20 Interesting Small Spanish Style Homes

If you’re from America, you’ll know that during the colonial period, parts of the country were ruled by Spain, such as Florida, California, and the South West. It goes without saying that Spanish culture is still seen as influential in some of these parts with Spanish-style architecture being no exception.

You will often see Spanish-style homes dotted around the country but the states where they are most prominent are Florida, California, New Mexico, and Arizona. What elements of a home are considered Spanish, you may be asking.

There are certain features of design that some homes influenced by Spanish culture have in common. Originally, some of these features were used to make homes cooler during hot environments, such as terracotta roofs and stucco walls. However, their aesthetically pleasing look have become staple details of this style.

There are certain exterior and interior features of the Spanish style. Some exterior features include; terracotta roofs, big open outdoor spaces, patio tiles, wrought iron banisters, and colorful tiles. You’ll also notice outdoor plants.

Some interior features include; visible wooden beams, decorative tiles, wooden finishing on doors, shelves, arched doorways, and windows. They also tend to be on one floor, commonly known as bungalows, making them slightly smaller than most traditional houses.

Whether you are looking to invest in a little Spanish getaway home or maybe you are looking to remodel your own home with a Spanish feel, we have picked out 20 interesting small Spanish homes for you.

1. California, Santa Barbara

This little home in Santa Barbara is bursting with Spanish style. Its terracotta roof and arched windows are signature features of Spanish-style architecture. Not to mention the outdoor space which is perfect for warm summer days.

2. Spanish Bungalow in San Francisco

This bungalow is rich in Spanish-style design. Another terracotta roof can be seen here, with a very warm beige color on the exterior. The two lanterns on each side of the door make this build all the more inviting. Its tiled walkway leads to some steps before the arched door and gives it a lovely aesthetic.

3. Rancho Drive Phoenix

Another build that features a terracotta roof is this bungalow in Phoenix. We can just feel the heat from looking at this photograph, so that terracotta roof will keep you nice and cool as its shape promotes airflow and prevents the roof from storing too much heat. An added bonus is that huge private drive!

4. Moon Valley Drive Phoenix

Another great property in Phoenix! Even your own private mailbox has a little terracotta roof. The greenery surrounding the exterior gives this a very Spanish look. Another large private drive with this property too!

5. Spanish Bungalow Windsor Hills, LA

This gorgeous little bungalow has a Spanish come Bohemian style to it. Its outdoor wooden beams are a typical feature of Spanish-style homes. The tiled steps outside are also very typical of these kinds of homes. The little arched windows and fireplace make this place all the more cozy.

6. Spanish Bungalow in San Jose

This bungalow in San Jose just screams cozy. Built in 1928, this tiny little home is all you could want. The aqua blue window frames against the white exterior really give this a unique look and Its interior follows the Spanish influence with dark wood flooring and a vintage-style wooden table and chairs.

7. Spanish Hacienda Echo Park, LA 

The term ‘hacienda’ usually refers to estates of significant size. They are also sometimes referred to when mentioning Spanish-style buildings. This little property in LA adopts this exact style, with an added little wooden gate to separate the property from the road.

Its dark wood doors and window frames add to the Spanish aesthetic and give it an extra wintery feel. Its outdoor area is full of outdoor plants, something that is very prominent in Spanish homes. Its interior adopts some bright blue tiles in the bathroom, giving it that extra quirky feel.

8. Spanish Bungalow in Fairfax

We have some more interesting tiling with this property. This little home adopts a very unique and brightly colored tile design outdoors, making this very aesthetically pleasing. Its interior also incorporates the Spanish influence with its dark wood furnishings.

9. California Cottage

This bright and airy little home in California just deserves to be on every interior design magazine out there. A unique touch is the blue-painted outlines of the windows and main door, giving the exterior some personality. Its vast outdoor garden gives anyone the opportunity to grow all kinds of plants and vegetables. 

The arched windows and door add to the Spanish aesthetic, along with the lanterns on the outside giving it a cozy feel. Its bright interior has a more modern twist to the Spanish style but it is still thriving with the influence. 

10. Spanish Colonia Home, California

What makes this Spanish colonial-style home stand out from the rest is its interior wooden beams on the ceiling, a very prominent feature of Spanish-style. Its dark furnishings on the interior also add to the Spanish aesthetic, along with its vast outdoor space which has its own fountain!

11. Hacienda Style Home California

Although this option is slightly bigger than the others mentioned, we could not ignore its beauty, especially at sunset, just look at that first photograph! With lovely outdoor space all set up with cozy benches to get lost in a book, this home has a rustic feel to it.

Its large outdoor area makes it the perfect place if you enjoy gardening. This home’s landscape design has also incorporated eco-friendly plantings by using drought-tolerant plants and California natives.

12. Spanish Style Hacienda Ranch

Although a larger home than other options, and with its own pool, this Spanish-style hacienda still only occupies one floor, making it a lovely size. Its outdoor aesthetic gives it a somewhat farmhouse vibe and its cobbled entryway along with its plants make it a lovely, inviting outdoor space.

Imagine being surrounded by that much greenery!

13. Spanish Bungalow, Pasadena

Here we have another bungalow on the list (they sure are popular with Spanish homes). Another option that is surrounded by trees and greenery, talk about a calm feel. This interior has adopted an old-fashioned Spanish influence to it, with dark furnishings and tiling on its floors. The different types of lamps giving it alternate lighting gives it a very cozy feel.

14. Spanish Style Ranch Home

This 1933 Spanish Hacienda is on the US National Register of Historic Places. Similar to the previous option, this interior also adopts a more old-fashioned style. The splash-back in the kitchen has a very interesting tiling design, one of the main features of Spanish influence.

Its wooden furnishings and two little kitchen windows with wooden frames give it a cottage feel and make it all the more welcoming. It also has a wooden beamed roof and a large outdoor area with plants all around. Very fitting of the Spanish culture indeed.

15. Spanish Bungalow, San Diego

This beautiful bungalow has a lovely exterior. Its terracotta roof being held up by columns made of pebble gives it a very unique feel. It has arched windows and an arched door, influenced by Spanish design. Its outdoor area shows off its lovely plants and flowers, making it all the more inviting. This is another property boasting off some lanterns on the exterior. 

16. Pasadena Spanish Bungalow

This Spanish bungalow in Pasadena, California, may not have arched windows and doors, but look at that stone walkway! Built in 1923, It boasts a big outdoor area with plenty of space to grow your own plants, vegetables you name it! Another terracotta roof can be seen here.

17. Spanish Sunset Cottage

Built in 1926 this gorgeous little bungalow is thriving with Spanish influence. From its several terracotta roofs, to the plants and vines growing on its outer walls, this little home would be a wonderful place for a getaway in the sun.

18. Classic Spanish Bungalow

Another cottage-style Spanish-influenced home is this little bungalow. Another wonderful outdoor area is displayed here with vast amounts of beautiful plants and flowers. Some outdoor steps lead to the front door inviting you into its cozy interior filled with character. It features a little dining room with an arched entryway. 

19. Spanish Style Home

This exterior has a darker color than most we have looked at, making the plants outside really stand out against it. It also gives it a more modern feel. The difference in color doesn’t take away the Spanish influence on it as we can see a blue tile pattern situated at the entry, which as we know by now is evident of the Spanish influence.

20. Santa Barbara House

This home, although not situated on one floor, appears to have a more narrow build. There is an outdoor gas fireplace to warm the outdoor seating area and It features some very interesting curved tiles on the outside with some vibrant colorful patterns. This build is quirky, to say the least!

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