20 Interesting Timbercraft Tiny Homes

With so many stresses involved with modern life, it is hardly surprising that so many people are opting for tiny homes. These modern wonders allow you to throw away modern complications and essentially start again with a fresh slate. 

Timbercraft make a stunning array of tiny homes, offering their customers the option to live in a beautiful home with lower expenses than owning a full-sized houses.

While living with a more consumption-conscious mindset and the belief that ‘less is more’ is certainly a noble way of living, in reality the reduced expenses are what attract people to these kinds of alternative housing.

To this end, it is important to find the home that is ideal for you.

We have compiled a list of the models available from Timbercraft that are all great options for those looking for tiny homes, as well as other interesting tiny homes that have been built around the world.

Denali XL

20 Interesting Timbercraft Tiny Homes

The Denali XL is a gorgeous tiny house, offering 390sq ft of space with an overall length of 41 ft. This wonderful home is ANSI park model certified, allowing the lucky homeowners to park up in the most idyllic places.

The open plan kitchen is light and airy, packed with efficient storage solutions to allow you to live here in perfect comfort.

Denali Bunkhouse

20 Interesting Timbercraft Tiny Homes1

For those who need a little more upstairs space in their tiny home, the Denali Bunkhouse is a fantastic option. This tiny home has all the great features of the Denali XL, just with an added space upstairs.

Available in a variety of cladding colors and easily transported, this is a fantastic option for those who need to cater for a few more heads while on their adventures.

Denali Clerestory


Tiny home owners love their compact space but if you love the feeling of lofty rooms this is the tiny home for you. The multiple windows and skylights create the most wonderful ambiance for this single-story home but provide enough privacy for the bedroom on the mezzanine for tranquil security. 

This model features many of the design quirks of the two previous Denali models for a comfortable tiny home living but these high ceilings are bound to take your breath away.

37-39’ Denali

20 Interesting Timbercraft Tiny Homes2

The Denali 37’, pictured here with one of Timbercraft’s crafters, is a fantastic option for those who fear losing their precious kitchen space! This tiny home has been updated with pantry cupboards and a slightly wider range, and the many options for storage optimization are truly astounding.

The super cute cedar porch available with this model and a nice option for cladding colors certainly make this home something to aspire towards.



With its large upstairs space, perfect for a large bed with genius storage spaces, the Ridgewood is perfect for small families or for those who enjoy having their own space.  While more compact than other tiny homes from Timbercraft, this home still offers a full size refrigerator, dishwasher, and gas range. Surprisingly spacious pantry storage makes this the perfect option for someone who believes that the kitchen is the heart of the home. With this building, it really is!



Packing an unexpected two loft spaces and spacious downstairs area into this tiny home is certainly impressive, but the layout of this space never makes you feel cramped.

Its two-tone cladding and contrast dark trim really make this home stand out, and for all the right reasons. The sliding privacy doors and cute little storage nooks really make the most of the limited space, creating a cozy home that anyone would love to spend time in.


20 Interesting Timbercraft Tiny Homes3

Timbercraft’s Ynez is the best option for someone who is looking for a tiny tiny home. At just 150 sq ft, this home nevertheless packs in a small but functioning kitchen, bedroom loft, and other requisite facilities needed for a home.

All this and enough storage space for all your bits and pieces is surely enough to encourage you to take the plunge into modern tiny housing.

With the recent increase in popularity of the tiny house, Timbercraft homes are a great option for those in the market but are by no means the only manufacturers out there. Here are some more top favorites from other tiny home crafters to get you inspired.

Jewel Pearson

20 Interesting Timbercraft Tiny Homes4

Jewel Pearson began her downsizing journey in 2005, eventually creating her own gorgeous tiny home. The home is 28ft long and has been designed with a fire pit, porch, and enough seating indoor and out for all your entertaining needs.

Eye-catching Colors & Personalization

20 Interesting Timbercraft Tiny Homes5

This super cute home was built by an incredible power couple who regularly document their lives on their YouTube channel and have been interviewed by Good Morning America. 

Having recently been renovated, check out their vlogs for more details and how they did it, their beautiful home includes a porch for comfortable outside seating and dining. 

Picturesque and Perfect

20 Interesting Timbercraft Tiny Homes6

This cabin is surely the epitome of everyone’s perfect Christmas. This incredible cabin is close to Smuggles’ Notch, Vermont and is based on a common design for chalets in the mid-1930s. 

Tiny Houses That’ll Have You Trying to Move in ASAP

20 Interesting Timbercraft Tiny Homes7

If snow is not your thing but you still want a picturesque tiny home, look no further than this design from Port Orchard in Washington. 

Gorgeous Buildings Add Tons of Charm

20 Interesting Timbercraft Tiny Homes8

Think your picturesque tiny home would be more English country garden than a cabin in the woods? So did one artist in Minnesota who made this incredible tiny home and is surely the ultimate tiny home fantasy.

Greenhouse Inspired

20 Interesting Timbercraft Tiny Homes9

Made from rescued windows, this incredible tiny home is the pinnacle exercise in recycling and sustainable living. All this glass allows incredible light and helps keep the house warm, even during the most scenic snowy evenings.

Cindy Lou


Enjoy keeping your plants warm inside? This architecturally unique tiny home allows you to do just that while still enjoying enough room for functionality. The greenhouse also doubles to provide a more natural source of heat, keeping bills down.

22′ X 36′ Catskills Vintage Cabin

20 Interesting Timbercraft Tiny Homes10

Fancy the ultimate DIY project? This tiny home is for you! It can be built in a few weeks for less than $1,000 and some builders have used repurposed corrugated plastic for insulation and light. This allows for wonderful light in the cabin and gives good insulation, creating your perfect space unique to you.

Treehouse Your Kids Will Beg You To Build


This tiny home bridges the distance between treehouse and greenhouse, offering a living room, bedroom, and office space. This home is designed with a modern and spacious interior, perfect for someone who is a homebody.

Traditional Homes on a Tiny Home Scale

The brilliant thing about many tiny homes is that they are almost all customizable. If you want to go for a more traditional home, just on a much smaller scale, you absolutely can. 

California Tiny Home

20 Amazing Small Metal Building Homes1

This cute California tiny home does just that. Originally built as a gardener’s cottage for an estate, this cabin fits into the charming surrounding area of the Redlands, offering quaint escapism from the chaos of life in a metropolitan area. 

Love Country Farm Houses

20 Interesting Timbercraft Tiny Homes11

Love country farm houses but don’t love their size? Blogger Amanda Robinson has combined the best of both worlds and lives with her family in this Alberta tiny farmhouse.

By decorating with one accent colour and the same palette throughout, this tiny home feels spacious and not cramped by using genius storage techniques – essential for living with kids!



This tiny home treehouse cabin is available to rent for short stays, ideal if you fancy a quick getaway or would like to trial tiny home living. The cabin itself is made from repurposed windows and reclaimed wood, vamping up the shabby chic vibes of the space.

Eccentric Excellence


The Pequod Tiny Home, named after the ship in Moby Dick, is a true tiny home marvel, combining modern amenities with upscale design and materials.

A brilliant home design for those who want to make a statement, this tiny home is also ideal for those who like to be compact, measuring just 26 ft long. 

Final Thoughts

Owning a tiny home is a great option for those wanting to wipe the slate clean, and with so many super cute options available you are bound to find inspiration from one!

A tiny home gives you more time to live in the present, with fewer things or less ‘stuff’ around to complicate your life. That does not mean that you have no room for your things, and all of these interesting tiny homes offer great storage solutions. 

With fewer bills to pay and lower overheads, you can really spruce up the design, as demonstrated by these interesting tiny homes. The option of building your own is a common choice by tiny home builders, allowing for a fully customized home that is unique to your needs.

With so many benefits, tiny homes are certainly going to become more popular in the future so keep an eye out for new and interesting designs available soon.

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