20 Interesting Tiny Cabin Homes

Today, the suburbs are subpar, the white picket fences are grey, and the American dream is, well, a bit of a nightmare. 

If the idea of living a minimalist lifestyle is calling your name – you’re not alone. Thousands of Americans are leaving their brick-and-mortar builds behind to jump on the tiny home trend. Why? Happiness and financial freedom. 

Looking for some inspo? Here’s a list of some of the cutest and most interesting tiny cabin homes we’ve found on the internet. 

1: Lebanon, Pennsylvania


First up, the Spearfish Cabin. This tiny cabin is only 280 square feet, but what it lacks in size, it certainly makes up for in charm. It’s also fully functional, featuring full beds, bunk beds, a kitchenette, and a bathroom. Plus, take a look at that view! You can take it all in on your very own enclosed porch, too. We’re obsessed. 

2: Monroe, Georgia


If you’re looking for something modern that’s still oozing with character, this cabin is the sweet spot. This 12×24 woodland cabin was once selling for less than $10,000 – yes, you heard that right!

These cabins are actually made by Project Small House, and they’re still available to order. (They’re also fully customizable – what more could you want?) With a real log porch and plenty of windows, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the view in style. 

3: Ontario, Canada


Ready to be amazed? Take a look at this. This stunning cabin was built entirely by hand. That’s right. It was built by an incredibly talented man named Shawn James, with no power tools, and using trees he felled himself. It features a fireplace, sleeping area, and storage space – perfect for that minimalist lifestyle.

4: Quebec, Canada


Imagine having everything you need in just 60 square feet? This tiny cabin just outside of Mont-Tremblant does just that. It features a stove, fridge, and other essentials, including sleeping space, living space, and an eco-friendly toilet. Plus, you definitely won’t be compromising on style with this one. This micro cabin truly blew us away. 

5: Happy Valley, North Carolina

5 Happy Valley, North Carolina

This tiny little cabin in North Carolina is the perfect getaway space. It boasts a loft-style design, a wood-burning stove, kitchen, and shower. What’s more, it’s situated in the middle of the woods next to an old creek. This micro cabin is available to book for short getaways, so if you want a feel for cabin life before you take the leap, get booking!

6: Jardanowski, Poland


This 7×5 tiny cabin house was built by Beaver House, and we absolutely love it. Just take a look at that stunning detail on the top balcony! This quirky cabin home is bursting with character, life, and a beautiful view to top it all off.

The ornate detailing is also featured on the inside of the cabin, and despite its small space, it still features an upstairs space, a heating system, and all other necessities. What more could you wish for?

7: Derbyshire, England


The Boulder Field Cabin tucked away in England’s peak district, is one of the most beautiful cabins we’ve ever seen. It’s a real hidden gem that features a wood-fired hot tub, which the owners brand the “shining light” of the property, breathtaking views over 15 acres of land, and plenty of rustic furnishings.

For privacy, peace, and a trip to remember, this cabin home is a must-see. 

8: Bayfield, Ontario, Canada


Modern and tiny with breathtaking views, this little cabin has it all. The Dashi Cabin is nestled within 75 acres of secluded forest, but it’s still only a five-minute drive from the nearest beach. The interior of this cabin is truly stunning – everything is modern, minimalist, and super cozy – you won’t even notice how small it is!

9: Ontario, Canada 


Ontario is certainly shaping up to be the best place to build a small cabin because here we are again with another stunning feature. The Franke-Mirzian Bunkhouse in Ontario is just 100 square feet, but don’t let that deter you. Just take a look at that design! It’s beautiful both inside and out. We adore it. 

10: Sipoo, Finland 


Behold: Nido. This cabin was built for just under $12,000 by designer Robin Falck, when he was just 19 years old. Nido has been standing for just over ten years, and it’s made entirely from locally sourced wood. It boasts a modern interior, a small heat fan, and functional living space and amenities. Nido is as beautiful as it is unique. 

11: Housatonic Meadows State Park, Massachusetts


This gorgeous little cabin is located on a farm, and it features a wood stove, sleeping area, small table, and a rustic interior. Everything is stripped back to the bare essentials (yes, that means no wifi, no running water, and you’ll have to use a port-a-potty), but if you want a truly minimalist experience with a cozy vibe, a stay in this tiny cabin home should be at the top of your list. 

12: Alps, Austria


If you love all things quirky, stop scrolling. Enter: the Ufogel cabin. This unique structure was built to look like it’s floating, and it’s made entirely from larch wood. While this looks like a tiny cabin from the outside, the inside is actually rather large – around 45 square meters. It’s not the smallest on our list, but if you’re looking for architecture that pushes boundaries, the Ufogel cabin is not to be missed. 

13: Velebit Mountain, Croatia


If you’re serious about downsizing, take notes. This is the Ždrilo Shelter in Croatia. It’s equipped with the bare minimum, like a bed and a stove, but the views are to die for. It sits (quite literally) on the Velebit Mountain, ideal for adventurers and thrill-seekers. Could a tiny cabin on a mountain be your next home?

14: Scotland, UK


The Birdwatchers Cabin is still tiny, but it’s slightly larger than our other little cabins. This one bed, one bath cabin is stunningly situated and even has some beautiful sea views on offer. If you’d love to have a more functional, modern cabin (aka WIFI and TV), this is a great one to take inspo from. 

15: Devon, England 


The Woodcutters Refuge in Devon is the epitome of small, simple, and stylish. It was built by Lifespace Cabins for their clients in the Devon countryside, and it boasts a simple, rustic design with an incredible interior.

With a full oak frame, wood burning stove, and quirky features made by the local blacksmith, this tiny cabin is everything.

16: Sarrayer, Switzerland 


Next up, we have this beautiful tiny cabin home in Switzerland. It was designed in 2007 by Rapin Saiz Architectes, and when we say it’s gorgeous, we mean it.

Despite its small size, it still has a living and kitchen space, several bedrooms, a wood stove, and plenty of windows. The interior is finished off with a stunning light oak coloring, and the views are heavenly. 

17: Whidbey Island, Washington


Now, THIS is tiny! Enter: the one-room cabin. This would be ideal for those who can cope living in a tiny living space. It was designed and built by Kim Hoelting, who says his designs work well as “home offices, guest cabins, and writer’s escapes.”

The cabin has a writing desk, bed, and storage drawers; however, the bathroom is housed inside a separate nearby barn. This means you won’t get *everything* you need with this one. Still, it’s an excellent design to take some inspiration from. 

18: Jasper, Texas 


This cabin, or ‘shabin’ as it’s called, is so unique, and we’re completely in love with it. This 14 x 32 tiny home is a shed to cabin conversion situated in Jasper, Texas.

It features a kitchen area, bathroom, living space, bedrooms, and a porch (albeit tiny), perfect if you want to kick back, relax, and enjoy the views.

All the windows are insulated, and there’s even waterproof flooring. What’s more, this was selling for under $50,000! Who can say no to a little home with that price tag?

19: Your Dream Location


This is an interesting one. Say hello to the Raven Mini. While the original house probably exists somewhere, Ravenhouse Design, who built it, hasn’t disclosed the location.

However, you can buy the plan from them and make this cabin wherever you want. Pretty cool, right? The cabin is 108 square feet, and it has multiple windows and a skylight, plus a 9 x 12 ground floor.

The blueprints are great value for money too, so it’s well worth checking this one out. 

20: Deep Creek Lake, Maryland


This tiny cabin is now being used as a rental – just look how gorgeous it is! The Moonshadow cabin features an antique green half door, a tin roof, and a beautiful little porch.

The owners of this cabin are also *big* on eco-friendly products, so the cabin boasts some cool features like bamboo worktops and light fixtures made by hand. If you want a peep inside a tiny home that balances the functional and the modern, take a trip to the Moonshadow. 

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