20 Interesting Tiny Houses on Wheels

There’s something truly interesting and unique about tiny houses, especially tiny houses on wheels. Think of having a home for your own, that you can take with you anywhere. What’s not to love? 

You can make the space truly unique and wake up to a different horizon each day. A tiny house can still provide ample living space and these houses below with their interesting design solutions are no exception. 

This list will show 20 of the most interesting tiny houses on wheels the world has to offer. They come in all shapes and sizes and are all special in their own way. 



This tiny house is a magnolia and black, modern design. It deceives the eye with its three bedrooms and open living space interior. It is made from cedar and steel and is heavily insulated to make it very efficient in all weathers.

It has cozy bathroom and kitchen spaces and tonnes of storage built into the stairs and spaces.

Carrie & Dan’s 28’x10’ Tiny Home

Carrie & Dan’s 28’x10’ Tiny Home

This tiny house on wheels has a beautiful teal and yellow theme, complemented by the choice of timber. It is light and spacious owing to the cleverly places windows and glass door.

It even has a warm and cozy log burner for the colder months and climates. It is a home full of fauna and little storage nooks. There is even a bath for added homely comforts.

Matthew Hoffman’s Living Vehicle


Something different, this tiny home is built completely from aluminum on the outside. This strays away from the seemingly traditional timber design patterns. Inside keeps up the theme with metallic colors and white interior features. It is even eco-friendly as it has integrated solar panels.

Avi Duckor-Jones’ Tiny Home

Avi Duckor-Jones’ Tiny Home

This tiny house on wheels features a dark wood exterior. It has space for a loft bed, which acts as the bedroom space. There is a small kitchen and a comfortable living space. It has interesting french doors that provide light and a smooth transition to the outdoors. Wherever you end up in this house on wheels, you can feel a part of the natural environment.

Marie Pourcel’s Tiny Home


This entry is a truly unique space. The different features have eclectic origins, including windows from structures broken after an earthquake. It was a thrift project and all the aspects are pre-loved. It has a small but inviting living space and a snug sleeping area with a surprisingly big bed and even some upstairs storage for a more organized, personal touch.

Evergreen Tiny Homes


A stunning feature of this tiny house is the glass room at the end of the abode. This is a space where you can enjoy being at peace with the nature around you, but can still be protected from the elements. It has a classic, wooden interior with a separate dining and living space. There are wooden stairs leading to an inviting sleeping space.

Erin’s Tiny Home


The first striking feature of this tiny house on wheels is the bright blue front door. It stands out from the darker wood and black framed windows. The downstairs space is fluid and runs from one space to another from the kitchen to the chill zone. There is even a lovely, warm fire detail just to add to the overall coziness. 

Rocky Tiny House


This is a slimline, tiny home. It has a striking staircase, which doubles up as extra storage cupboards,  leading up to a large bed. The kitchen area is black-themed with dark wood and complements the smaller space nicely. There is a well-placed U-shaped sofa seating area, which also has tucked-away storage. 

Edwin & Clara’s Tiny Home


The main theme of this tiny house is wood. It has wooden ceiling hangers for plants and another decor, making it extremely homely. There is space for a hammock to hang down too! The dining area is a breakfast bar-style counter which has the added bonus of a window that opens outwards to let in the environment. 

Lisa’s Tiny Home


This wooden home with brown framed windows has a larger kitchen than previous tiny homes. Though it is joined into the main living space, there is ample opportunity for cooking and hosting. There are a few separate sleeping areas and the theme of the decor throughout is neutral and natural. 

Amata Tiny Home


Green and gray are the colors that dominate this tiny house on wheels. This carries on throughout the property and creates a classy and simple space. It has a large, farmhouse sink feature in the kitchen area and plenty of storage cabinets. There are two separate upstairs sleeping areas completely apart from one another. It looks like a great space for hosting. There are quite a few windows to give the illusion of a larger space and provide ample light. 

Dolly’s Tiny Home


This tiny house on wheels is very interesting. It is full of eye-catching decors such as luscious plants all around and macrame decorative features. It has some bigger storage cupboards than previous tiny homes and two individual sleeping zones. Each bedroom has its own set of stairs and own storage spaces too. The white framed glass paneled french doors really give it an inviting warmth and create special vistas. They match nicely with the white and pine interior. 

John & Fin’s Tiny Home


Red and white are the color scheme for this intriguing tiny house on wheels. It has a front wall that doubles up as a window to open up fully into the elements. Imagine eating breakfast at one with nature. A decking area outside, complete with exterior lighting, adds to the feeling of peace. With a kitchen, bathroom, and sleeping space, this house has everything you need. There is an exterior ladder to lead up to a roof area, where you could sit and watch the stars. It is an endearingly higgledy-piggledy home space.  

Koleliba Tiny Home


The most fun part about this tiny house on wheels has to be the decking area with space for entertaining and relaxing. It has a large, glass door that opens up fully to extend the living space outside. Though it only has a small kitchen, the downstairs is homely and appealing. 

Tiny House on a Trailer


The green stained, tall wooden panels that cover the exterior are a bold look that gives the impression of space and comfort. There is a large, walk-in shower area with white tiles all around. This makes it easy to maintain and clean. There is storage in unassuming places, such as several drawers under the seating area in the living space. To top it off, there is a beautiful and perfectly sized farmhouse style sink in the kitchen. 

Oasis Tiny House


A blue and white, cute as a button tiny home on wheels. You would never think from looking at the outside that inside there are a bathroom, kitchen, dining space, living space, and bedroom! This house has a shower, and an enchanting circle shaped window to create light and atmosphere. 

Tiny Timber House on Wheels


The most eye catching feature of this tiny house on wheels is the tall, open pine ladder leading to an upstairs area. It also has a stand alone bath, which is not a common feature, to really set it apart from other models. There is a low-key log burner for cozy nights and a vast upstairs area for sleeping and storage. 

Dolly Rubiano’s Tiny House


Double french doors, white and oak wooden features, two sleeping spaces, and even a walk-in closet. These are just a selection of appealing attributes in this tiny house on wheels. There is a simple design clad on the outside of the house, white window frames, timber, and nature inspired green top panels.

Chris Marsh’s Tiny House

Chris Marsh’s Tiny Houses

This tiny house looks strikingly similar to a standard home with its triangular roof features and traditional front door. The hanging plants placed around the exterior add to that feeling of home. Inside there is a big staircase made from pine. They lead to a cute bedroom area. The house has spotlight ceiling lights to add to the warmth and brightness. The downstairs space runs smoothly from dining to kitchen to living area.

Summit Tiny House

Summit Tiny House

A Tetris style house on wheels, with a black timber and pine exterior. This is one of the larger style, but still tiny, homes.  There are plenty of windows, so you don’t need to worry about letting in the light, and even a central, glass front door. This is another house with a bath for added home comfort. There are a lot of shelves in the various living spaces to help with small space storage problems.

The Final Thoughts

So there you have it! 20 interesting tiny houses on wheels, the top picks. They are all unique and bring their own special attributes. 

You may be easily deceived by the outward appearance, but the interiors of these tiny homes are consistently inviting and quirky. From ingenious storage solutions to innovative relaxing spaces, such as a hammock that hangs from the ceiling, it’s safe to say these tiny houses on wheels are definitely interesting! 

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