviews for its high quality materials, expertise, and honest approach.

18. Southland Log Homes

Southland’s home page states, ‘Escape the Ordinary.’ This headline is bang on the money, for Southland;s designs are all about innovation and extraordinary builds.

Check out America’s most award-winning designer and biggest manufacturer of log cabin kits and homes. Think creative masterpieces, buckets of luxury, and ‘eyes on sticks’ amazement.

19. Gastineau Log Homes

Gastineau Log Homes are leaders in the log cabin game. Providing the finest oak, meeting every budget, and delivering world-class customer service gives them the edge above so many others in the industry.

For amazing, must-have cabins you will love forever more, we recommend you visit Gatineau.

20. Mountain State Log Homes

Don’t let affordability get in the way of something you want. There is always a way – and with the help of Mountain State Log Homes, your log cabin dream may soon be a reality.

After all, having somewhere to relax and unwind is essential for maintaining well-being. This must-visit company will help you achieve those priceless moments of peace. Ther goal is to help you to find beautiful and affordable homes. We salute you.

To Sum Up

Having read this, we defy anyone to not be picturing themselves relaxing in a log cabin luxury.

As you can see, their soaring popularity has enabled the log cabin dream to be accessible to many. There is a huge range of choices and designs to suit every budget and style. A log cabin may just be the way forward to your future, more peaceful existence.

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