20 Interesting Small Pole Barn Homes

Pole barns are underrated – there, we’ve said it!

They make building your very own home quick and easy, and with a bit of creativity and inspiration, they can look really cool too!

If you are thinking of building your very own pole barn home and you are in need of some inspiration, then we have got some really interesting designs that will definitely pique your interest. Here are 20 really interesting designs for 20 small pole barn homes to get those creative ideas flowing so you can make your pole barn home your very own.

1. Carriage House Aesthetic

A lot of pole barns are constructed to serve as carriage houses or garages – but who says that you can’t convert those buildings into amazing homes? This old barn garage has been turned into a cool home with a veranda – but why not take it a step further? Imagine turning those garage doors into a sliding glass door? Or install a wrap-around porch?

This is why pole barns are so amazing – you can really customize them to suit your needs and they have so much potential to make wonderful homes.

2. Cottage Aesthetic

Don’t be fooled! Looks can be deceiving. This building here is not actually a stone cottage but is a small pole barn! The architect behind this home utilized awesome outside cladding to make the barn look as if it was built from stone.

The wooden beans and deck add to this rustic look and suit the stone cladding perfectly. You too can use a similar design to combine the simplicity of a pole barn with the cute cottage-core aesthetic that is all the rage these days.

3. Outdoor Fireplace

Like we said earlier – you can really make a pole barn your very own. The designers involved in this amazing conversion decided to install a cool outside furnace with long benches so the owners can sit outside and enjoy the fresh air without catching a cold.

If you are thinking of having your own outdoor log fire, then why not build it into the side of your pole barn home? You could even extend the seating area to fit the whole family around this beautiful and unique fireplace so you can feel right at home.

4. Classic Wooden Barn

The architects behind this very small barn home decided to give their pole barn a classic old design that makes you feel right at home in rural America. The rustic wooden cladding is perfectly paired with the plant pots made from spare metal roof cladding to give this pole barn home a homely, down-to-earth atmosphere.

5. Spread Your Wings

Who said all pole barn homes had to be the same shape? The architects behind this pole barn building have added two smaller wings on either side of the barn, giving its owners more room to stretch out and wiggle around.

As pole barns are easy and quick to build, adding on an extra wing or two to give yourself some extra room shouldn’t be too much of a hassle! Imagine the potential this could have – how about a little sunroom attached to the side of your own pole barn home?

6. Log Cabin Aesthetic

If you love log cabins as well as pole barn homes, then why not try merging the two into one? The owners of this pole barn home built it to resemble a traditional log cabin by extending the roof and aff larger wooden beams to the outer veranda.

All of this plus the excess wooden materials used in this pole barn’s construction and design makes it look almost like a real log cabin – so it feels really cute and cosy on the outside just as it does on the inside!

7. Outside Dining

Extending the roof of your pole barn home can really make it feel bigger than it really is – and with the protective shelter this roof now provides, you can now come up with a cool way to utilize this sheltered space.

The owners of this pole barn home turned theirs into an outdoor eating area – but how about installing a hot tub? Or an open bar area? The choice is up to you!

8. Let There Be Light!

Although this pole barn home is a little too tall to be classed as ‘small’, the designers definitely had the right idea!

Lots of windows and natural light will help your small pole barn home feel a lot larger than it actually is so installing a lot of windows just like this home has is a super idea! And it doesn’t just stop at windows – how about skylights too?

9. Wrap Around Porch

Extend your home outwards with a traditional wrap around porch. This feature gives you way more space to relax outside and also some handy storage space too!

While your pole barn home may be a little on the small side, that doesn’t mean you have to lack for space or storage – make your own with a nice porch and some garden landscaping. You could hang a hammock up or have a nice dining set outside so you always have somewhere to sit outside and enjoy the fresh air.

10. Hit The Hay

This small pole barn home is really something – the architects kept its classic barn style while actually designing it to function as a barn and as a home! By making use of the high gabled roof, the architects managed to squeeze in two bedrooms upstairs – and left room for actual stable stalls downstairs!

If you really want to live close to your animals, then it’s still possible to fit everything in one small pole barn home – you just have to utilize all the space that is given to you, including the space above you!

11. Open Plan Dream

When it comes to the interior of your pole barn home, it is tempting to divide everything into small rooms but when you have such a limited space, why not make your home feel larger by using an open plan?

You can leave the beams exposed to make your home feel rustic and authentic, giving your home plenty of space and character.

12. Something Old, Something New

Who said you had to choose between traditional and modern styles for your home? Why not combine them both to give your home a completely unique look?

Using exposed traditional beams and stone wallpaper for your home’s interior features will make your home feel homey and welcoming, while modern features like a circular kitchen space and glass railing will also make your home feel cool and clean.

13. Stables Aesthetic

Pole barns are traditionally used for storing hay and animals, but while they do make amazing homes, why not let your pole barn home feel its roots and call back to its origins?

The owners of this pole barn home decided to incorporate elements from classic stables into their homes – including using a barrel as a sink basin, corrugated sheets of roofing as wall cladding, and bare wooden walls and frames for features. All of this combines to make a very rustic feel to this home – something you may be tempted to duplicate in your own pole barn home.

14. Wood – Wood Everywhere!

Most pole barns are made from wooden beams and foundations – so why not continue that throughout your home? Use wooden furniture and frames to decorate your home, and your home will feel incredibly homey and sturdy.

The owners of this pole barn home decided to build wooden bunk beds into the wall of their home, saving as much space as they could.

15. Upstairs Loft

Even if your pole barn home is rather small and not very long, there is no doubt that it is going to be pretty tall thanks to that gabled roof. A lot of pole barn home owners manage to squeeze a loft in that triangular space and utilize all the space they have by building upwards. It may be a bit of a squash, but it’s perfect if you need some guest rooms or an office in your pole barn home.

16. Let There Be Light Part 2!

Here is another pole barn home that shows just how important natural light is when it comes to making your home feel larger than it is. Install lots of windows and skylights to let sunlight flood into your pole barn home, bringing warmth and comfort, even deep in the winter.

So take a look at the architecture on this pole barn and take some inspiration for your very own!

17.  Lofty Aspirations

Even if you don’t have a lot of room in your gabled roof for a large bedroom, this pole barn home just goes to show you can fit a lot into such a small space. Even if you can only access the loft by ladder, it is still worth considering building a small loft space in your pole barn home so you have that extra space to do whatever you desire with it.

The architects of this pole barn home even used windows and a skylight to invite natural light into the loft space, making it feel light and airy despite the lack of wiggle room.

18. The Duality of…Stairs?

To the designer who made this shelving and stairs combination – you are a genius! Double up and save on space by turning your shelving unit into a step ladder to reach your pole barn home’s loft!

This way, you can store your books and knick-knacks and still have a way to get up to your loft space without taking up lots of much needed space with shelves and stairs!

19. Bare All

When it comes to dividing your small pole barn into rooms for your home, a lot of architects end up covering parts of the construction frame so the rooms are easily divided. But this method ends up covering up some of the most charismatic parts of your home – so how can you section your home without taking away some of its most charming features?

The architect of this pole barn home built half walls up to the frame of the roof – leaving the beams bare while still providing some privacy to the occupants. A clever idea, don’t you agree?

20. Metal Wonder

Although traditionally, pole barns are constructed from wood (and sometimes stones), a lot of modern pole barns are beginning to switch out conventional wooden beams and replace them with metal. If you like the idea of bringing these traditional buildings into the 21st century, then you can always switch out the wooden materials for something a little more sturdy and durable.

This is what the owners of this small pole barn home have done – they have even switched the wood for metal cladding and roofing.


And that is 10 interesting small pole barn homes for you to take inspiration from! With so many different ideas and styles to choose from, it can be difficult to narrow them down. Which one was your favorite?

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