20 Interesting Small Cottage Homes

The definition of a cottage is a small house, generally in the countryside. In its older definition, cottages were regarded as old-fashioned and small houses. Nowadays, they’re known as a cozy, private, and modest home. When you think of a cottage, you probably will think of a small, cozy house, with rustic brick, thatched roofs, or small wooden doors with door knocks.

Cottages are highly desired, and are well-known in the English countryside, Europe, and the United States, mostly in the midwest. Cottages are attractive, cozy, and inviting, and they give inspiration for decor and future homes. In this list, we will show you some of the most interesting small cottages in the world for you to feast your eyes upon.

There are different types and styles of cottages within this list. To give you an overview of, some of the most popular styles of cottages are vintage, coastal, southern, english, french, and country.

Vintage cottages are often defined by their antique furnishings and exteriors. Coastal cottages are as they say; usually located by the water, or inspired by coastal regions, with wood exteriors and white and blue colors.

Southern cottages are charming and seen frequently in the Midwest, with southern, sunny heritage, hard wood and rich colors. English cottages are some of the most attractive cottages, with quaint and quintessential furnishings, and recognizable exteriors.

This includes thatched roofs, lots of flowers and shrubbery, with stone paths and beautiful porches. Country cottages are similar to southern cottages, including forestry cabin cottages, or bright and cozy cottages, with wooden features and a bright space.

Country cottages may also be common with agricultural activities such as farming. French cottages are timeless and romantic, with renaissance features and warming stone and wood architecture.

Hygge House

Source: Pinterest

This cottage is beautiful and quaint, and was actually built from an old garage! The garage was converted to make this beautiful cottage addition in the owners’ backyard. This cottage is based in Carmel, California, and has lots of detailed stonework on the exterior of the house.

It has bright doors, with wooden features and small windows, as well as the bright green windows that add a lovely look to the cottage. The roof is slightly pointed, giving it a timeless and euphoric feel. It has a country-style feel because of the tan roofing and door, along with the stonework and beautiful shrubbery.

Quaint English Cottage

Source: Pinterest

This cottage is a quaint English cottage, with French influences. The french influences derive from the mediterranean stonework and the blue barn style doors.

The garden is secluded and cozy, and the roof is dark, with lighter tiles complementing the whole look. The cottage is timeless, and perfectly represents a quintessential British inspired cottage.

Whiteside Cottage

Source: Instagram

This cottage is evidently coastal and southern inspired, and resembles a farmhouse cottage in some ways. For example, the white panelling with the light door and long, airy windows represents the coastal and southern feel of the cottage.

The chair and the porch with the grey slabs gives a southern feel, along with the beams and roof giving slight farmhouse vibes. This cottage is a mix of different tyles, but it works perfectly. The symmetrical shrubbery outside the porch and the green potted plants give this cottage a modern and classical look.

Tudor Cottage

Source: Instagram

This cottage appears to be somewhere in North America, and has coastal and country influences. With the white wooden panelling and wide panelled windows, it creates a modest, country living look.

The door is circular and a teal green, and the roof is grey. The front garden is winding, with a pathway hidden by shrubbery leading up to the front door of the beautiful cottage.

Port Orchard, Washington

This quaint cabin-style cottage is in Port Orchard, Washington. It represents coastal and cabin charm, with beautiful wooden panelling, beams, and a textured stone chimney and stone foundations.

The cottage is nestled in shrubbery, among the douglas fir that you can spot in front of and behind the cottage. The small green windows and doors add a forest charm to the cottage, and we’re betting it’s super cozy inside!

Chocolate Box Cottage

Source: Instagram

This charming thatched cottage has England written all over it! This is a typical English cottage, with an amazing thatched roof, nestled away from any busy roads. It is situated in the British countryside, and has a charming front garden, brimming with plants and climbing flowers.

The cottage is sat next to a public sidewalk, meaning it is isolated and quiet. The brickwork of the cottage is interesting, with the original stonework coming through the middle of the exterior, and the white walls surrounding it. The small dor is charming, along with the singular window on the front of the house. 

Coverack Cove, Cornwall

This beautiful cottage has a vintage and bohemian feel, and is located beachside in Cornwall, England. The views are amazing as you can see in the distance. The cottage has a thatched roof, and it appears quaint, yet airy due to the garden surrounding it.

The windows are white, with single pane glass, so it is lucky there is a cozy fireplace in this cottage! We love the interesting position of the cottage, nestled away and surrounded by trees and grass.

Wiltshire, England

This thatched cottage is a grade two listed historical property in a village in Wiltshire, England. Wiltshire is known for its small villages, and was the homeplace for some scenes from Harry Potter. This cottage unbelievably dates back to the 1500s, and has an iconic charm to it.

It is surrounded by open space, with beautiful plants cased around the patio area. The cottage is isolated, with a real peaceful charm. The black and white tudor style gives it a uniqueness, and the small windows really add to the quaint location of this beautiful cottage.

Cotswolds, England

Source: Instagram

This beautiful farmhouse style cottage is based in the Cotswolds, England. The cotswolds is an area, just above the idyllic Wiltshire. The bold red door is truly charming, and it has a farmhouse feel to it.

We love the isolated and peaceful charm of this cottage, with its creeping path and floral bushes. The climbing flowers that are surrounding the window and door are truly gorgeous, too. The windows on this cottage are small, and the stonework is light and European-inspired.

Annapolis, Maryland

Source: Instagram

This amazing cottage is based in Annapolis, Maryland. The cottage is so interesting and unique, with farmhouse, coastal and vintage influences present. The cottage almost resembles a church in some way, because of its pointed porch, circular door, and beautiful windows.

The red door compliments the autumnal location of this cottage, with leaves and fall trees surrounding it. The windows are truly unique, and they really make this small cottage stand out. This cottage feels coastal with its white panelling, yet classic, with the iron railings to the doorway and the brick chimney.

Camel-by-the-Sea, California

This amazing cottage has a real story behind it. The cottage is in Camel-by-the-Sea, California, and is surrounded by similar architecture. The set of fairytale cottages were built by Hugh Comstock for originally storing and selling dolls! They were built in the early 1920s and have been a tourist attraction in California ever since.

These cottages are in fact lived in, and this cottage is named ‘Hansel’, after the fairytale Hansel and Gretel. This beautiful and interesting cottage has a white exterior, with green panelling and windows, with cream wooden window panes.

The amazing stonework chimney gives this cottage a real fairytale feel, along with the well kept garden and beautiful plants and flowers. The door is also amazing, with an antique look to it.

Traditional English Cottage

Source: Flickr

This English style cottage is beautiful and dark, but in a cozy way! The cottage has a dark brown thatched roof with dark wooden panelling and a lighter wood foundation. It is really interesting and unique, and the teal door and window hatches add a timeless and cozy feel to the cottage.

It is surrounded by greenery, and is isolated, with small pave stones leading up to the door. It is truly beautiful and unique.

Cornwall, England

This striking fairytale resembling cottage is in Cornwall, England. It originates from the 1700s and is amazing and unique. The thatched roof is in excellent condition, and compliments the softness of the cottage. The light sandstone bricks are simplistic and effective, along with the beams that overhang the door and porchway.

The windows are small and unique, with them being asymmetrical and rectangular. We love the way this cottage overhangs, with a second story adding a fairytale look to it. The shrubbery and bushes add to the appeal of this property, making it delightful to look at.

Fairytale Cabin

Source: Pinterest

This charming and wonderful cottage is interesting and unique. The small wooden fence separates this cottage from the isolated track, and the front garden is whimsical, surrounded by sparse plants and full trees.

This cottage is also fairytale inspired, and we love the thin tower at the top. The roof is pointy and eye-catching, and the cottage has a fairytale wood cabin feel to it. The door is small and circular surrounded by the wooden beamed porch.

Warside, England

Source: Pinterest

This small cottage is unique and wonderful. It looks like it is situated in Britain, because of its thatched roof. The roof is circular, and encases the rounded walls of the cottage perfectly.

The cottage windows face toward the road, with beautiful circular panes and rose bushes lining the front lawn. The cottage is red brick, with a faded and antique look to it.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Source: Pinterest

This cottage is in the iconic city of Edinburgh, Scotland. It was made by draining Loch Nor in the 1700s.and is a Victorian staple cottage. It is surrounded by amazing and well-kept gardens, brimming with roses and life.

The cottage is isolated, with red brick and green lined features. It holds an antique, gothic, and english style look to it, and it is captivating. We love the green roof trim that pairs perfectly with the red brick.

Stonework Cottage

Source: Pinterest

This adorable cottage is beautiful and eye-catching, with some intense stonework. The archway to this cottage is truly unique, with carefully placed flowers and rockery making the cottage look amazing.

The doorway is nestled out of sight, but we can see the green window hatches, as well as the red brick walls, archway, and the red brick lining the roof. The colors go together perfectly, and we love the interesting look of this cottage.

Small Stone Cottage

Source: Pinterest

This stonework cottage is unique and wonderful. It is isolated, with an amazing and strategically placed garden surrounding the house. The meticulous stonework on this cottage is something to be inspired by, and the small windows with small panes are so cute!

We love the pine colored door, as well as the slate grey roof. The cottage is perfectly square, and looks incredibly cozy!

Cute Cottage

Source: Pinterest

This sweet cottage is colorful and interesting. It is nestled away in trees and shrubbery, with a small walkway up to the unique door. We love the door to this cottage! The door is green, red, and pale yellow at the top.

It has a vintage, but also festive appearance! The stonework is dark grey, with hints of pink grey, and slate grey. The roof is cabin-like, with an overhanging front to it. This cottage looks super cozy, and we would love to spend Christmas here!

Mediaeval Cottage

Source: Pinterest

The last cottage on this list is probably the most unique! This medieval appearing cottage is amazing, and is completely made up of stone on the exterior. The brown thatched roof overhangs the building, and adds a prehistoric look to it!

We love the identical stonework on the floor, as well as the unique tree inspired window. We can’t quite tell where the door is, but we are sure there must be a way in!

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